1. Advanced microelectronics research back in style for photonic and RF integrated circuits

  2. Air traffic control activities

  3. Electronic Flight Bags undergo military testing

  4. Job losses, reduced government incomes loom as primary threats of defense sequestration

  5. Alternative UAV power sources becoming a reality

  6. Persistent surveillance relies on extracting relevant data points and connecting the dots

  7. DARPA aims to create submarine-tracking unmanned surface vessel

  8. Avionics Intelligence reports from AUVSI

  9. Guidance for hyper velocity projectiles will involve the most rugged electronics ever developed

  10. Army seeks technology for detection and degradation of chemical and biological agents

  11. Avionics: alive and well

  12. Farnborough Airshow: 800 aircraft sold worth $72 billion; and 64 stories from AI and M&AE editors

  13. Are quantum computers viable for military and aerospace applications?

  14. Following Farnborough

  15. How to maintain reliable military navigation without GPS

  16. Army network upgrades in the works

  17. Avionics Activity

  18. Research work picks up to develop tomorrow's unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs)

  19. Web Application designed to fight piracy

  20. Courtney's call for papers

  21. On-demand satellite photos of the battlefield, coming to a handheld device near you

  22. Concurrency done wrong

  23. 'Intelligent systems' is replacing 'embedded systems' in branding and industry consciousness

  24. Hard at work on annual avionics event

  25. The Situational Awareness Gap

  26. Programmed to retaliate: Apache helicopter senses small arms fire, shoots back within seconds

  27. Military Still Adjusting to New Technology

  28. See what you're missing at the Avionics Europe 2012 conference this week in Munich

  29. Cybersecurity Experiences Sudden Rise in Popularity

  30. Satellite software technology for sale

  31. Think unmanned vehicles are untouchable in the DOD budget? Think again ...

  32. Military software playing catch-up

  33. Military systems upgrades and technology insertion are among brightest contract opportunities

  34. Air Force avionics

  35. Facebook raises security concerns for militaries

  36. DARPA researchers rise to meet todays' threats from quiet enemy attack submarines

  37. Boeing closes books on 2011, optimistic about 2012 avionics market

  38. US military increases cyber security

  39. 2012 to bring new opportunities

  40. We're not really glad Christmas is over, but ...

  41. U.S. Navy going green for RIMPAC

  42. Publisher's outlook for Military & Aerospace Electronics 2012

  43. Dust settles after Dubai Airshow

  44. VME market to grow to $200 million over the next two years, despite defense cuts, economic downturn

  45. Games deployed by the Military

  46. Space Geeks Rejoice

  47. Prospects for war between Israel and Iran look increasingly likely

  48. New technologies give rise to new threats

  49. Avionics Ascension in Asia-Pacific

  50. Occupy Wall Street protests drive home the value of supporting or nation's military forces

  51. Today's students, tomorrow's engineers

  52. Helmet-mounted sensors measure blast force and help protect soldiers from head trauma

  53. Aerospace activity

  54. Why electronics size, weight, and power really matter

  55. Could high-energy lasers be poised to replace machine guns?

  56. COTS in the cockpit

  57. Hypertronics Hypertac hyperbolid contact technology

  58. Rugged is rugged, but this is getting ridiculous!

  59. NASA is in the news

  60. Pentagon budget-cut triggers just another empty threat

  61. What to do with a $100 billion space station?

  62. Space Shuttle Atlanits completes final mission

  63. Distributed satellite architectures eyed for an orbit near you

  64. Biden on Broadband

  65. Paris Air Show Report highlights and disappointments

  66. Paris Air Show has editors running overtime

  67. Space: The Private Frontier

  68. F-35 and F-22 no-shows at Paris Air Show

  69. F-35 and F-22 no-shows at Paris Air Show

  70. DARPA tries to automate marching orders for unmanned vehicles

  71. Educating future aerospace and defense engineers

  72. iPads hit airplane cockpits and cabins

  73. The American fighter pilot: endangered species

  74. Helicopter platform used in Osama Bin Laden raid is undergoing avionics upgrades

  75. Military & Aerospace Electronics Report: SPIE Defense, Security & Sensing, Orlando 2011

  76. U.S. military uses unmanned airships for persistent surveillance

  77. Heavy artillery as a surgical weapon? Please!

  78. UAV school to be opened by University of North Dakota and L-3 Link Simulation & Training

  79. Enemy has nowhere to hide as Army produces infantry weapon that shoots around corners

  80. Avionics Europe 2011 Highlights from Munich, Germany

  81. Congress gets into the act to help tame counterfeit electronics parts problems.

  82. Highlights from the FAA and NASA 2012 Budget requests

  83. Death ray is back in style for military combat vehicles

  84. Opportunities for systems upgrades and technology insertion in the 2012 DOD budget

  85. The Massive Ordnance Penetrator

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