1. Arctic robot

  2. Communicating with journalists: Seth Borenstein (AP)

  3. Communicating with journalists: Alexandra Witze (Science News)

  4. AGU FM11 - Jane Lubchenco NOAA's scientific integrity policy

  5. AGU Congressional Science Fellowship Interviews

  6. AGU Webinar: How to Have a Successful District Visit

  7. Fire, Food, and Water: 40 Years of Landsat Satellites

  8. Impartial Observers in Space: Four Decades of Landsat Images Both Delight and Inform

  9. CNSF Exhibition & Reception: STEM Research and Education: Underpinning American Innovation

  10. Kevin Ranker interview: AGU SPC 2012

  11. Jack Hedin interview: AGU SPC 2012

  12. Robert Jaffe interview: AGU SPC 2012

  13. Jim Geringer interview: AGU SPC 2012

  14. Jerome Zeringue interview: AGU SPC 2012

  15. Rear Admiral David Titley interview: AGU SPC 2012

  16. Science Policy Conference 2012 Highlights

  17. AGU Chapman Conference on Volcanism and the Atmosphere

  18. AGU Interview with Expedition 31 on the International Space Station

  19. Natural Hazards 6: What the Future of Natural Hazards Looks Like in Your State

  20. Oceans 2: Ocean Acidification

  21. Natural Resources 4: Water Management

  22. Natural Resources 3: Hydraulic Fracturing

  23. Natural Hazards 2: Decreasing the Economic Toll of Disasters

  24. Natural Hazards 1: Improving Public Safety

  25. Hydraulic Fracturing -The State of the Science

  26. Closing Plenary: Science and the 21st Century Economy

  27. Opening Plenary: Governance, Security, Economy, and the Ecosystem of the Changing Arctic

  28. Plenary: U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea

  29. From the Mississippi to the Gulf: Water Quality and Security

  30. "A Good Scientific Paper: 101" presented by Renyi Zhang

  31. Getting Our Hands Wet: AGU Participates in the 2012 USA Science and Engineering Festival

  32. AGU - Take Your Child to Work Day

  33. AGU: Space Shuttle Discovery Flyby on 17 April 2012

  34. Faults in the East - New Madrid Fault Zone and Recent Virginia Earthquake - Understanding Risks

  35. Saving Lives in the Path of Destructive Tornadoes

  36. Tsunami Preparedness: Understanding our Nation's Risk and Response

  37. Research that Pays Off: The Economic Benefits of Federally Funded R & D

  38. AGU 2011 Honors Ceremony

  39. AGU Fall Meeting 2011 Highlight Video

  40. AGU GIFT Workshop - Using Technology to Mitigate the Dangers of Airborne Volcanic Ash

  41. AGU GIFT Workshop - The Climate Canary: Measuring Change on Antarctica's Pine Island Glacier (PIG)

  42. AGU GIFT Workshop - When Minutes Matter, Children Can Save Lives

  43. AGU GIFT Workshop - The Importance of Studying Clouds:

  44. AGU GIFT Workshop - Using Scientific Field Campaigns to Learn About Climate Science

  45. Climate Science Communication Panel

  46. Press Conference: Weather's Influence on Earthquakes

  47. NOAA Scientific Integrity Policy / Press Availability

  48. Climate Change: What's going on and how will it affect us

  49. James Balog Interview: American Geophysical Union

  50. Communicating with Congress Briefing: AGU Fall Meeting 2011

  51. Adventures of a (Geoscientist) Astronaut: Nuts, Bolts, and Repairs in Earth Orbit December 4, 2011

  52. Recent Advances in Lunar Science; Results from NASA's Lunar Orbiter and India's Chandrayaan1

  53. Drowning and Drought: Extreme Weather Impacts on our Economy and Society

  54. Finding Our Way in the Dark (Matter and Energy)

  55. Union Agency Lecture (HD) : AGU Fall Meeting 2011

  56. AGU FM11 - Changing the energy landscape: More efficient wind farms and cleaner biofuels

  57. AGU FM11 - Small climate changes, big ecological impacts

  58. AGU FM11 - Innovations for understanding weather and climate

  59. AGU FM11 - Weather's influence on earthquakes and volcanoes

  60. Union Agency Lecture : Predicting and Managing Extreme Weather & Climate Events

  61. AGU FM11 - Is a megaquake brewing in the high Himalaya?

  62. AGU FM11 - Opportunity's Latest from Martian Crater Rim

  63. AGU FM11 - Ocean Acidification 2: Physiological Tipping Points

  64. AGU FM11 - Mountain glaciers: Dramatic changes caught on film

  65. AGU FM11 - Ocean Acidification 1: Increasing ocean acidification, declining reef health

  66. AGU FM11 - Ecological impacts of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill

  67. AGU FM11 - The Great Mississippi Flood of 2011

  68. AGU FM11 - Dawn's new view of asteroid Vesta

  69. AGU FM11 - Carbon storage in the Great Plains

  70. AGU FM11 - Simon Winchester Press Availability

  71. AGU FM11 - Above the clouds: Sprites and elves in the upper atmosphere

  72. AGU FM11 - The 11 March 2011 Japan Tsunami 2

  73. AGU FM11 - New views of Japan's 11 March 2011 Tohoku megaquake

  74. AGU FM11 - The 11 March 2011 Japan Tsunami 1

  75. AGU FM11 - Paleoclimate record points toward potential rapid climate changes

  76. AGU FM11 - Getting Ready for Solar Max: Separating Space Weather Fact from Fiction

  77. AGU FM11 - New views of the explosive past of Kilauea

  78. The S Factor Videos

  79. The S Factor at AGU Fall Meeting 2011

  80. Heliophysics and the Weather in Space - James Klimchuk, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

  81. Communicating with journalists - Dan Vergano (USA Today)

  82. Communicating with journalists: Alexandra Witze (Science News)

  83. AGU Interview with Rep. Rush Holt (D-NJ)

  84. Communicating with journalists: Seth Borenstein (AP)

  85. Amino Acids from Interstellar Space

  86. AGU question for President Obama: The US and climate change

  87. AGU question for President Obama - Science education in the US

  88. Noise is the New Signal: Moving Beyond Zeroth-Order Geomorphology

  89. Plasma and Field Boundaries in Space

  90. Dragon-Kings, Black-Swans and Prediction

  91. Geomagnetic Secular Variation as a Window on the Dynamics of Earth's Core

  92. A Very Grand Challenge for the Science of Climate Prediction

  93. Geochemical Insights Into Mantle Geodynamics and Plume Structure

  94. Global Tectonics Ties Quakes, Rocks, and Volatiles in the Mantle Transition Zone

  95. The Fate of Water in the Cascadia Forearc

  96. Ultra-High Resolution Four Dimension Imaging Across the Earth Sciences

  97. Mountain Hydrology, The Fourth Paradigm, and the Color of Snow

  98. Volatiles in Earth's interior

  99. The Double-Edged Sword of High-Precision U-Pb Geochronology