1. HELLO and Wrecked Behind the Scenes

  2. Kassem and Snoop

  3. thanks

  4. My Voice Is What Comic Sans Sounds Like (AsKassem #80)

  5. Kassem Goes to Exxxotica Vlog

  6. Obama Finally Supports Me! (AsKassem #79)

  7. I Think Boyz II Men Is A Delivery Service (AsKassem #78)

  8. On A Scale Of 1 To 10, How Old Is My Girlfriend? (AsKassem #77)

  9. Oral Makes My Day But Anal Makes My Hole Weak (AsKassem #76)

  10. I Rub Sand Into My Pubes To Make My Crabs Feel At Home (AsKassem #75)

  11. I'm Growing A Mustache So I Can Hide The Stretch Marks On My Face (AsKassem #74)

  12. KASSEM 2012: Make The Nose Famous (AsKassem #73)

  13. Stop Making Gay Jokes, C*m On Guys (AsKassem #72)

  14. I Had To Skip 69 Because It Brings Back Bad Memories Of My Father (AsKassem #71)

  15. When I Needs Money I Scrape The Top Of My Mouth And Go To A Sperm Bank (AsKassem #70)

  16. 500,000 Sperm And I Made It To The Egg? Must Of Won By A Nose (AsKassem #68)

  17. I've Been On More Weiners Than Heinz Ketchup (AsKassem #67)

  18. My Penis Is Like My Recent Episodes, Lost (AsKassem #66)

  19. The Lost Episode(s) Part III (AsKassem #65)

  20. The Lost Episode(s): Part II (AsKassem #64)

  21. The Lost Episode (AsKassem #63)

  22. I Went To Jail A Tight End And Came Out A Wide Receiver (AsKassem #62)

  23. I'm Like An Egg, I Only Got Laid Once, By My Mom (AsKassem #61)

  24. My Pen1s Goes From A to Z On The Keyboard (AsKassem #60)

  25. I'm Not A Failure, My Dads Condom Was (AsKassem #59)

  26. My Username Shows What The G Stands For In KassemG (AsKassem #58)

  27. AsKassem 58 Bonus: Immortals Review

  28. I'm Like A Hardware Store, Five Cents Per Screw (AsKassem #57)

  29. I'm A Great Guy, But Everyone Already Nose That (AsKassem #56)

  30. My D1ck Is Like Feb 29th, It Comes Every Four Years (AsKassem #55)

  31. I Get Less Action Than a White Crayon (AsKassem #54)

  32. I Got Fired From the Dildo Factory For Sitting On the Job (AsKassem #53)

  33. My Favorite Sexual Position Is Nasal (AsKassem #52)

  34. I Only Get A$$ When My Finger Slips Through the Toilet Paper (AsKassem #51)

  35. AsKassem #50

  36. Iron Gamer: Cooking Mama - EXTENDED MATCH - KassemG vs Husky

  37. I Don't Need Twitter, I'm Already Following You (AsKassem #49)

  38. My Nose is So Big that Even Dora Couldn't Explore It (AsKassem #48)

  39. I Was Fired From the Sperm Clinic for Drinking On the Job (AsKassem #47)

  40. My Pen1s is like a Ninja It's There but You Can't See It (AsKassem #46.5)

  41. The Sights, Sounds, & Sleeveless T's of Lollapalooza

  42. I Am Like Olive Oil We're Both Extra Virgin (AsKassem #46)

  43. My Left Hand is Cheating on Me with Another Guy (AsKassem #45)

  44. Sights & Sounds of Comic-Con 2011

  45. My GF Calls Me a Pedophile But What Does She Know She's Only Six (AsKassem #44)

  46. I Am a Successful Young Individual with a Bright Future Ahead of Her (AsKassem #43)

  47. My Nose is Bigger Than Ray William Johnson's Ego (AsKassem #42)

  48. I Can Tell the Flavor of a Popsicle by Sitting on it (AsKassem #41)

  49. If Pen1ses were Planes My Mouth would be an Airport (AsKassem #40)

  50. AsKassem's Are Getting Shorter Just Like My Penis (AsKassem #39)

  51. On December 21, 2012 I Will Sneeze (AsKassem #38)

  52. I take the "the" out of "Psychotherapist" (AsKassem #37)

  53. The only positive thing about me is HIV (AsKassem #36)

  54. I Am a Nice Person and Deserve Respect (AsKassem #35)

  55. All The Gay Jokes I Tell Would Offend Both My Dads (AsKassem #34)

  56. I Am So Far Back In The Closet I'm In Narnia (AsKassem #33)

  57. First To Comment Last To Get Laid (AsKassem #32)

  58. Hookers Pay Me Not To Sleep With Them (AsKassem #31)

  59. I'm stupid enough to wear a green shirt on a green screen (AsKassem #30)

  60. I'm so unloved my childhood bath toy was a toaster (AsKassem #29)

  61. I Only Work With Asians To Feel Good About My Pen1s (AsKassem #28)

  62. I Will Never Be The Man My Mother Is (AsKassem #27)

  63. I was born on a highway because that's where most accidents happen. (AsKassem #26)

  64. My Nose Won An Oscar For Best Supporting Role (AsKassem #25)

  65. Inside SoCal extras or whatever

  66. My Birth Certificate Is An Apology From The Condom Factory (AsKassem #24)

  67. My Stache is Made of Wolf Pubic Hair (AsKassem #23)

  68. Kassem G Keeps A Straight Face During S3X (AsKassem #22)

  69. Kassem G was a Lesbian in College (AsKassem #21)

  70. Crime Cops - Bloopers

  71. Kassem G Needs to Make Another Episode of California On (AsKassem #20)

  72. Kassem Tucks To Understand Women (AsKassem #19)

  73. Kassem G is a Boss (AsKassem #18)

  74. Kassem G's in Lincoln Park so Ya Better Hide Ya Kids and Hide Ya Wife (AsKassem #17)

  75. Kassem G Walks Into a Wall With a Boner but His Nose Hits First! (AsKassem #16)

  76. Kassem G Has Bin Laden In His Nose (AsKassem #15)

  77. Kassem G's Bra Is Filled With Macaroni And Hot Dogs (AsKassem #14)

  78. Kassem G Drinks Orphan Tears (AsKassem #13)

  79. Kassem G Believes in the Illuminati! (AsKassem #12)

  80. Dirty Laundry Winner!

  81. Kassem G's Nose Declared the 8th Continent of the World (AsKassem #11)

  82. Kassem G Doesn't Realize Thumbs Are Fake (AsKassem #10)