1. 315 Thumbnail

    Cristiano gets 'Goal.com 50' award

  2. 316 Thumbnail

    Iniesta: "Our first goal is the Super Cup"

  3. 317 Thumbnail

    Barça give fans a treat in Girona

  4. 318 Thumbnail

    Las Vegas win pleases Nacho and Pepe

  5. 319 Thumbnail

    Barça focused on Man United meeting

  6. 320 Thumbnail

    Khedira hits the jackpot for Madrid in Las Vegas

  7. 321 Thumbnail

    Rondón swaps Málaga for Russia

  8. 322 Thumbnail

    Barça produce the goods in Paris

  9. 323 Thumbnail

    Ramos pining for Champions League glory

  10. 324 Thumbnail

    Barça boosted by Abidal appearance

  11. 325 Thumbnail

    Pochettino reflects on victory

  12. 326 Thumbnail

    Juanfran: "I hope to be back playing in 30 to 40 days"

  13. 327 Thumbnail

    Florentino Pérez: "I would like to express our gratitude to LA for all the affection shown"

  14. 328 Thumbnail

    Madrid wind down after win

  15. 329 Thumbnail

    Víctor Valdés: "We want to win the Liga BBVA and the Champions League"

  16. 330 Thumbnail

    Caballero: "If Pellegrini leaves, we would be losing a great coach"

  17. 331 Thumbnail

    The 20 stadiums of the Liga BBVA, part one

  18. 332 Thumbnail

    Michel takes command

  19. 333 Thumbnail

    Barça's Olympians get back to work

  20. 334 Thumbnail

    Mourinho: "Kaká is far from being a problem"

  21. Thumbnail

    Jesé: "We can't be obsessed with the Champions League"

  22. 336 Thumbnail

    Real Madrid defeat L.A. Galaxy in the World Football Challenge

  23. 337 Thumbnail

    Weligton: "We still have confidence in the club"

  24. 338 Thumbnail

    Liga BBVA 2012-13 kicks off in Vigo

  25. 339 Thumbnail

    Sevilla disappoint in Córdoba

  26. 340 Thumbnail

    Piggy in the Middle keeps Barcelona players on their toes

  27. 341 Thumbnail

    Big fish Ramos pips Kaká in freestyle duel

  28. 342 Thumbnail

    Busquets ready and raing to go

  29. 343 Thumbnail

    Beckham extols Mourinho's virtues

  30. 344 Thumbnail

    Ballon d'Or will stay in the Liga BBVA, say Galaxy trio

  31. 345 Thumbnail

    Real Madrid primed for Galaxy clash

  32. 346 Thumbnail

    Sabella calls up Liga BBVA stars

  33. 347 Thumbnail

    "Every season is a challenge", says Piqué

  34. 348 Thumbnail

    Rafinha drafted in for Wednesday's session

  35. 349 Thumbnail

    Pepe: "I feel that the fans have a lot of affection for me"

  36. 350 Thumbnail

    Xabi Alonso limps out of training

  37. 351 Thumbnail

    Puyol: "My renewal will not be a problem"

  38. 352 Thumbnail

    Banega's new Ferrari bursts into flames

  39. 353 Thumbnail

    Casillas remembers Zión

  40. 354 Thumbnail

    Nikos comes to Levante's defence

  41. 355 Thumbnail

    Puyol given the all-clear by Barça doctors

  42. 356 Thumbnail

    Iker Casillas: "We're taking steps in the right direction"

  43. 357 Thumbnail

    A hundred fans turn out to give Real Madrid a warm welcome at UCLA

  44. 358 Thumbnail

    Real Madrid workout under LA sunshine

  45. 359 Thumbnail

    Falcao relishing return home

  46. 360 Thumbnail

    Gouffran stuns Real Sociedad in Irun

  47. 361 Thumbnail

    Ruthless Messi runs amok in Tangier

  48. 362 Thumbnail

    Little Zion dreams to get close to Casillas

  49. 363 Thumbnail

    Real Madrid fans cheer up their idols

  50. 364 Thumbnail

    Real Madrid arrive in Los Angeles

  51. 365 Thumbnail

    Málaga too strong for Zamora

  52. 366 Thumbnail

    Navas and Negredo back in the fold

  53. 367 Thumbnail

    Barça ready for Raja Club

  54. 368 Thumbnail

    Emre: "If we work well, I'm sure we can get to the same level as Real Madrid and Barcelona"

  55. 369 Thumbnail

    Fàbregas is back in town

  56. 370 Thumbnail

    Soldado to appear on the FIFA 13 game cover alongside Messi

  57. 371 Thumbnail

    Puyol to reappear in PSG friendly

  58. 372 Thumbnail

    Special candy gives Real Madrid stars a boost

  59. 373 Thumbnail

    Valencia present the Trofeo Naranja

  60. 374 Thumbnail

    Simeone: "If Oliver is able to help the team, he will play"

  61. 375 Thumbnail

    Marc Bartra: "I'm going to try to convince the boss to give me minutes"

  62. 376 Thumbnail

    'Chory' Castro will "battle" to earn his place

  63. 377 Thumbnail

    Betis show Sanluqueño no mercy

  64. 378 Thumbnail

    Piqué wins ping pong showdown

  65. 379 Thumbnail

    Barça buoyed by Puyol and Messi return

  66. 380 Thumbnail

    The humble origins of Leo Messi

  67. 381 Thumbnail

    Madrid stars keen to see Modric deal go through

  68. 382 Thumbnail

    Falcao ruled out of Celta trip

  69. 383 Thumbnail

    Messi misses Barça Hamburg trip

  70. 384 Thumbnail

    Falcao: "People are going to enjoy the spectacle"

  71. 385 Thumbnail

    Messi stays in Barcelona with the other injured players

  72. 386 Thumbnail

    Kaká dropped for Oviedo clash

  73. 387 Thumbnail

    Kaká called for Bernabéu meeting

  74. 388 Thumbnail

    Puyol reappears for Monday's session

  75. 389 Thumbnail

    Alves: "I'll repay Tito for the faith he has in me"

  76. 390 Thumbnail

    Sevilla humbled by minnows

  77. 391 Thumbnail

    Ballon d'Or debate divides top two

  78. 392 Thumbnail

    Alexis gets untimely call-up

  79. 393 Thumbnail

    Work to do for Málaga

  80. 394 Thumbnail

    Villa poised for return

  81. 395 Thumbnail

    Granero seeking "more prominent role"

  82. 396 Thumbnail

    Ché fans grit their teeth to renew season tickets

  83. 397 Thumbnail

    Spain's Olympic squad head off to the Games

  84. 398 Thumbnail

    Injury scare for Alexis Sánchez in training

  85. 399 Thumbnail

    Real Sociedad held by Lyon

  86. 400 Thumbnail

    Castilla outmuscle Madrid in Saturday's session

  87. 401 Thumbnail

    Pinto: "It's nice that they are thinking of a goalkeeper for the Ballon d'Or"

  88. 402 Thumbnail

    Carvalho and Di María miss Real Madrid's morning training session

  89. 403 Thumbnail

    Olympic squad players make kids' day

  90. 404 Thumbnail

    Michu: "Rayo have been the best thing for me"

  91. 405 Thumbnail

    Javi Martínez: "I've taken advantage of my holidays to get some rest"

  92. 406 Thumbnail

    Mata ready for Olympic challenge

  93. 407 Thumbnail

    Mascherano: "I want to carry on playing for Barcelona for many years to come"

  94. 408 Thumbnail

    Mascherano: "Real Madrid beat us fair and square"

  95. 409 Thumbnail

    Vela unveiled

  96. 410 Thumbnail

    Real Madrid made to sweat in Valdebebas

  97. 411 Thumbnail

    Messi: "The defeats to Madrid and Chelsea still hurt"

  98. 412 Thumbnail

    Barça launch Supercup campaign

  99. 413 Thumbnail

    Espanyol wave Uche off