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  1. Adult speaks to his 12 year-old self

  2. Hog farmers can't feed pigs

  3. Arrest in attempted child abduction

  4. Take a Food and History Tour of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

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  6. Kaku: "Aliens v Earth" is "Godzilla v. Bam...

  7. Dallas' Fuel City Tacos is a Hidden Gem

  8. Fast food company Chick- Fil- A conservative on marriage

  9. Justice Scalia gives Piers Morgan a tour

  10. Penn State to decide Paterno statue's fate

  11. Iowa missing girls grandma: this is not family

  12. Everything you need to know about the Tour de France

  13. Erin Burnett: 'OutFront' in Africa

  14. Take a Look at This! - Part 121

  15. Female boxer breaks Olympic glass ceiling

  16. TV station claims media freedom is under attack in Ukraine

  17. Saving Africa's Lake Turkana

  18. Latest Batman film makes London debut

  19. Actor Rajeesh Khanna, 69, one of Bollywood's best known movie stars dies

  20. Life-size David Hasselhoff ads stolen

  21. Justice Antonin Scalia jokes on hunting with Dick Cheney.

  22. Justice Antonin Scalia talks about Roe v. Wade.

  23. 34-year-old virgin: I'm an odd person

  24. Mandela turns 94!

  25. Justice Antonin Scalia says he is not a 'king.'

  26. Sen. John McCain defends Clinton aide

  27. Arctic oil vs. Alaska's natives

  28. Driver caught on camera speeding the wrong way on road

  29. Jennifer Tyrrell: Boy Scout bond ripped from us

  30. British etiquette for London Olympics

  31. 2012 Pres. Election: Ohio, Ohio, Ohio

  32. Justice Scalia on political fundraising

  33. Black smoke fills sky after Bulgaria bus bombing

  34. Justice Scalia on Bush vs. Gore

  35. GOP blocking donor disclosure rule

  36. A Visitor's Guide to London

  37. Mapping the Syrian violence

  38. King Abdullah's relationship with Romney

  39. Doll helps kids grasp cancer & hair loss

  40. Romney: People, not governments, build businesses

  41. Erin Burnett OutFront in Africa

  42. Boehner: Obama doesn't care about middle class job security

  43. Abdullah on chemical weapons in Syria

  44. Lack of exercise can be deadly

  45. Olympic fashion no longer a barrier

  46. Abdullah on Syria: Potential civil war

  47. King of Jordan: Syria running out of time

  48. Swimmer Anthony Ervin rejoins the Olympics 12 years later

  49. Exclusive: King Abdullah talks Syria

  50. U.S. Olympian: God is my coach

  51. George P. Bush talks politics

  52. How the drought will affect your wallet

  53. U.S. Olympic Marathoner Ryan Hall: God Is My Coach

  54. What it's like to sail solo around the world

  55. Tattoos cost man U.S. visa

  56. Ripken Jr: Nats face big risk, if they shut down Strasburg

  57. Nick Faldo: 2012 British Open Preview

  58. Ripken Jr: Nats are in good postion to make playoff run

  59. Cal Ripken Jr: "Can't see how the Yankees will falter"

  60. Could an X-box help stop locust swarms?

  61. Gorillas in the midst of violence

  62. U.S. Libor victims seek retribution

  63. Chinese skirt around one-child policy

  64. Mumbai economy losing steam

  65. Rep. Keith Ellison: No 'Muslim infiltration'

  66. Woman's breasts weigh 89 pounds

  67. Aubrey O'Day talks mental health rumors

  68. Michael Vick was playing golf during police raid

  69. Is it normal to be jealous of husband's ex wife?

  70. Athlete Michael Vick reflects on watching first dog fight

  71. World's largest breasted woman speaks out on Dr. Drew

  72. Classic novels get erotic updates

  73. Russell Brand talks about his feelings for Katy Perry as the divorce is finalized

  74. A look at the snake-handling churches of Appalachia

  75. Sheriff Joe Arapaio says Obama's birth certificate is forged

  76. Is Shell ready for an Arctic oil spill?

  77. Sleeping cheaply: Camping for Olympics

  78. Shell oil plans to explore for oil in Alaska's fragile north slope

  79. Aimee Copeland's recovery after losing limbs to flesh-eating bacteria

  80. Arms dealers in global conflict zones

  81. Obamas get do-over after 'kiss cam' fail

  82. HSBC Bankers grilled by American Senators about alleged money laundering

  83. Bernanke says no to stimulus addicts

  84. Blitzer: Ad war is going to get uglier

  85. The worst drought in decades is hitting farmers hard

  86. Michael Vick: Maybe I'll get a dog

  87. Russell Brand: I do more yoga than sex

  88. Sununu apologizes for anti-Obama remarks

  89. President Bill Clinton: Learned about life from Mandela

  90. American hostages kidnapped in Egypt speak out

  91. Marissa Mayer takes over at Yahoo!

  92. Ukraine hunger strike over language law

  93. Cabbies protest "Olympic lanes" in London

  94. Ralph Macchio, the original 'Karate Kid' on new series "American Gypsies"

  95. Delta passenger bites needle in sandwich

  96. Google's Marissa Mayer named Yahoo! CEO

  97. Witness #9 calls Zimmerman family racist

  98. Blake gives his take on wife's murder

  99. Kim Jong Un a change for North Korean