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Dallas Travers: Empowering Results

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Uploaded on Jan 5, 2012

Dallas Travers: Empowering Results
By Dallas Travers, The Actors' Advocate

For more information, go to http://www.dallastravers.com/
Follow Dallas on Twitter: https://twitter.com/dallastravers
Like Dallas on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/DallasTravers...

Produced by Geffner Productions http://geffnerproductions.com/

Artists, and actors especially, are able to excel at their craft because their impulses and gut feelings are close to the surface and accessible. It's my work to help actors bring the strength of that intuition to their business.

Watch the video to find out why my students get the credit for their career victories, not my formulas or strategies for success.

What's one concrete change you can make that will put you more in charge of your own career?

Full Transcript:

You know a lot of my clients tell me, Dallas I booked this job all because of you! Right? I get that a lot. Or Dallas, I followed your five step plan and guess what I got a great agent.

And they like to give me the credit and though, I appreciate their gratitude. you know, I'm coming up with the steps, but unless you're taking the actions, you're not gonna see the results that you want.

So the best way I can be of service to my clients, is to help them see that they are in charge of their career, they are the expert in this industry. And I'm just here to help them navigate and tweak things. So when I've done that, I'm done my job well.

And truthfully, even though the results are outstanding. Those aren't my results. Those results belong to my clients. The people who are working really hard, and taking the risks. And actually implementing. Because I've come up with a bunch of great formulas, but they don't matter if you're not taking the steps.

And I've learned that it's really easy for human beings to look outside of themselves for guidance or needing a little bit of validation before they know that the step they want to take is the right step. So I try to avoid all of that. And empower and teach my clients to look inside first, and trust their gut instead of their fears. That's a great way to put it.

Trust what your instinct is telling you instead of the external voices telling you why it doesn't work. Artists in particular, actors especially, their intuition is one of their strongest muscles. That's what makes them good at what they do. So when they can use that intuition and that instinct in their business, that's when they'll finally feel at home and that's where they'll also see big breakthroughs because they are finally being themselves.

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