1. East Patrol/Crime Lab Groundbreaking

  2. NSM Rally held in KC

  3. Women and KCPD

  4. Award Ceremony

  5. Westside Proactive

  6. Our non-emergency number

  7. Field Training Officers

  8. Flee - Fade - Fortify - Fight Promo

  9. Victim Assistance Unit

  10. Crime Prevention Month

  11. National Tactical Officers Association Conf.

  12. Acts of Kindness Might Not Be

  13. On-line Prostitution

  14. Concealed Carry

  15. 911 Priority Calls

  16. Crime Sweep

  17. Ted Bundy

  18. KCPD has Over 25,000 Twitter followers!

  19. Bilingual

  20. The Ford Crown Vic

  21. Community Interaction Officers

  22. KCPD honors 25 years of service with Ring Ceremony

  23. Child Abuse

  24. Shooting fireworks in KC is a no-no

  25. Community Mediation Center

  26. Crosstown Sub-Station

  27. KCPD's Show Car

  28. Police Athletic League Grand Re-Opening

  29. Seat Belt Ordinance

  30. What is the Police Academy like?

  31. Pedestrians on Roads

  32. Officers attend Wheel School

  33. March Madness and Police Training

  34. Drug Houses

  35. Put Your Junk in the Trunk

  36. National Consumer Protection Week

  37. Helicopters after 6 months

  38. Operation Clean Sweep

  39. Crime Lab Volunteers

  40. The Area Command Unit

  41. Chief Forte'

  42. KCPD's newest Deputy Chief: Randy Hopkins

  43. Kansas City has a new nuisance business ordinance.

  44. Insurance Fraud Affects Everyone

  45. The new South Patrol Division Station Ribbon Cutting

  46. The West Side Community Action Network

  47. Kansas City has a plan in place to reduce tire dumping.

  48. KCPD's Victim Advocate

  49. Shot Spotter

  50. Kansas City's Crime Stoppers

  51. The Police Athletic League and Community Groups improve neighborhoods

  52. KC's new Tow Truck Policy

  53. Crossover Cables Save Lives

  54. The Law Enforcement Resource Center

  55. KCPD Receives three new Helicopters

  56. KCPD Tactical Response Teams

  57. Kids need to practice crossing the street

  58. The Missouri Search and Rescue K-9 Unit

  59. The KCPD Citizens Police Academy

  60. Two ways to pay your cab ride: Cash or Credit

  61. All Star week in KC with the KCPD

  62. Improvements at the Police Athletic League Facility

  63. Accident Investigators

  64. KCPD Officers return to patrol.

  65. Behavior Recognition

  66. How to do a Ride-Along with KCPD

  67. What is an Ex Parte?

  68. Crisis Intervention Team

  69. Our Annual Memorial Service, 2012

  70. DUI Checkpoints

  71. Checked Cab DUI Video

  72. KCPD HR Department has moved

  73. How does KCPD use ATVs?

  74. What to do when an officer stops you

  75. The Cincinnatti Project

  76. Homicide Report for March 2012

  77. Child Restraints

  78. What Cops Wont Do.wmv

  79. Copper Theft: What is KCPD doing about it?

  80. KCPD February 2012 Homicide Report

  81. License Tag Free Replacement

  82. Kansas City Police believe in Second Chance

  83. Not a Cop - Cop, Part II

  84. Homicide Report January 2012

  85. Not a Cop - Cop

  86. Safe at Home

  87. Sometimes it is the public that needs training

  88. Special Olympics and KCPD

  89. SPD Groundbreaking

  90. Seat Belts

  91. Robbery Kit.wmv

  92. Public Safety Sales Tax

  93. How to recover stolen goods.

  94. Kansas City's New Curfew.wmv

  95. When can you report a person missing?

  96. KCPD assists students

  97. Hot Spots? What is that?

  98. Forensic Video.wmv

  99. Back to School.wmv

  100. When does an officer have to read you your rights

  101. Unsolved Homicides

  102. The new dangers facing our youth: Synthetic Drugs

  103. What is an Operation 100?

  104. Day in the Life: Linda Netzel.avi

  105. Day in the Life: Josephine Woods

  106. Day in the Life: Floyd Mitchell

  107. Sexual Assault Awareness.avi

  108. Hit and Runs

  109. The Kansas City Police Historic Society

  110. Meet Chief Forte'

  111. Kansas City False Alarm Policy Changes

  112. KCPD's Driving Track.wmv

  113. DEA Take Back Program.wmv

  114. KCPD's new Call Center.wmv

  115. School Bus Stops

  116. Staff Inspection Officer.wmv

  117. So You want to be a cop Part I.avi

  118. So you want to be a cop Part IV

  119. So You want to be a cop Part III

  120. So you want to be a cop Part II

  121. Obscure Ordinances.wmv

  122. Safe Haven: No one ever has to abandon a newborn.

  123. Pull Over!

  124. PAL at Christmas

  125. Year in Review 2011.avi

  126. KCPD escorts Secret Santa

  127. Foot Patrol

  128. How Sept 11, 2001 Changed KCPD

  129. What are E tickets?

  130. KCPD Physical Abilities Test

  131. "Murder Room" inspiration coming to KCPD

  132. Firework Safety

  133. KCPD helping in Joplin

  134. Office of Community Complaints

  135. Special Olympics

  136. How to call 911

  137. Why Do We Ticket Idle Cars?

  138. Why do cops like donuts so much?

  139. What is the officer doing all that time?

  140. Why do we set people on the curb?