1. Heller Questions Energy Secretary Nominee

  2. Senate Agrees to Heller Sage Grouse Amendment

  3. Heller Files Amendments to Senate Budget

  4. Heller Speaks In Support of Interior Secretary Nominee Sally Jewell

  5. Heller Questions Veterans Benefits Administration about VA Claim Backlog

  6. Heller Seeks FCC Reform

  7. Heller: When the Department of Interior Sneezes, We Feel an Earthquake

  8. Heller Seeks Answers for Nevada Veterans

  9. Heller: Bring Simpson-Bowles to Senate Floor for Vote

  10. Heller Seeks Answers on VA Backlog in Nevada

  11. Heller Questions Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke

  12. Heller Speaks at Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee

  13. Senator Heller Introduces No Budget No Pay at Press Conference

  14. Senator Heller Discusses No Budget, No Pay on Fox and Friends

  15. Heller Discusses No Budget, No Pay for No Labels Conference

  16. Senator Heller Senate Swearing In Reenactment

  17. Senator Heller Swearing-in Ceremony

  18. Senator Heller Offers Holiday Tribute for our Nation's Troops

  19. Heller Supports Andrew Gordon's Nomination for United States District Judge for Nevada

  20. Senator Heller Speaks About the Fiscal Cliff

  21. Senator Heller Speaks About September 11th and Jobs for our Veterans

  22. Heller Speaks About Jobs and the Economy

  23. Heller Speaks About Taxes, Jobs and the Economy

  24. Heller Announces Veterans Small Business Protection Act

  25. Heller Speaks About Jobs and the Economy

  26. Heller Responds to U.S. Supreme Court Ruling On the President's Healthcare Law

  27. Heller Testifies About the Women's Homeless Veterans Act

  28. Heller Speaks On EPA Regulatory Overreach

  29. Senator Heller Speaks On the End Pay Discrimination Through Information Act

  30. Senator Heller Announces SOLD Act

  31. Heller Pushes for No budget No Pay Act as the Senate proceeds With Budget Resolution votes

  32. Senator Heller Speaks About the No Budget, No Pay Act

  33. Senator Heller Speaks About the Interest Rate Reduction Act

  34. Senator Heller Speaks about the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act

  35. Heller Speaks about GSA Misconduct and Nevada Tourism

  36. Heller Introduces The Gas Price Relief Act

  37. Heller discusses No Budget, No Pay on CNN

  38. Heller's No Budget, No Pay Act Gets Hearing

  39. Heller Fights to Keep Sage Grouse Off Endangered Species List

  40. Heller Questions Secretary Salazar About Rising Gas Prices

  41. Heller Speaks About President Obama's Budget Proposal

  42. Senator Heller Speaks on Keeping Families in Their Home Act

  43. ENR Blue Ribbon Commission hearing 2 2 12

  44. Sen. Heller on Daily Rundown with Chuck Todd

  45. Heller Speaks in Support of STOCK Act on Senate Floor

  46. Senator Heller's Holiday Tribute to Troops

  47. Heller Votes for Dem, GOP Proposal to Balance the Budget

  48. Heller Joins No Labels to Advocate for No Budget, No Pay

  49. Heller Fights to Extend Payroll Tax Cut

  50. Heller Introduces Payroll Tax Cut Extension

  51. Senator Heller Talks Medicare with Neil Cavuto

  52. Heller Introduces Public Lands Jobs Creation Act

  53. Heller Welcomes Bipartisan Veterans Legislation

  54. FCC Reform Youtube

  55. Fox and Friends

  56. No Budget No Pay

  57. Senator Heller Speaks about American Jobs Act

  58. Committee on Aging 10 12 11

  59. Heller on Senate Floor October 5, 2011

  60. Heller Maiden Speech

  61. Debt Transparency Press Conf 9 8 11

  62. Western Caucus Press Conf 9 13 11

  63. Weekly Republican Address

  64. Heller Promotes Mining in Resources Hearing