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  1. Jack Nicholson needs legal help

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  5. Jack Nicholson needs an apartment and dental work

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  7. Jackulator Snowy Egrets and hook up.

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  10. Jack Nicholson tries to get an apartment for his father

  11. jackulator patient lobster girl

  12. Jackulator Ridiculous Pizza

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  16. [Private Video]

  17. George W Bush Campaigns in Canada

  18. George Bush Calls the Democratic Convention-Three Times!

  19. Bill Clinton needs a tow

  20. Obama Calls Marijuana Anonymous

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  22. Dr.Phil calls a Scientologist

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  24. Dr. Phil calls strip club

  25. Gunnery Sgt. Hartmann vs. Oberfeldwebel Hofmann

  26. The Angry Black Guy Prank Call Rampage

  27. Mr. Rogers calls business woman

  28. ODB Ol' Dirty Bastard prank soundboard call to angry woman

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  30. Counterstrike Office Prank

  31. Hulk Hogan soundboard calls Steve

  32. Al Pacino Calls the Pawn Shop

  33. Al Pacino prank call

  34. Micheal Jackson prank call

  35. L. Ron Hubbard calls Scientology

  36. Prank Call to Santa Barbara Smartass

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  40. Arnold Calls A Bait Shop (Part#2)

  41. The Fantastical Bait Shop Guy - Crank Call

  42. [Private Video]

  43. Duncan calls a Student

  44. Prank Call Montage

  45. George Takei prank call

  46. George Takei Soundboard Prank Calls A Hillbilly

  47. Jack nicholson - Midnight dinner

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  49. [Deleted Video]

  50. george w. bush calls a beer distributor

  51. George Bush Vs. Some Posh Telemarketer!

  52. Hank Hill, Prank Calls "Wallys Quick Carpet" Store.

  53. george w. bush calls a beer distributor

  54. George W Bush Prank Call to a Beer Distributor

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  59. jackass plumber calls himself (xaozzz)

  60. Original calls to the Hotel Jackass (Calls made by prankensteinx)

  61. Chris the Hotel Spaz Prank Calls the Hacking Genius - Xaozzz *NEW*

  62. The Bait Shop Guy - I'm the Guy - The Pr9nkaholic Show (Ep. 1)

  63. Chris the Hotel Spaz Prank Calls the Hacking Genius - Xaozzz *NEW*

  64. jackass plumber calls himself (xaozzz)

  65. [Deleted Video]

  66. Tom The Pissed Off Roofer calls Himself and Others

  67. Original Black Guy! Joe Pesci Call Black Guy

  68. Jack Nicholson calls Black Jack Pizza

  69. Mr T calls Tow Truck Company

  70. Mr.t calls an auto shop