1. XRD - The Making of a Crystal

  2. What is a living-learning community at Lewis & Clark?

  3. Quick Take: Political Science with Ellen Seljan

  4. "Donate, don't dump" student move-out day at Lewis & Clark College

  5. Quick Take: Rhetoric and Media Studies with Daena Goldsmith

  6. What is your favorite campus event at Lewis & Clark College?

  7. Quick Take: Theatre with Rebecca Lingafelter

  8. Why do you give to Lewis & Clark?

  9. Quick Take: French Studies with Philippe Brand

  10. The Marriage of Figaro

  11. How did William Stafford influence you?

  12. 20 things new students should bring to college

  13. What to expect from New Student Orientation

  14. How did Lewis & Clark prepare you for success?

  15. Quick Take: Environmental Studies with Elizabeth Safran

  16. Dorothy Stafford honored at 2013 commencement

  17. Lewis & Clark students say thanks!

  18. What's your favorite place to study?

  19. What is your major and why?

  20. What did you learn today?

  21. Student tour: Odell Hall

  22. Student tour: Stewart Hall

  23. Lewis & Clark Alumni Award Honoring Roger Ferland '68

  24. Lewis & Clark Alumni Award Honoring Lisa Grill Dodson '81

  25. Lewis & Clark Alumni Award Honoring Amelia Wilcox '81

  26. Lewis & Clark Alumni Award Honoring Dana Plautz '82

  27. What are your relationships with faculty like?

  28. What jobs or internships have you had at Lewis & Clark?

  29. What jobs or internships have you had at Lewis & Clark?

  30. Quick Take: Philosophy with Jay Odenbaugh

  31. Failure to Communicate Interview

  32. Dance Extravaganza

  33. What's the best thing about Portland?

  34. Failure to Communicate Interview

  35. Who was your favorite Lewis & Clark professor?

  36. How did Lewis & Clark prepare you for life after college?

  37. What's your favorite memory from Lewis & Clark?

  38. Quick Take: American Literature with Kristin Fujie

  39. Quick Take: English and Advising with Jerry Harp

  40. Lewis & Clark College

  41. Guest Conductors in the Lewis & Clark Music Department

  42. Electronic Music at Lewis & Clark

  43. Music on campus and in Portland

  44. Music on campus and in Portland

  45. What do Lewis & Clark students like to do on campus?

  46. What do Lewis & Clark students like to do off campus?

  47. What is your favorite memory from Lewis & Clark?

  48. Science with Kellar Autumn

  49. Science with Jerusha Detweiler-Bedell

  50. Science at Lewis & Clark

  51. What makes Lewis & Clark special?

  52. The value of internships

  53. Greta Binford: 2011 Oregon Professor of the Year

  54. But Seriously, Why LC?

  55. How did your time at Lewis & Clark change you?

  56. Why did you choose Lewis & Clark?

  57. What is your favorite thing to do in Portland?

  58. What is your favorite event at Lewis & Clark?

  59. New Student Orientation at Lewis & Clark College

  60. New Student Orientation at Lewis & Clark College

  61. Lewis & Clark College Outdoors

  62. Graduating senior exemplifies liberal arts experience

  63. Lines in the Sand: 2011 International Affairs Symposium

  64. Class of 2015 Welcome

  65. 2011 Gender Studies Symposium: Gender in the Future

  66. The Pluralism and Unity Project at Lewis & Clark

  67. Pio says "Happy Holidays" from Lewis & Clark

  68. Inside the Department of Theatre at Lewis & Clark

  69. What is your favorite spot on the Lewis & Clark campus?

  70. What is one class that everyone at Lewis & Clark College should take?

  71. 2010 Multicultural Symposium at Lewis & Clark (HD Version)

  72. Community Gardens at Lewis & Clark

  73. Lewis & Clark York Memorial: choosing artist Alison Saar

  74. SUNBURN: Lewis & Clark's student-produced annual music festival

  75. Lewis & Clark dedicates the York Memorial

  76. Student-artists exhibit capstone works

  77. Global (Dis)Order International Affairs Symposium

  78. Student-artist creates colony of ceramic clams

  79. Lewis & Clark's Gender Studies Symposium

  80. Watzek Rocks turns volume up in the library

  81. Akin International Dorm at Lewis & Clark College

  82. Student tour of The Co-op at Lewis & Clark College

  83. 2009 Multicultural Affairs Symposium, Mixed: The Politics of Hybrid Identities

  84. Environmental Affairs Symposium Reimagines the Good Life

  85. Journey to the Paleo Lands

  86. Andrew Foote '10 kicks off enthusiasm for Homecoming Weekend

  87. New student service trips spur community engagement

  88. Student tour of Watzek Library

  89. Student tour of a single dorm room at Lewis & Clark

  90. Student tour of the Olin Center for Physics and Chemistry at Lewis & Clark

  91. Uncommon Journeys: Brad Elkins

  92. Sumiko Yourtee

  93. Study of gecko feet leads to advances in the science of friction

  94. Lewis & Clark College mailboxes

  95. Reiko Hillyer named Teacher of the Year

  96. Binford milks a spider

  97. 2009 Senior Art Exhibition

  98. Students share summer vacation with spiders

  99. TCK student captures global experience

  100. Friends of Rain

  101. Music composition at Lewis & Clark

  102. From the electronic music course: rhymes with orange

  103. Student-led grant program supports student research

  104. Multi-institutional model trains next generation of environmental leaders

  105. Gender symposium offers unique forum for discussion

  106. Lewis & Clark College works and plays in Portland