1. Taybeh

  2. "Cincinnati Cooks" at the Freestore Foodbank

  3. Bishop Selim Sayegh on the Upcoming Synod

  4. My Edited Video

  5. Day 8: Concluding Thoughts

  6. Fr. Greg's Take on the Feast of St. Francis

  7. Day 7: Jerusalem's Armenian Quarter, Ramallah, Taybeh

  8. Day 5 Jerusalem Report

  9. Day 6: Pontifical Mission Office

  10. Day 4: Bethlehem

  11. Day 4: Bethlehem

  12. Day 4: Jerusalem, the Old City

  13. Fr. Greg's Take on the Homily at Mass

  14. Fr. Greg's Take on the Fish as a Christian Symbol

  15. Sr. Allesandra shows maternity wing and new babies

  16. Day 2: Smakieh, Ader, Kerack City

  17. Archbishop Yassir Ayash

  18. Day 1: Amman, Jordan

  19. 091610Istanbul 1

  20. Fr. Greg's Take: Mother Teresa Remembered

  21. Fr. Greg's Take: Back-to-School

  22. Fr. Greg's Take on Why Catholics Honor the Saints

  23. Fr. Greg's Take on St. Francis and Islam

  24. Fr. Greg on Neophytes and Mystagogia

  25. Fr. Greg's Take: Ongoing Conversion and the Final Days of Lent

  26. Fr. Greg talks about Archbishop Sheen's Irish roots

  27. Fr. Jim Martin, SJ, on the Holy Family

  28. Fr. Thibodeaux on Gratitude

  29. Will I see My Dog in Heaven?

  30. A labor of love

  31. It's a long-term listening platform

  32. What Twitter isn't

  33. Where's the revenue stream?

  34. It's about relationships

  35. Why call it Twitter?

  36. The Date of Christmas

  37. Fr. Greg's Take on the Christmas Tree

  38. Fr. Greg's Take on the Advent Wreath

  39. Fr. Greg's Take on John the Baptist in the Christmas Story

  40. Fr. Greg's Take on the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Christmas Story.

  41. Fr. Greg's Take on Christmas: Nostalgia vs the True Meaning of the Holiday

  42. Papal Visit #10: What's a Pope to Do?

  43. Papal Visit #9: Papal Titles

  44. Papal Visit #8: Papal Terms and Ages

  45. Papal Visit #7: Papal Names

  46. Papal Visit #6: Papal Elections

  47. Papal Visit #5: The Pallium

  48. Papal Visit #4: Vatican Radio

  49. Papal Visit #3: Ad Limina Visit

  50. Papal Visit #2: The Fisherman's Ring

  51. Papal Visit #1: The Swiss Guard

  52. Father Greg Friedman - What Are Catholics Doing for Lent?

  53. Father Greg Friedman - Lent Is a Catholic Thing

  54. Fr. Greg's Take on the Origins of the Christmas Crib

  55. Fr. Greg's Take: Celebrating Christmas

  56. Assisi Pilgrimage: Walking in Faith With Francis and Clare