1. Ade Adepitan plays basketball in Uganda

  2. UK ambassador to the Philippines, Asif Ahmad, updates on the arrival of 1st RAF C-17 at Cebu

  3. UK medic Amy Hughes on arrival at Cebu airport in the Philippines, on Friday 15 November

  4. Lynne Featherstone commits £27 million over 5 years to FP2020

  5. UK Ambassador to the Philippines, Asif Ahmad, sees UK aid arriving at Cebu airport

  6. Keep Her Safe: voices from the Syria crisis

  7. DFID's Nick Saunders on the UK response to Typhoon Haiyan

  8. Syria crisis: Justine Greening sees UNICEF and UK aid helping child refugees with UNICEF

  9. UK aid is changing lives: see the results

  10. MDG Countdown 2013

  11. Syria crisis: Justine Greening sees how UK aid is helping Syrian refugees in Zaatari, Jordan

  12. UK aid: helping Syrian refugees in Jordan

  13. A view from Zaatari with UNHCR

  14. World Humanitarian Day 2013: Justine Greening says #WHDthankyou

  15. UN Development Goals: Michael Anderson

  16. Tackling violence against girls and women in South Africa

  17. Shaping the Future

  18. Mobiles and medicines: Using technology to track medicine with Unicef in Uganda

  19. World Food Day 2012: Action Against Hunger in DRC

  20. MDG Countdown 2012

  21. Aung San Suu Kyi: Why family planning is important

  22. Mothers of Malawi: Saving lives with family planning

  23. Andrew Mitchell: Family Planning in Pakistan

  24. Digital Divides - The Potential of the Internet for Development

  25. Girls get an education in Pakistan

  26. World Water Day 2012: A video message from Andrew Mitchell, International Development Secretary

  27. Neglected no more: Tackling tropical diseases in Tanzania

  28. Matt Cardle in Tanzania

  29. Breaking the cycle of poverty: Helping people to help themselves in Kenya

  30. Andrew Mitchell in Burma - audio slideshow

  31. Premier League and DEC unite to tackle famine

  32. East Africa Food Crisis - November 2011

  33. Alan Duncan visits Tajikistan

  34. Girls can drive development: Interview with Dr Gill Greer

  35. Tackling disease in Mogadishu

  36. Horn of Africa drought: British aid in Kenya

  37. MDG Countdown 2011 - GAVI Alliance

  38. MDG Countdown 2011

  39. Ghana Street Porter - Katumi's story

  40. Pakistan floods - one year on: building hope for the future

  41. Andrew Mitchell in Dadaab, Kenya

  42. BBC interview with Andrew Mitchell in Dadaab

  43. Pakistan floods: one year on - Harvesting hope for the future in Punjab

  44. Alan Duncan visits Bangladesh

  45. Four hours to save four million lives - GAVI vaccines summit 13 June 2011

  46. Andrew Mitchell sees vaccinations in Pakistan

  47. Vaccinating children, saving lives with GAVI

  48. Afghanistan: Life beyond poppies

  49. Michelle Bachelet answers questions from UK public

  50. Head of UN Women Michelle Bachelet visits DFID

  51. Stephen O'Brien visit to refugee camp in Liberia

  52. UK aid arrives in Misrata, Libya

  53. Making pregnancy and childbirth safe in Nigeria

  54. Mother's Day wishes from Nigeria

  55. IWD 2011: Twyford schoolgirl interviews Andrew Mitchell

  56. International Women's Day in Nepal: Alan Duncan visit

  57. Girls Decide

  58. The future of UK aid

  59. Farming for the Future of Afghanistan

  60. Tales of a truck driver: Mombasa to Kampala

  61. Pakistan floods - six months on: water & sanitation in Sindh with Mercy Corps

  62. Pakistan flood: six months on - IMC healthcare in Sindh

  63. Pakistan floods: Six months on - helping people home with Concern

  64. Pakistan floods: Seeds of recovery in Punjab

  65. Pakistan floods: Six months on in Sindh

  66. Pakistan floods: the UK's response

  67. Afraid and alone: Violence against women in Pakistan

  68. Nepal: a future for people and forests

  69. Unite to Fight AIDS Speaker tour at DFID

  70. River of hope: adapting to a changing climate

  71. From drugs raids to wheat crops - sowing seeds of progress in Afghanistan

  72. Lord Ashdown sees flooding in Pakistan as part of UK emergency response review

  73. Bill and Melinda Gates talk at DFID

  74. Stephen O'Brien in Tanzania

  75. Andrew Mitchell reports from the MDG summit in New York

  76. Developing markets in Nigeria

  77. DFID's George Turkington on UKaid for Pakistan floods

  78. Stephen O'Brien in Sierra Leone

  79. Mariella Frostrup and Nick Clegg at the Bond MDG event

  80. Sir Bob Geldof on the MDG summit

  81. Andrew Mitchell's day with an Ethiopian family

  82. Girls Education Project in Nigeria

  83. Andrew Mitchell on the 2010 UN MDG summit

  84. Malaria in Kenya: A journey of hope

  85. Floods in Pakistan: the UK response

  86. Eastern Cape Red Meat Project

  87. Andrew Mitchell: ensuring UKaid is well spent aid

  88. Maternal health in Nepal

  89. Stephen O'Brien in the Democratic Republic of Congo

  90. Alan Duncan visit to Bangladesh

  91. Empowering communities in Afghanistan

  92. Stephen O'Brien in Rwanda

  93. The Politics of Poverty

  94. Nets for All: Nigeria leads the fight against Malaria

  95. Alan Duncan visits Vietnam

  96. 1GOAL: Education for all in Ghana

  97. 1GOAL: Education for all in Nigeria

  98. Hope across the border - Lazarus's story

  99. Andrew Mitchell in Pakistan