1. Rev. Wright: Obama Heard Every Word

  2. Crowd Beats, Strips & Robs Tourist in Baltimore

  3. IRS: Paying Taxes is a Pathway to Citizenship for Illegal Aliens

  4. Painter Thomas Kinkade Dies. He was 54.

  5. Obama the Beneficiary of War On Women

  6. Durbin says Hybrid Cars or Tornadoes, It's your Money or Your Life

  7. Dem Senatorial Candidate Calls Opponent Whore on Live TV

  8. Texas Tornado Damage Near Dallas 4-3-2012

  9. NBC Deceptively Edits Zimmerman 911 Call Implying Racist Motive

  10. Obama admin Wants a Global Minimum Tax

  11. Gas Prices Expected To Rise ALL Summer Long

  12. TV Host Blames Conservatives for Trayvon Martin Death

  13. Gasoline Prices Jump 6% in February (2012)

  14. Linkin Park's Greatest Hits (2012) Full Album

  15. Vets angry Obama Flag replaced American Flag

  16. Organizer admits to paying Occupy DC protesters

  17. Illegal Immigration the Future of America says Mayor Bloomberg

  18. Potholes Paved With GOLD (Rush Limbaugh)

  19. Credit Cards for illegal aliens

  20. Mexican Congress changing U.S. policy

  21. Border Guard Can't Apprehend Invaders

  22. Drunk illegal kills police chief

  23. Border Betrayal

  24. Duncan Hunter beats McCain

  25. Tom Tancredo for President 2008

  26. Home invasion turns deadly

  27. 22 year-old girl killed by 4x DUI Loser