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GER + FRA Women & Men National Soccer Players USB Minifigs custom

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Uploaded on Jun 12, 2011

handmade usb minifigures

Now i twitter ;-) web find of the day and not to forget my passion usb in original Lego® Bricks. If you want the newest informations about my products and a little bit fun or amazing finds in the web just follow me:


LEGO® Brick and Knob configurations are trademarks of the LEGO® group of companies, which does not sponsor, authorise or endorse this website or product.


  1. 122

    Imperial Walker Feet HD Webcam made with Lego® Parts

  2. 123

    Custom Alien USB Minifigures handmade

  3. 124

    Micro USB Drive modified Lego 1x2 Basic Plate custom made

  4. 125

    Custom USB Modern Military Minifigs handmade Preview

  5. 126

    Shower Wall magnetpins made with Lego Bricks custom mod

  6. 127

    Robotic Arm Key CD DVD Laser Sword holder custom (howto in description)

  7. 128

    Dirndl Girl USB Minifigs customer request handmade

  8. 129

    Mini WLAN Dongle Minifigs with Activity LED custom

  9. 130

    USB Minifigure King Lionheart handmade

  10. 131

    classic movie fight scifi human vs alien custom USB MINIFIG

  11. 132

    USB Datenstick Minifigur und nein es ist nicht Dumbo ;-)

  12. 133

    Custom USB Minifigure mad pirate captain

  13. 134

    Handmade Lego® Jewelry Cross Necklace Version 1.1

  14. 135

    World´s first Mini Wlan Dongle Minifigure custom made Prototype

  15. 136

    USB Stick Police Car Custom made

  16. 137

    Preview USB Car & jewelry necklace custom PREVIEW

  17. 138

    USB Stick Car & necklace made with Lego® Parts custom

  18. 139

    Making of USB Cars with Lego® Parts custom made Prototype One

  19. 140

    Custom Lego Jewelry Necklace Cross + Glowing Feature

  20. 141

    Moveable (blowing) National German Soccer (car) Flag

  21. GER + FRA Women & Men National Soccer Players USB Minifigs custom

  22. 143

    bodyactivity led by night transparent usb minifig custom

  23. 144

    Four 8GB USB Drive Minifigures with bodyactivity led

  24. 145

    Flower Power Jewelry Necklace made with Lego® Parts handmade

  25. 146

    NEW Service Choose Your favorite USB Minifigure custom

  26. 147

    jewelry necklace cross handmade with Lego Parts

  27. 148

    Dark night ... USB

  28. 149

    Golden Brick Necklace made with Lego Parts Handmade jewelry

  29. 150

    transparent usb stick minifigs with activity led

  30. 151

    LEGO Fan firefox browser skins f.e. animated skull head

  31. 152

    I´m Your Father ;-)

  32. 153

    Extended Version How to build a LEGO iPhone stand in 10 sec Tutorial

  33. 154

    Prototype Dark Side of USB with feet protection cap handmade

  34. 155

    How to Build a LEGO iPhone Stand in 10sec with only 7 Bricks Step By Step Video Tutorial

  35. 156

    Very short summary of my handmade usb minifigs

  36. 157

    animated top pics of my smallest usb bricks

  37. 158

    HiSpeed Brick Memorystick & Brick Necklace made with Lego Parts

  38. 159

    Golden Brick necklace handmade jewelry with Lego Parts

  39. 160

    handmade usb flash drive figs in original Lego Minfigures ecoline

  40. 161

    HighSpeed Jewellery Necklace made with Lego Parts custom

  41. 162

    Custom Pirates USB Flash Drives in Lego® Minifigures with feet protection cap

  42. 163

    USB Flash Drive Hot Rod made with Lego® Parts custom

  43. 164

    usb flash drive in Lego® Minfig with feet Mummy prototype custom

  44. 165

    4GB USB Drive Minifigure Ranger unikat

  45. 166

    16GB Datenstick Minifigur goldig oder ;-) ? custom made

  46. 167

    USB Drive Brick Heart up to 32GB Love Messages possible

  47. 168

    Sexiest USB Flash Drive Minifig Girl ever .. i know :-)

  48. 169

    USB Micro Stick Lego® 1x2 Plate custom made Prototype

  49. 170

    USB Figure Roman Legionnaire custom

  50. 171

    USB Kimonogirl helps people affected by the recent earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan

  51. 172

    usb car made with Lego Parts police car prototype

  52. 173

    Ended Japan fundraiser at ebay handmade usb minifig

  53. 174

    Ended Japan fundraiser at ebay handmade usb minifig

  54. 175

    USB Drive Minifigure wizard trainee custom

  55. 176

    how to change a usb male officer into a female usb minifig officer

  56. 177

    USB Police Officer with new features led+clickon keychain

  57. 178

    First Interactive Jewelry Cross Necklace made with Lego Bricks

  58. 179

    How To transform t cellphone flash cross Necklace + addon

  59. 180

    Handmade Lego Cellphone Cross Flasher Necklace

  60. 181

    Facelift 2x4 USB Brick knob actled+modikit

  61. 182

    new knob activity led for the 2x4 usb memory bricks

  62. 183

    MJ handmade usb minifigure

  63. 184

    Girl with Laser sword USB Minifig

  64. 185

    Customised USB Drive Minifig Troops Custom

  65. 186

    Hey Baby I´m a Rockstar USB Minifig :-)

  66. 187

    majesty secret agent usb minifig custom proto

  67. 188

    clone usb drive minifig custom

  68. 189

    Superhero USB Stick Figure blue or red pill ;-)

  69. 190

    handmade lego® jewellery cross prototype

  70. 191

    Short summery of my work custom usb flash drive Figs, Bricks and Plates

  71. 192

    cell phone flasher necklace Lego Brick vs iphone ;-)

  72. 193

    8GB Pharaoh usb minifigure custom

  73. 194

    Anubis pendrive custom made

  74. 195

    usb minifig stick green badboy enemy of a red spider

  75. 196

    Valentine heart necklace custom jewelry

  76. 197

    History usb minifig King of England

  77. 198

    wizard minifig pendrive handmade

  78. 199

    Minifig Memory Stick sweet warrior :-)

  79. 200

    Anubis Memory Stick minifig prototype

  80. 201

    Zombie Killer Minifig pendrive custom

  81. 202

    Just a nice video of one of my handmade usb drive minifigs

  82. 203

    AddOn Jewelry with Lego® Parts Custom

  83. 204

    USB Minifig +usbstand+knobactivity led/keychain

  84. 205

    facelift clear knob activity led

  85. 206

    Vampire & Bloody Action Hero costumized Minfig Stick

  86. 207

    black side of a spider usb minifig

  87. 208

    SUPERHERO USB Drive Minifig custom

  88. 209

    Chrome minifig memory stick handmade

  89. 210

    micro sticks in 1x2 Lego® Plates custom

  90. 211

    Christmas usb flash drives handmade

  91. 212

    Memory Stick Minifigure The Master custom

  92. 213

    Custom 2x2 and 2x4 Brick Memory Sticks

  93. 214

    Christmas fireplace usb stick handmade

  94. 215

    Guess where i hide the tiny usb stick in this Lego® xmas set :-) custom

  95. 216

    First Määähmory Stick on earth :-)

  96. 217

    New Version 2x4 brick memory stick custom

  97. 218

    Action Hero USB Flash Drive Minifigure custom

  98. 219

    King of Pop custom USB Flash Drive Minifig handmade

  99. 220

    THE SUPERHERO Custom Lego® MiniFigure USB Stick

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