1. Battlestar Galactica's Jamie Bamber Bares All for Bears

  2. The Roost, Episode 4: Let Me See My Children!

  3. A Look Inside PETA's Angels for Animals Program

  4. The Roost, Episode 3: Like Disneyland, Except That Mickey Mouse Eats You

  5. Daniela Sea Vegan PSA

  6. Carey Hart Stars in an 'Ink, Not Mink' Ad

  7. Behind the Scenes of 'Veggie Love'

  8. Veggie Love Super Bowl Ad, Meet Amanda

  9. Veggie Love Super Bowl Ad, Meet Berenice

  10. Veggie Love Super Bowl Ad, Meet Cassie

  11. Veggie Love Super Bowl Ad, Meet Niki

  12. Daniela Seas Vegan Q&A

  13. The Roost, Episode 2: Did Somebody Say 'Gravy'?

  14. Veggie Love - PETA's Banned Super Bowl Ad

  15. Battlestar Galactica's (BSG) Tricia Helfer Video

  16. PETA's Exclusive Interview With Mickey Rourke

  17. Lowe's Glue-Trap Cruelty

  18. No Age Video

  19. The Roost, Episode 1: A Massive Blow

  20. Khloe Kardashian Ad Unveiling

  21. Happy Cows?

  22. Khloe Kardashian's Naked Photo Shoot for PETA

  23. Fred Willard's ABC Ad

  24. Fred Willard's Animal Birth Control Ad

  25. Bonnie-Jill Laflin's Sexy New PETA Ad

  26. Dogs Need Company

  27. Kristen Johnston's Sexy Photo Shoot and Interview

  28. Cute Farmed Animals

  29. Girls Making Out

  30. Hot Girls Wearing Only Lettuce

  31. President Bush Pardons All Turkeys in 2008

  32. Glue Trap Tragedy

  33. Drug Testing on Beagles

  34. Undercover Investigation at Wright State University

  35. Undercover Footage From Pig Factory Farm

  36. When Natural Disasters Strike

  37. Christine Dolce, aka 'ForBiddeN'

  38. Cruelty to Cats at Univ. of Colorado at Denver

  39. Christmas Video

  40. What Would Jesus Do?

  41. Undercover Investigation at the Weizmann Institute

  42. Ducks Out of Water

  43. Traci Bingham's Sexy Ad Reveal

  44. The Plight of Tonka and Luna

  45. Fur Fraud Investigation

  46. Stella McCartney's Fur Farm Investigation

  47. Hurricane PSA

  48. Petland Video

  49. Mars Ghoulish Secret: Candy-maker Kills Animals

  50. Jenna Jameson Strips Down

  51. Finnish Fur Farm Investigation

  52. Covance—Undercover Investigation in Virginia

  53. Electric Immobilization vs. Controlled-Atmosphere Killing

  54. Canadian Black Bear Baiting Investigation

  55. The Truth About Ringling Brothers Circus

  56. Ami James Interview

  57. Lena Headey and Thomas Dekker Prop 2 Video

  58. Joan Jett Video Testimonial

  59. Julie Benz Video

  60. Alicia Silverstone Bares All in Veg Testimonial

  61. Butterball House of Horrors

  62. Girls Wrestling

  63. PETA Undercover Investigation at ONPRC

  64. Presidential Election 2008: A New Hope

  65. Undercover Footage Shows Rabbits Screaming During Slaughter

  66. Tamara Ecclestone Gets Naked!

  67. Dancing With the Stars' Carrie Ann Inaba for PETA

  68. One Can Make a Difference

  69. Official PETA video

  70. Sniff That

  71. 'Exotic' Animal Cruelty

  72. Davey Havok's Testimonial

  73. Sarah Connor Chronicles Star Lena Headey Speaks Out

  74. AgriProcessors Kosher Slaughterhouse Undercover Investigation

  75. Kapporos Investigations, Brooklyn, N.Y.

  76. Undercover Investigation at UNC-Chapel Hill

  77. KFC Torture Camp

  78. KFC Fried

  79. Circus Elephants

  80. Chinchilla Farm Investigation

  81. Too Much Sex For Jenna Jameson?

  82. Paris Hilton Picks Running Mate

  83. Molly Shannon's Exclusive Interview with PETA

  84. Basketball Legend John Salley: "I Am a Vegetarian"

  85. Al-Jazeera Rejects PETA's "Peace Plea" Ad

  86. Alicia Silverstone Says 'Cut Out Dissection!'

  87. Bowfishing

  88. Drea de Matteo -- Exclusive Interview

  89. I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur

  90. PetSmart's Big Suffering for Small Animals

  91. Shawn: Why I Choose to Be Vegetarian

  92. Robert: Why I Choose to Be Vegetarian

  93. Danielle: Why I Choose to Be Vegetarian

  94. Meat Can Cause Impotence (Director's Cut)

  95. Michael Strahan Cold Dog PSA

  96. Running of the Nudes '06

  97. Ringling Brothers Cruelty

  98. What Is Tim DeLaughter Thinking?

  99. Girls Wearing Nothing But Pleather!!!