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  1. International Space Station captures tropical storm Arthur churning off Florida

  2. NASA launches balloon carrying Mars 'saucer' prototype

  3. Mysterious signal detected in galaxy 240 million light years away from earth

  4. Russian cosmonauts make their first spacewalk at International Space Station

  5. Nasa says the sun released two "significant" solar flares both classified as "X" class

  6. Around the world in 6 seconds: First ever Vine video posted from space

  7. NASA captured gigantic fireball eruption off the sun

  8. Delta IV rocket launches from Cape Canaveral, Florida

  9. Dramatic rocket fail destroys Russia's most advanced satellite

  10. Blast off! Cricket ball launched to the edge of space

  11. Incredible pictures in space: NASA tests HD cameras from ISS

  12. Solar eclipse in Australia: Partial annular eclipse streamed live online

  13. Fascinating video shows impact if an asteroid hit planet Earth

  14. Blast off: Space-X rocket heads up to International Space Station

  15. Space auction: Neil Armstrong memorabilia and moondust on sale

  16. Incredible close-up view of solar flare erupting from Sun

  17. Copernicus Launch: New satellite to get climate change data

  18. Soyuz rocket docks at International Space Station

  19. Scientists shocked to spot giant asteroid with Saturn-like rings

  20. Lift off! Soyuz rocket takes astronauts to International Space Station

  21. US v Russia in space: NASA astronauts still friends despite political tension

  22. First recorded echo of Big Bang found by scientists

  23. Japanese astronaut takes command of International Space Station

  24. Asteroid explosion: Space rock photographed breaking apart for the first time

  25. Hubble captures incredible image of galaxy being ripped apart

  26. NASA footage: Cygnus spacecraft leaves International Space Station for Earth

  27. Robotic spaceship docks with International Space Station

  28. Rosetta spacecraft wakes up after three years and sends message to Earth

  29. Stunning photos of the Earth from the Moon: China's lunar probe Chang'e-3 takes pictures of globe

  30. Supermassive black hole swallowing giant gas cloud at the centre of the Milky Way

  31. Orbital's Cygnus links arms with the International Space Station

  32. China releases panoramic photo of moon rover landing zone

  33. Gaia satellite lifts off to map Milky Way in 3D

  34. China's moon rover footage released

  35. China lands on the Moon

  36. China prepares to land on the Moon

  37. NASA releases HD images of massive storm on planet Saturn

  38. SpaceX rocket launch puts its first commercial satellite into orbit

  39. Comet Ison: NASA graphics show sungrazing trail

  40. Nasa's mission to Mars: MAVEN blasts off

  41. Olympic torch in space: The torch arrives at the International Space Station

  42. Olympic torch sent into space as part of Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics relay

  43. India launches rocket to Mars: Mars Orbiter Mission will make India fourth to reach the red planet

  44. Mars 3D flyover video shows digital mapping of the Red Planet

  45. Kepler-78b planet 'similar' to Earth discovered by astronomers

  46. Space taxi makes its first test flight in California

  47. NASA to send new MAVEN space craft to explore Mars atmosphere

  48. Incredible images of Toby Jug Nebula captured by Very Large Telescope

  49. Astronauts grab cargo from space with robotic arm

  50. Alien life in space: Scientists discover extraterrestrial organisms in Earth's atmosphere

  51. Rocket blasts off to supply the International Space Station

  52. Japan rocket launch: Japan's newest rocket, Epsilon, lifts off

  53. NASA's Voyager 1 captures sounds of interstellar space

  54. Astronaut's top three moments in space: Chinese female astronaut's highlights on ISS

  55. Chinese space probe 50 million kilometres from Earth

  56. Spacewalk cancelled after water-like liquid fills astronaut's helmet

  57. Lunar meteor explosion: Space rock hits moon

  58. Massive solar eruption from the Sun captured in NASA time-lapse video

  59. Amazing space footage of hurricane churning around Saturn

  60. China makes aerospace history by launching its first high-resolution satellite

  61. Mars One: Volunteers wanted for mission to Mars

  62. NASA: There could have been life on Mars

  63. Astronaut Colonel Chris Hadfield's videos of life in space becomes internet sensation

  64. Asteroid 2013 ET passes close to Earth

  65. Space tourist Dennis Tito plans mission to Mars, manned by a 'couple'

  66. Pluto moons need names and Star Trek's William Shatner's got an idea

  67. Asteroid's near miss with Earth

  68. Mining asteroids: Space exploration company unveil grand new plans

  69. Two NASA spacecraft crash land the Moon

  70. Soyuz space rocket blasts off from Kazakhstan

  71. KitKat is sent into space

  72. Nasa releases Hubble's deepest-ever view of the Universe

  73. Breathtaking views as Russian craft docks with International Space Station

  74. Nasa captures footage of huge Earth-bound solar flare

  75. Technicolour asteroid: Nasa release Vesta in colour video

  76. China prepares to launch manned mission to space lab

  77. Rare astronomical event as Venus passes between the Sun and Earth

  78. Nasa release breathtaking images of our 'extreme' sun

  79. China launches twin satellite into space

  80. Nasa sends rubber chicken into space

  81. Huge solar eruption caught on film

  82. Blast Off! ATV space truck takes supplies to the International Space Station

  83. Stunning video of the Northern Lights taken from space

  84. Solar Tornado filmed by Nasa's SDO satellite

  85. Rare Martian meteorite travels millions of miles

  86. Impressive high-resolution image of the Moon captured by China's Chang'e-2

  87. First ever video of dark side of the Moon released by Nasa

  88. Teens send Lego man 80,000 feet into space

  89. Massive geomagnetic solar storm to hit Earth

  90. Russian Phobos-Grunt spacecraft to hit Earth within a week

  91. Earth's 'twin planets' discovered

  92. Total eclipse of the moon

  93. Kepler-22b planet just like Earth discovered

  94. EUROPA LAKE: Nasa 'discovers' liquid water on Jupiter moon

  95. MARS ROCKET: Chinese and Russian probe goes wrong

  96. WATCH OUT: Giant asteroid heading towards Earth

  97. Mars500 crew complete fake mission - what did they miss?

  98. SPACE MISSION: China's Shenzhou-8 carries out first docking

  99. INSIDE SPACE: Tiangong 1 capsule interior revealed

  100. MOON MINING: Race for valuable resources

  101. ROCKET LAUNCH: Russia launches spacecraft

  102. SPACE LAUNCH PAD: Tourist flights 'coming soon'

  103. AMAZING IMAGES: Home-made weather space balloon

  104. MARS VIDEO: Nasa reveals footage from red planet

  105. LIFT OFF: China launches space module rocket Tiangong 1

  106. China's 'biggest and heaviest' space rocket set for launch

  107. China to launch experimental spacecraft

  108. Real Tatooine? Star Wars style planet discovered by Nasa

  109. Nasa unveils rocket to carry man to Mars

  110. Nasa launches gravity Moon probes

  111. Supernova dazzles Earth

  112. Massive supernova visible from Earth

  113. New Nasa pictures: Debunking Moon landing conspiracies

  114. Hurricane Katia from Space

  115. China moon mission reaches deep space

  116. Nasa launches probe to Jupiter

  117. New evidence suggests liquid water on Mars

  118. Last Shuttle Leaves ISS

  119. Final spacewalk of shuttle era

  120. Nasa unveil Mercury probe images

  121. The dark side of the moon

  122. Nasa shows off solar blast

  123. Take me to your UN leader

  124. Meteor shower lights up Twitter

  125. Nasa warns of effects of 'space storm'

  126. NASA calls time on Phoenix Mars lander

  127. Amateur photographer's space photos intrigue NASA

  128. Final spacewalk for Atlantis crew

  129. Water on the moon: the science

  130. One giant leap for pop culture: The moon landing's legacy

  131. Space hoax: What started the conspiracy theories?