1. Spinal movements Part 7: Safe and Effective Side-bending, by Simon Borg-Olivier

  2. Dancing youth of today at 4 and 3 years old - yoga inspired

  3. Spinal movements sequence Part 6: Lengthening the Spine and Bending Backwards, by Simon Borg-Olivier

  4. Spinal movements sequence Part 5: Lengthening the Spine and Bending Forward, by Simon Borg-Olivier

  5. Advanced Spinal Yoga Sequence Demonstration, by Simon Borg-Olivier

  6. Spinal movements sequence Part 4: Spinal Tractioning ('Stretching'), Explained by Simon Borg-Olivier

  7. Spinal movements sequence Part 3: Nerve Tensioning ('Stretching'), Explained by Simon Borg-Olivier

  8. Spinal movements sequence Part 2: Positioning to be 'Firm but Calm', Explained by Simon Borg-Olivier

  9. Spinal movements sequence Part 1: Diaphragmatic Breathing, Explained by Simon Borg-Olivier

  10. Spinal movements sequence Demonstration, by Simon Borg-Olivier

  11. Surfing Kids Yoga, Eric and Simon Borg-Olivier

  12. Applied Anatomy and Physiology of Yoga by Simon Borg-Olivier, Yoga Synergy

  13. Simon Borg-Olivier practice with Icehouse

  14. Bianca Machliss and Simon Borg-Olivier: Yoga Synergy Air Sequence Standing Poses

  15. Bianca Machliss doing Yoga Synergy Finishing Sequence with Padma Namaskar

  16. Simon Borg-Olivier in the Yoga Synergy Ether Sequence Back Flip to Scorpion

  17. How to move your arms and shoulders easily into bound lotus postures

  18. How to move your shoulders easily into bound lotus postures

  19. Simon Borg-Olivier doing Pranayama in the Ubud River, Bali

  20. Underwater kids yoga: Eric Borg-Olivier age almost 3 swimming in lotus

  21. Underwater kids yoga: Amaliah Borg-Olivier age 5 swimming in lotus

  22. Fish pose (lotus) swimming by Simon Borg-Olivier and Christopher Morey

  23. Simon Borg-Olivier slowing his heart beat from 88 to 32 beats per minute in 45 seconds

  24. Simon Borg-Olivier Advanced Yoga Demonstration Australian Fitness Expo 2008