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9/11: Ted & Barbara Olson / Fake Victim Mysteries

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Published on Jun 9, 2012

Do not use public figures who have done a u-turn on 9/11 as some kind of argument or proof. All respect to the victims family members (most of whom want a real investigation) All the FBI has is that the call in question only lasted 0 seconds. On all mobiles there's an option to check previous calls and where they came from

What happened to Barbara Olson? [Please read after viewing the video]

9/11 'Hi-jackers' still alive and well: http://guardian.150m.com/september-el...

CNN militarily controlled: http://www.davesweb.cnchost.com/cnn.htm

If you already know about the information presented at the start of this video (Ted Olson lying: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJA2zH...) then u can skip to 'What happened to Barbara Olsen' here [4:22]

Flight 11 doesn't show up in the BTS database [Bureau of Traffic Statistics BTS] as having been a flight on 9/11. Nor does AA Flight 77. 2´╗┐ flights, 11 & 77 show as not havin taken off at all in the BTS database. Flight 93 was created hours before it flew & the passengers allegedly 'spooled from over-crowded flights, mostly' we're told (from flight 91) & we know from photo evidence that flight 175 was a military drone, not com Flight 175. There's no evidence´╗┐ of passengers at airports for the '4 flights' [Is this not a huge red flag already? If the footage existed and if the governments story was true then why not release it. Not an inch of footage of 9/11 passengers has ever once been produced.] Why??? There is no video of any of the passengers at any of the terminals or airports because it simply does not exist OR it does exist but there's something to hide

How was Flight 77 substituted for a remote controlled military drone? Check out project Northwoods. The declassified Government documents list in detail how to swap flight numbers with drones and fly them into a prominent US landmark in order to blame Fidel Castro and start a war with Cuba. Remember history repeats itself. And keep in mind there's no public footage of Barbara boarding a plane that day (or any other passenger from 9-11) so in my opinion it's quite possible they boarded a different plane. There were no problems at the airports that day before anything happened, there was no forcing or fighting. They boarded planes. I believe if there were passengers on planes then the passengers were mixed (with non-conspirators) so that when investigated, there were really people who lost loved ones on the flight. (More about this further on, read below for the other possibilty) When flight 77 was lost to radar, it did NOT mean that the blip that re-appeared later was 100% flight 77

Lady Eveyln Booth certainly looks like someone that has had some cosmetic surgery done. Ted & Lady Booth claim to have met in 2002. They married in 2006. Did Barbara have plastic surgery after 9/11 so that nobody would recognise her? It seems so far fetched, i admit this. But it's a search for the truth... not just a search to back-up what i'm saying.

The possibilities on Barbara Olson are:

Voice morphing software
She was onboard a flight and landed safely
She didn't board any flight on 9/11
Ted and/or Barbara are involved in the cover-up
Barbara died on 9/11 but not in a plane crash

If anyone has photos of Lady Evelyn before 2001 then please submit them (in a video) as a video response. Where did Lady Booth go to law school? Why did an attractive, educated lady not marry until 45? Why did she appear as if out of nowhere, and conveniently meet Ted? Where is her photo in a high school, college, and law school year book? Why is there so little information about her past available? Where was Barbara from 9/11/2001 until she met Ted?

What happened to the non-conspirators is up to you. There is even the possibility that all the flight victims were fake and actors were employed to play the parts of the mothers and fathers. I entertain this possibility because of the awful acting by the first man (Bob McIlvaine) in the video 9/11 VicSims: The Actors [Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQZyll... ].

The final part of this video is a collection of 'Victims' that were computer generated/edited and you can view the original here [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HxRGiZ...] although i do not agree with Sep. Clues in some parts (disagree: CGI, Nose out, no planes) but stand by it with the media involvement and the obvious fake victims. You can be the judge for yourself but don't let it cloud your judgement, it's not disinfo - either way this way clearly an inside job and we must unite on that, nt argue about who is right or wrong!!

There were real victims on 9/11 but not all. Some are fictional and were created using identity generating software. This enabled controllable and easy proof plus less families to deal with after the event. (Easier for them) The numbers of "3000 casualties" were 'essential to generate a popular consensus for war'

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