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Battling Ropes Insanity 2

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Uploaded on Dec 30, 2011


Battling Ropes Turbo Weight Loss Challenge Workout 8 x Ultimo :) - Mission X

Battling Ropes - Sooo much Fun :)!

The Battling Ropes Insanity Weight Loss Challenge Workout is a very effective and super fun weight loss and fat burning workout using the battling ropes.

Weight and body shape management can be quite easy and simple for a few people or draining and complicated for meanwhile about 60% of the Australian population (figure is pretty much the same in the entire western and industrial world). But why is staying in shape, slim lean and happy with yourself and the way you look so difficult these days?
One reason is most likely that our whole world is nowadays centred around food and eating - eating processed and fatty-toxic fast foods.
The Couch Potatoe Lifestyle plays a big role for the misery out there... the disease - disaster we are facing!!
Things have changed in the last couple of decades and we are no more likely living to eat instead of eating to live.

The Battling Ropes Training System is a one of a kind training system
which forces an athlete to use velocity and the athlete must be able
to maintain velocity to be successfu and to create strong and smooth rope wavesl. The Battling Ropes System is a complete strength
and conditioning program like no other. Amazing results will come to
absolutely anyone who trains on the Battling Ropes. The system allows
the everyday person, as well as the world-class athlete or competitor, to
push their limits to the point of failure in a safe manner. The Battling
Ropes can be used by anyone regardless of their fitness and goals. The
reason for this is because you control the system, it does not control you.
The system is the aeroplane and you are the pilot.
You can take your own training to the next level by adding the Battling
Ropes Training method to your training routine; it could be the missing
link of your training you have been looking for years. This system is
one of the most effective methods of interval training and is used by
professional athletes such as combat athletes and coaches worldwide
and can be seen on NBC's reality show, The Biggest Loser.
It has been proven to be one of the most efficient and effective ways of burning body
fat, losing weight and building muscle. Regular training with the ropes will help you
and every other athlete to be able to train or compete at a higher level of
intensity for longer durations of time due to the ability of being able to
maintain velocity. This system is extremely vast and has many levels for
improvement and countless ways to up intensity.

It truly is one of the best weight loss, fat loss and strength conditioning workouts you can add to your daily exercise routine!
Lose weight, get fit, strong, burn fat and have a lot of fun along the way :)!

This particular One Minute Turbo Weight Loss and Fat Burning Mini Workout Challenge has been put together by the "Man on a Mission" - Ralf Behn - presented by Mission X TV for you :)!

Enjoy and be amazed as well as astonished by its efficiency & massive results!

Do it 3 or 4 times with a minute( or a little more :)) break in between sets and you have an amazing and super effective Weight Loss and Interval Training right on your finger tips :)!

Please feel free to check out our Kettlebell and TRX Weight Loss and Strength Conditioning Power Workouts too :)!



Royalty Free Music - Permission to use with link back:

Thanks for watching and reading :)!


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