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Loving Every Flaw -One- (One Direction Love Story)

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Published on Jul 16, 2012


"Really Katt?" asked Julie as I walked/stumbled into our apartment. Julie stood in her sweat pants and old tee-shirt. Her blonde hair pulled into a rough bun on her head as she stood glaring at me. Then I remembered it was moving day today and I was recovering from last night's party.

"Julie, give me half an hour" I groaned and went to the shower, I was going to miss our small apartment in the city and I hated trading it in for a beach house in Miami because I felt guilty living off my best friends parents. They had bought her her first home so she was closer to her great job and what was I? A 20 year old waitress with no future.

I stood in our bathroom mirror and saw most of my make-up had sweated off, my curly had fallen flat and my favourite dress had been tore up the side. Great! As I washed I noticed the bruising on my hip and tears welled in my eyes. I had told him to stop. I begged him to stop.

It was one in the afternoon and we were locking up our third floor apartment and our cars were packed ready to go. Next to my battered ford and Julie brand new mini was her brother James and a van with our furniture. He was rested on my cars hood and got up and hugged me.

"Catrin Bliss" he murmured into my hair. Ok I knew he had a crush on me, it was obvious but it was all to easy to tell him I liked him and let him treat me with expensive gift and I knew most girls too advantage of him. "You look rough!"

"Thanks a lot, James!" I said and playfully hit his arm. In the background I heard Julie squeal with delight, she really thought James and I had a future. I could never see it.

Arriving at the painted white sandstone beach house excited me, my new life was begging. As we pulled into the drive, I saw next door there was a riot of teen girls all shrieking. I pulled to a stop outside our house and found James by my side "what's going on?" I asked.

"Probably someone famous" he shrugged "there's loads around here" great, more people to rub how rich they are in my face. I started to pull boxes out of my car when a big tour bus drove past and the screams got louder. On the side there were song lyrics "you've got that one thing" where have I heard that before?

Julie broke my thoughts by letting out an ear-killing scream, "OH MY GOD!!! ONE DIRECTION!!!" that where the lyrics came from. I had forgot Julie was obsessed them and the crappy music they sung. They sung about love and how mush they cared about girls feelings- what a load of bull! I knew first hand that boys only care about two things- getting laid and themselves!

It was 8:30 at night and I plan to spend my first night on our private beach with a book and a glass of wine while I caught the last rays of sun.

"So Mr. Grey, we meet again" I whispered happily, god I wanted Christian Grey- rich and great in bed? Perfect man. I opened up to chapter 12 of fifty shades darker when all of a second I was hit by a ball. I shriek and shot to my feet and glared the way it came from but I felt my face soften as two of the most handsome guys ever jogged over.

I was going to pass out.


Do you like? should i continue?

i haven't uploaded for ages, i know!!! but i have had problems with my old laptop and that has all my stories on it (all mine, he owns my body & blinded by perfection) so once its sorted I'll upload them :) but right now i felt like i needed a change from taylena so decided on one direction lol :) upload soon xxx

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