1. Withholding Nothing - William McDowell (drumcam)

  2. I can go to God in Prayer - Albertina Walker

  3. Drum Test

  4. Forever (Jaye Thomas)

  5. Cowbell Jam @ 120BPM

  6. Faithful by Prophetic Voices (Rehearsing for our upcoming Recording)

  7. Pro-mark Sizzler on a 19" Dream Bliss Vintage Crash Ride

  8. Great and Mighty- Byron Cage

  9. 22" Dream Bliss Crash Ride and Remo Coated Emperor heads test.

  10. Trying out a DW Collector's Series.

  11. Random Stuff :)

  12. Faithful is our God (Drum Cam, Fast Version)

  13. Emmanuel by Norman Hutchins (Drum Cam) 12/11/12

  14. Stronger- Bethel Live (drum cam),extended version

  15. Taye 6x14 Specialty Aluminum with Wood Hoop Snare Drum

  16. Agnus Dei

  17. I Know It (So Funky) LOL

  18. hepzibah (Drum Recording) 05/10/12


  20. o come all ye faithful (Drum Cam)

  21. How He Loves Us..wmv

  22. On any given Sunday, This will happen...

  23. Can't Stop Praising (Drum-Cam)

  24. Variations and Ghost notes I'm working on...

  25. Lift Him High (drum Cam)

  26. He is Risen (Drum Cam)

  27. Anthem Song

  28. Joyful joyful

  29. His love

  30. Revelation Song (Drum cam)

  31. God You are Worthy

  32. How He loves us ( Drum Cam)

  33. i am not forgotten (Oct 24,2010) drum cam

  34. Uppercase band( Cherry Beach Video shoot)

  35. Your Name High by Hillsong cover (Drum cam)

  36. Double Stroke roll using the Release and catch Technique

  37. Drum Improv before our church service starts.

  38. Journey Behind the falls

  39. with everything edited.wmv

  40. Nothing is Impossible edited.wmv

  41. valentine.._0001.wmv

  42. 9 yrs...