1. Maddie singing Imagine

  2. My Ramen Box

  3. Josie hides and paints the table

  4. Josie and her Cheetah sunglasses

  5. Maddie in her Cheetah sunglasses at Target

  6. Josie's first goal of the season

  7. Maddie scores a goal at practice

  8. Josie teaches her dance moves

  9. Maddie's and Josie's first soccer game 2008

  10. Silly Josie hiking

  11. Maddie sings Josie to sleep

  12. Maddie plays piano

  13. Josie and her new Dora Dance Party DVD

  14. Maddie and Josie sing on their new Hannah Montana microphone

  15. Josie talks to her friend "Ginga" on her toy phone

  16. Maddie loves Grandma and Grandpa

  17. Maddie's ballet recital

  18. Josie's modeling poses

  19. Yeah Yeah Yeah Song

  20. Maddie dances and talks about the tape on the floor

  21. Josie singing while wearing her goggles

  22. Maddie and Josie pretend to be dogs

  23. Dancing at the rib joint

  24. Josie at tumbling class

  25. Maddie describes an architect

  26. Josie Flying

  27. Girls Spinning

  28. Josie opens a present

  29. Maddie shows off her dance moves

  30. Josie is a pirate

  31. Shopping at Target

  32. Meeting Full Throttle

  33. John Prine and Iris DeMent - In Spite of Ourselves

  34. Formiche ad un Picnic

  35. Josie plays with her Diego doll

  36. Maddie and Sarah, on the Run

  37. Go Sharks!

  38. Maddie Scores a Goal

  39. Clogging at the Yellow Daisy Festival

  40. Conversation with Maddie

  41. Girls Surprising Friends at McDonalds

  42. Maddie Plays Soccer

  43. Josie Counting

  44. Smyrna Village Fest

  45. One More Time Around the Bases

  46. Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi

  47. Kids Walking

  48. Josie Runs the Bases

  49. Maddie Runs the Bases

  50. Take Me Out to the Ballgame

  51. Step on the Bag!

  52. Tomahawk Chop

  53. Mom's Submission 2

  54. Mom's Submission 1

  55. Maddie's First Ballet Recital

  56. Happy Easter

  57. Ballet Hokey Pokey

  58. Ballet Class 1

  59. Maddie's ABCs