1. That Great Divide by Philo Schrock

  2. Amish Boy Caught Texting at a Fish Fry

  3. Smashing Pumpkins With a Case IH 375 and Chisel Plow

  4. Working On The Railroad Pulling Spikes And Compacting Rocks

  5. Working On The Railroad Arranging Ties

  6. 5 Steps To Earning Residual Income On YouTube

  7. Amish Hauling Baby Calf to the Sale Barn

  8. Farm Drainage and Unrolling 12 inch Tile

  9. Amish Baling Hay with a 4 Horse Hitch

  10. Aircraft Engines and Loading Massey Fergusons After The Pull

  11. Freight Train Returning Empty Containers To China

  12. Loading And Hauling Auction Items

  13. John Deere 9500 Lb. Limited Pro Stock Tractors

  14. Amish Mowing Hay With a 4 Horse Hitch

  15. 3 John Deere Combines Cutting Soybeans

  16. C. H. I. Overhead Doors Mini Semi in Parade

  17. Amish Picking Corn with 8 Horse Hitch

  18. The Antique Tractor Slow Race in Arthur Illinois

  19. A Multitude of Amish Buggies

  20. Cheese Chase ages 4 to 8 at Arthur Cheese Festival

  21. Roadtec Rx400 Grinding Main Street in Arthur Illinois

  22. ITPA 4 Wheel Drive Diesel Trucks

  23. ITPA 20,000 Lb. Pro Stock Semi Trucks

  24. 10,000 Lb. Tractor Pulling Action at Illinois State Fair

  25. Baling hay the old fashioned way

  26. ITPA Action at the Illinois State Fair

  27. Late Night Gunny Sack Revue Sings Beulah Land

  28. Drought Damaged Seed Corn Chopped in Illinois

  29. Selling Collectibles on Ebay 10 recent Sales

  30. Boys and Girls, Shotguns, Shooting Clay Pigeons

  31. Arcola Illinois Walldogs Mural Paintings

  32. Third Annual Father's Day Amish Country Tractor Cruise

  33. CHI Concrete Parking Lot Poured and Leveled

  34. Pony Fun Days in Illinois

  35. Head On Crash Beneva in Pinecraft

  36. Lisa Stole My Fishing Pole

  37. Community Garage Sale Madness in Florida

  38. A Quiet Evening at the Pinecraft Park

  39. Larry's Incredible Lazyboy Recliner on a Roll

  40. Tourist Church Hosts County Planning Meeting

  41. Gardenia Street Ed's Bluegrass & Gospel Singing

  42. Heaven is Always on my Mind by Conley Schmidt

  43. Swiss Style Yodeling by Conley Schmidt

  44. Birky Square Music and Ice Cream

  45. Amish Baling Hay With Horses Arthur Illinois

  46. John Deere 9500 Combine Fire In Iowa

  47. Larry's Solar Green Buggy rolls thru Pinecraft

  48. The Book ERNIE, Meet this YouTube Channel Owner

  49. Canoe, Alaska talk and feeding the seagulls

  50. Saw Sharpening, Fabrics and Stanley Products

  51. Real Estate Auction In Pinecraft, NO SALE

  52. Troyers Dutch Heritage Coffee Room

  53. Vacation is over, Back to Sugarcreek

  54. Ray and Laura Nisley's Public Auction

  55. Cowboy Sweatheart by High Road III Yodeling at it's Finest

  56. High Road III sings High Road at Pinecraft Park

  57. Remote Controlled Stump Grinding

  58. Meals on Wheels and Making Cowboy Stew

  59. Lost my Jack up the drain at Pinecraft Park

  60. Larry gives Dad a spin on a Solar Green Buggy

  61. John Schmid sings Strawberry Roan in German

  62. Gospel Express Ministries Florida Auction 2012

  63. John Deere and other action in Pinecraft

  64. 2012 Parade at Florida Flywheeler's

  65. Mahlon plays Drifting on an Acoustic Guitar in unusual way

  66. High Road III Performs Orange Blossom Special at Pinecraft Park

  67. Instrumental by High Road III performed at Pinecraft Park

  68. Sarasota Christian School Annual Auction & BBQ

  69. Bontrager Family Singers Sibling Cooperation

  70. Stranger to me by Moonlight Bluegrass

  71. Nickel Mine School Tragedy by Moonlight Bluegrass

  72. Be a Light for Jesus Everyday by Moonlight Bluegrass

  73. Barbeque Chicken and Moonlight Bluegrass

  74. Fun, Ribs, Pecans and Dialysis in Pinecraft

  75. Good Earthworks Mulching With Skid Steer

  76. The Brothers and Sisters Band Play Halleluia

  77. I'm A Believer by The Anderson Brothers and Bontrager Sisters

  78. Dueling Guitar and Banjo by The Anderson Brothers

  79. Pinecraft Household Foreclosure Auction

  80. Feeding the birds at Pinecraft Park

  81. Cat D8 2 Antique Dozers Pulling One Bottom Plow

  82. Antique Shovel at Florida Flywheelers

  83. Arcadia Stockyard Auction in Florida

  84. Greg Pound for Sheriff 2012 at Webster Flea Market

  85. Florida Dairy Milking 70 Cows at a time

  86. Questions Answered: How to ship Ebay items using the Post Office

  87. Cleaning Out The Creek In Pinecraft Park

  88. Cleaning Up Underbrush With A Menzi Muck

  89. Twisted Metal Power Boat Sand Sculpture

  90. G. E. T. Hoop'n Basketball Tournament 2011

  91. Pinecraft Volleyball Tournament 2011

  92. Pinecraft Christmas Parade 2011

  93. Cattleman Road Cat 325D Backhoe and 725 Dump Truck

  94. Oldsmobile Run About Horseless Carriage

  95. Pinecraft Pie Contest 2011

  96. Playing with rocks at Pinecraft Park

  97. Larry & Kayden on Solar Buggy

  98. Christmas Parade in Arthur Illinois 2011

  99. Plowing with Antique Tractors In Arthur Illinois