1. July 11, 2014 Vigil

  2. One more

  3. More from b'way

  4. NOW in NYC

  5. Short clip from BDS on Broadway: An Anti-Apartheid Musical Walking Tour, 3/8/14

  6. Dancing, Singing & Chanting to protest the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra

  7. Adalah-NY protest of Idan Raichel's New York concert on October 27, 2013

  8. Bigoted Idan Raichel fans taunt protesters at October 27 concert in New York

  9. At Soccer Match, New Yorkers Say "Red Card Israeli Apartheid"

  10. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen: Adalah NY's Anti-Apartheid Holiday Caroling, NYC

  11. Adalah NY's 6th Annual Anti-Apartheid Holiday Caroling at Leviev Jewelry Store, NYC

  12. Adalah NY Protests the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra 10/25/12

  13. TIAA-CREF, Divest from the Israeli Occupation! Protest 7/17/2012

  14. TIAA-CREF's Checkpoint Reality Check - Land Day special preview

  15. NLN Video, Batsheva Boycott Protest, 3/7/12

  16. Adalah-NY Boycotts Batsheva, Brooklyn, March 7, 2012

  17. Boycott Leviev Jewelry Store (a carol)

  18. An Evening in Solidarity with Dr. Azmi Bishara.

  19. The Siege of Gaza: Israeli Apartheid, US Imperialism

  20. Juliano_In_NY_2.mov

  21. Target Iran: What's at Stake for the Middle East?

  22. National demonstrations against the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra

  23. Protest Against the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra in NYC, 2/22/11

  24. No More Tears!

  25. Boycott of Aroma Espresso Bar Reaches Ma'ale Adumim

  26. Hebron Fund Video 2010

  27. Boycott the Israel Ballet

  28. Off-Off-Broadway BDS Musical Tour, 7/11/10

  29. An Afternoon at the (Israel) Ballet

  30. An Afternoon at the (Israel) Ballet

  31. The Single BDS Ladies 2

  32. The Single BDS Ladies

  33. Leviev Apartheid Diamonds Commercial

  34. Video, Demo 11/18/09, Mets asked to cancel Hebron Fund Dinner

  35. NY Mets: Cancel Hebron Funds Dinner at Citi Field

  36. Voices of Gaza, Shatha Abu Rijela

  37. Voices Of Gaza, Muhammad Abu Halima

  38. Leonard Cohen: Don't Play Israel

  39. Mother's Day Demo 2009 at Leviev NY

  40. Flyering & Funeral Procession for Gaza, 12/29/08

  41. Demo at NY After Dark fundraiser sponsored by Leviev, 9/23/0

  42. Mother's Day at Leviev-NY

  43. Land Day_ at Leviev-NY 3/29/08

  44. Lev's Diamonds Are A Crime's Best Friend

  45. Film Night at Leviev NY, 1/21/08

  46. "Leviev Oh Leviev," Caroling against Leviev

  47. "We Wish You A Loss Of Business," Caroling against Leviev

  48. "Lev We All Can See the Folly", Caroling against Leviev

  49. "Oh Boycott! Boycott! Boycott!" Caroling against Leviev

  50. Burmese / Palestinian Solidarity, Boycott Leviev

  51. Wein 'a Ramallah, Caroling against Leviev

  52. "Leviev The Rich Man Jeweler," Caroling against Leviev

  53. "Leviev, Leviev", Caroling against Leviev

  54. Leviev the Red-Faced Magnate, Caroling against Leviev

  55. "Just Say No", Caroling against Leviev

  56. "Stealing Lots o' Palestinian Land", Caroling against Leviev

  57. Debka vs Diamonds

  58. Debka at Leviev Protest

  59. Boycott Leviev, 12-8-07, Dershowitz shops at Leviev