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Future Enterprise IT Software | HP

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Published on Jun 12, 2013

Welcome to HP Discover, I am Daniel Sieberg. Here with Paul Muller, Vice President of Strategic Marketing for HP Software. Paul is also known as HP Software Evangelist, welcome, sounds like a great title to have. Thanks Daniel, well you know I like what we do and I like to make sure people know about it. Let's start off by talking about software defined enterprise. What does that mean exactly? Maybe we'll take a little step back and talk about how we came up with it. We've been conducting a lot of research recently, about the future of the enterprise. What it might look like in the year 2020. One of the things we uncovered was that the nature of the enterprise is changing. We are increasingly moving from being focused on the stuff we make; whether it be telephone calls, finance or bricks and mortar. If we think about our experience and interaction with an enterprise, it's being increasingly mediated through experience. Through things like mobile experiences, web experiences. Multiple devices, I'm sure. Applications, you're exactly right. So if you think about your relationship with your bank, I would has it against you that you haven't been in a branch in probably a long time. It's been a little while, yes. To the point where actually, generally my son doesn't know what a branch is. He literally thought I was talking about a tree when I mentioned the branch, genuinely. It's a new world and we looked particularly at the banking finance industry. Almost all the top tier banks have more programmers working for them, spend more money on software development then Microsoft does developing Windows Eight. The question then becomes are they traditional enterprises or are they really software companies? If you think about a "software defined enterprise", a whole bunch of new behaviors and capabilities are required that aren't necessarily the same as what we have had for the past, say century. So what is going to mean to impacting businesses and you mentioned a bank, it's a very traditional style of business? How do they adapt this and use it in a way that harnesses what they already learned from experience, but then could also benefit them in the future? There are a couple things that need to happen and I think a lot of the changes happen at the top. So again let's go to that banking and financing example for that matter, a motor car company, a modern motor car has a hundred million lines of software in it. An F-35 Strike Fighter is estimated to have about ten million. That is a massive disparity. The question then becomes if you're a CEO of that company; if you're making cars or for that matter running a bank or a Telco, have you been trained in what it's like to lead a large software organization? If you're that dependent on building, delivering, assuring quality and security of software, are you going to trust that to your Chief Information Officer or you're going to have to at least build some core competency in it yourself. The number one is changing from the top, and then number two is thinking differently about the speed at which you deliver software. We can't afford to wait quarters or years or sometimes multiple years to get our software from idea to implementation. We need to accelerate implementation on nearly a daily basis and that changes a lot of processes. Talk to me about how HP is involved in that space, in terms of enabling IT within any company. Whether it be a car manufacturer, a bank or a relatively new organizations. It really starts with what we call connected intelligence. The first thing you need to understand is what are our customers doing? What do they want? How are they behaving? Unless you have that insight you can't begin to think about the next product or service you offer. That's number one. Number two, you need to be able to rapidly build and assemble software, test and deploy it. Now that process is sometimes called, DevOps, that's a whole new way of thinking about developing and running an IT system that requires a step shift in the way your people think about how they work on a daily basis. The last piece is security, as I'm sure you have read in the newspaper recently is that pretty much every organization is vulnerable or in fact subject to an attack today. The question is, how do you secure those systems so that data is protected and when it's not protected, when you are infiltrated in some way, you can detect those attempts to remove the data before they cause a problem. That's great; we have covered a lot of ground here. Thank you so much Paul Muller, who is the software evangelist for HP.


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