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  1. G20 Toronto -- Provocateurs, Metal Cages and the Global Elite

  2. Press For Truth Goes To Wisconsin

  3. The People versus US Steel

  4. Stephen Harper Meet We Are Change Windsor

  5. Brigette DePage's Anti-Harper Senate Protest

  6. Press For Truth Events - G20 Anniversary/Canada Day DVD Giveaway!

  7. Top 10 Ways To Punch Big Banks In The Nads - MOC #46 by comedian Lee Camp

  8. Protest of Bank of America by Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment.mp4

  9. The London Riots - Fuel For The Fire

  10. Canadian Mayor Diane Watts invites confessed Torturer. ACTIVISTS VOW TO ARREST BUSH in October

  11. G20 Rally In London 2009

  12. Tent City, USA

  13. WTO Protests from Seattle 1999

  14. Police Tear Gas Non-Violent Protesters @ Montebello, QU, Canada

  15. SPP Protesters deliver petition at Montebello

  16. Police pepperspray non-violent protestors, Montebello SPP

  17. Speech at Montebello SPP Protest

  18. SPP Protest - Ottawa

  19. Montebello- Police intimidation Part 1

  20. Police Provocateurs stopped by union leader at anti SPP protest

  21. Protest Against SPP and NAU

  22. [Deleted Video]

  23. [Deleted Video]

  24. June 20 2009 China Riot Police Battle the People of Shishou

  25. The Nation's Deathbed Canada Day DVD Giveaway - TORONTO

  26. Salbuchi - World Government: Accept or Resist? Part 1

  27. Toronto 9/11 Truth - The Early Years: BK Speaks!

  28. Megaphone Wars - The Suppression of Free Speech

  29. Obama Sucks...

  30. Houston Tea Party, February 27, 2009

  31. An Urgent Message to All Canadians

  32. [Deleted Video]

  33. Welcome to the North American Union

  34. Operation Wake Up the World is Under way

  35. Activist - Official Trailer HD

  36. TorontoChange - This Is Not America!

  37. TorontoChange - Bush & Clinton Toronto Protest

  38. Montebello- Journalism vs Riot Cops vs Mainstream Media- Press for Truth

  39. SPP Protest-cops everywhere!

  40. Montebello- Talking with Police

  41. George Bush and Bill Clinton Invade Toronto

  42. Dan Dicks: Stop the SPP Speech- June 14 2008

  43. The Nation's Deathbed Canada Day DVD Giveaway!

  44. Ron Paul Speaks of the Overthrow of the Nation

  45. Miami Police Shot Protester, then laugh about it.

  46. Raw Video: Mass March at G-20 Summit

  47. G20 Protester: Economic Policies 'Destroy Lives'

  48. [Deleted Video]

  49. Walk through the Pittsburgh G20 Protest

  50. Obama Joker Poster- TORONTO

  51. The Last Canada Day ~ London 1 of 2

  52. The Last Canada Day 2 of 2

  53. Kevin Wrycraft's "Buy Canadian" song

  54. quebec police admit going undercover at montebello protests

  55. ★Hacktivism★ Anti WTO Protest Geneva Demonstration

  56. Al Gore confronted on Climategate in Chicago


  58. Attack on City Hall, Police VS Protesters

  59. In defense of freedom

  60. Resist the Corporate Green Wash!

  61. Canada's Hidden Genocide: Convergence 2010

  62. Resist 2010: 8 Reasons to Oppose the 2010 Winter Olympics -- Part TWO

  63. Protests in Copenhagen climate talks over leaked text

  64. Huntsville G8 Summit.

  65. How do you think the G8 Summit will affect Huntsville Ontario?

  66. MOBILE BULLETIN - 1405GMT - 01 Jan 10

  67. Tehran warns opposition protesters - 02 Jan 10

  68. Man shot dead in Iran protests

  69. For Whom the Liberty Bell Tolls

  70. Stephen Breyer - The Supreme Court During Wartime

  71. [Deleted Video]

  72. Huntsville G8 Summit.

  73. 9/11 Truth Hits the Subways of New York

  74. Nude Protest: Airport Body Scanners in Germany

  75. New York Times Hoax - The Yes Men Fix The World

  76. Free life insurance for everyone paid for by tax dollars

  77. [Deleted Video]

  78. Students vs State: US budget too cool for school?

  79. WE ARE CHANGE OTTAWA April 11th,2010 9/11 Truth Action ( Rideau Centre )

  80. Press For Truth Arrested While Reporting On The G20 Summit

  81. Violent May Day March in Santa Cruz

  82. [Deleted Video]

  83. Kitchener 9/11 Truth Street Action April 11, 2010 at UofW & WLU in Waterloo.

  84. Security and Prosperity Partnership trailer

  85. WE ARE CHANGE Ottawa May 9/11 Truth Action - Wellington St - Downtown Ottawa

  86. Police Provocateurs G20??


  88. Anti-G20 Rally March... EPIC UNITY STAND


  90. WAC Ottawa June 11th 9/11 Truth Action - Outside RBC Firebombing location - G20 False Flag ?

  91. Rant Against the Machine (1 of 2)

  92. Edmonton Mayor Candidate Dowling says " Investigate 9/11/01"

  93. 8 Favianna speaks about globalisation and NAFTA 3

  94. 10:10 "Planetary Regime" to Forced Servitude Under The Guise of Reducing Your Carbon Footprint 1/6

  95. Tunisia protests spread to capital

  96. Ted Nugent on Border Security

  97. Anonymous Declaration of Freedom

  98. Hijacking the Tea Party for 9/11 Truth, and other Psy-Op/Disinfo Tactics

  99. Egypt police fire tear gas as rioting erupts in Cairo

  100. Revolution In Egypt - Who's Next?

  101. Patriots in Ohio fight Globalist Constitutional Convention pt 1 of 7

  102. A Message To The New World Order From The Youth

  103. Alex Jones: NWO orchestrated protests

  104. I'M AWAKE ( The Full Movie ) Totally Awesome!

  105. It's time to get Mad as Hell!

  106. [Deleted Video]

  107. Sons of Liberty:Message to the New World Order

  108. March 12 - Mad As Hell Money Bomb Guest List

  109. For Liberty Trailer - Let It Not Be Said We Did Nothing

  110. Confronting Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon

  111. Questioning Stephen Harper On Lack Of Questions

  112. Adam Kokesh first interview after arrest

  113. Texans Against TSA Patdowns Rally For Anti-TSA Bill To Be Resurrected

  114. Canadian Rights and Freedoms Lost. G20 Toronto

  115. Wake up Canada!

  116. TSA Agents Execute Grope Downs At Texas Capitol & Thank State Senators For Their Subservience

  117. Pissing on a burning Quran with Obama's Forged Birth Certificate

  118. The Road to Revolution: 99% Uprising

  119. Press For Truth - Smashing The Pyramid One Brick At A Time (Office Space Style)

  120. Brigette DePape speaks at the G20 Redux Freedoms Festival

  121. The Israëli Awakening?!

  122. Children defy police in Washington, purchase lemonade at Capitol

  123. New World Order Being Taught In Schools!

  124. Rick Perry, Another Globalist Like Bush.

  125. Press For Truth - Hacking The Matrix

  126. True North Strong And Free - YouTube.flv

  127. Wall St. protests explode

  128. [Deleted Video]

  129. Into The Fire - Full Film

  130. Dick Cheney Protest at Vancouver Club

  131. Shocking Police Behaviour OccupyMELBOURNE!

  132. Occupy Oceanside, CA organized by Aid to Deputy Mayor

  133. Hey Occupy Wall Street... Jail The Criminals First!

  134. Alex Jones on Homeland Security infiltrating OWS

  135. CAW Takes Direct Action Against Caterpillar In Ingersoll *The Indignants*

  136. Documentary Film Premiere, Nullification: The Rightful Remedy

  137. Anonymous: March Of Solidarity | February 27


  139. Shut Down Monsanto

  140. Let's Get Rid of TPP !!Trans-Pacific Partnership Destroys National Economies

  141. Bohemian Grove 2012 We Are Change East Bay Coverage Pt. 8

  142. Outside the Gates of Bohemian Grove

  143. Bohemian Grove 2012 - Mark Dice and Cindy Sheehan Highlights

  144. Welcome to the Bohemian Grove 2012

  145. Bullhorning Shoppers Lined Up For Thanksgiving Sales 2012

  146. Teen fights back against tracking chips in school ID cards

  147. Best WeAreChange Confrontations of 2012

  148. Demand A Real Plan

  149. 4409 -- Marathon runners get exposed

  150. Dan Bongino @ Guns Across America Rally in Annapolis, MD

  151. Mass austerity protests hit Spain

  152. child poisoned from mercury in his vaccines

  153. [Private Video]

  154. TheAntiTerrorist on Prepackaged News

  155. The March Against Monsanto

  156. The March Against Monsanto (and GMO Foods) This Saturday

  157. Patriots Being Led Into "Kill Zone" At D.C. "Armed Revolt"

  158. World Wide March on Bilderberg Commences

  159. Police Officer Refuses Orders, Sides With Protesters (via @LeeCamp)

  160. Brutal Belfast Back? Riot cops counter bricks with water cannon

  161. We Stand together rally - Hupacasath FIPA Court Challenge

  162. Help Make A Fluoride Referendum In Hamilton A Reality

  163. Santa Shames Thanksgiving 'Parasite' Shoppers Lined Up...Using a Megaphone!