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    Spy Cars? Privacy Concerns Over Black Boxes Built Into Vehicles

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    American Doctor Rescued From the Taliban

  3. 6848 Thumbnail

    Jacintha Saldanha Outrage: DJs Responsible for Prank Are in Hiding

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    Gas Price Average Drops Across America Before Christmas Holiday

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    Fiscal Cliff Battle: President Obama vs. Speaker John Boehner

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    MTV's 'Buckwild' Show Focuses on West Virginia, Upsets Senator

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    Restaurant Patrons Receive Check Criticizing Their Weight

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    NFL Star Tom Brady, Wife Gisele Bundchen Have Second Child

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    'Gangnam Style' Star Psy Apologizes for Anti-American Song

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    Christmas Story: Boy Married Mall Santa's Daughter Years After Photo

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    Jacintha Saldanha Dead: DJs Under Fire Following Nurse's Death

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    Supreme Court Set to Tackle Same-Sex Marriage

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    Gabrielle Douglas Discusses Memoir 'Grace, Gold and Glory'

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    Mandatory Black Boxes in Cars Spark Controversy

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    College Freshman Johnny Manziel Could Win Heisman Trophy

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    Barbra Streisand May Cast Lady Gaga in 'Gypsy'; 'GMA' Anchors Taste World's Most Expensive Burger

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    President Obama, Speaker John Boehner Steer 'Fiscal Cliff' Negotiations

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    Relationship Ranch: Horses Used to Tame Feuding Couples

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    It's a SpongeBob Squarepants Stop-Motion Christmas

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    Nurse Duped by 'Queen's' Prank Call Found Dead

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    Holidays Unplugged: Seasonal Steals

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    Christmas Extremists

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    Jacintha Saldanha, Nurse at Kate Middleton's Hospital, Found Dead

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    Internet Grinch: Christmas Scams Promise Puppies for Children

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    Person of the Week: 'A Christmas Story' Lives On

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    Lucky Lottery Winner Claims Half of $587.5 Million Jackpot

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    Marion Cotillard on Her Rapid Transition to American Cinema

  28. 6873 Thumbnail

    Marion Cotillard Interview: Actress Discusses Playing a Double-Amputee in 'Rust and Bone'

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    Elevator Prank With Coffin: Falling Floor Video Gets Sequel, Terrifies More Riders

  30. 6875 Thumbnail

    Woman Found After Brother Refuses to End Search After Nearly a Week

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    LEGO Comes Through Big for Young Boy, Delivers Discontinued Emerald Night Train Set

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    Road Rage Caught on Tape: Victim Turns Tables on Alleged Attackers

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    Catherine Zeta-Jones on Bi-Polar: 'Never Wanted to Be the Poster Child' for Disorder

  34. 6879 Thumbnail

    Catherine Zeta-Jones Discusses 'Playing for Keeps,' Bi-Polar and Motherhood

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    WEBCAST: Walmart Special Delivery

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    NFL Picks for December 7, 2012

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    All the Queen's Corgis

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    GoPro: Innovation for Adventure

  39. 6884 Thumbnail

    Confessions of a Serial Killer

  40. 6885 Thumbnail

    Hillary Clinton's Exit Plan for Syria's Assad

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    Made in America: Mac Heads Back to the US

  42. 6887 Thumbnail

    Homeland Security Preps For Zombie Apocalypse

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    Game Theory: Popular Online Games Get Psychologists' Help

  44. 6889 Thumbnail

    Grimes Interview 2012: Claire Boucher Discusses Artistic Alter-Ego, Album 'Visions'

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    Kate Middleton Pregnant: Duchess of Cambridge Leaves Hospital for Extreme Morning Sickness

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    Wrestler With Cerebral Palsy Wins Wrestling Match After Opponent Allows Jared Stevens to Pin Him

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    Grammy Nominations 2012: Bieber, The Wanted, One Direction Snubbed; Mumford & Sons, Jepsen Get Nods

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    Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties Phenomenon Sweeps U.S.

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    Nap Nanny Risks, Warnings 2012: Feds File Suit Against Baby-Recliner Maker

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    WEBCAST: Syrian Bombs?

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    Loretta Lynn: Marriage Secrets Inspired Her Music

  52. 6897 Thumbnail

    John McAfee Arrested in Guatemala

  53. 6898 Thumbnail

    Tracking Elusive Snow Leopard in Afghanistan

  54. 6899 Thumbnail

    Software Founder Breaks Silence: McAfee Speaks on Murder Allegations

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    Made in America, Christmas Edition: The Store America Built

  56. 6901 Thumbnail

    Fiscal Cliff Warning: Conservatives Caution on Benefit Cuts

  57. 6902 Thumbnail

    MTV's 'Buckwild': The 'Jersey Shore' of Appalachia

  58. 6903 Thumbnail

    Beyonce Documentary 2012: 'Single Ladies' Singer Set to Reveal Personal Side of Star

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    WEBCAST: Train Horror!

  60. 6905 Thumbnail

    Awning Collapse!

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    Florida Lotto Murder Trial: Bizarre Moments

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    Catamaran Sailing Attracts NASCAR-Type Crowd

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    Superfish: DNA-Altered Salmon Coming to Your Dinner Plate?

  64. 6909 Thumbnail

    ABC News Samples DNA-Altered Salmon; No Difference in Taste

  65. 6910 Thumbnail

    Kate Middleton Spends Second Night in Hospital

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    End of the World is Canceled This Year: Instant Index

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    Egyptian President, Mohammed Morsi, Faces Protests Over Draft Constitution

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    Housing Prices Increase Across America; A Report on the Nation's Economy

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    December Heat Wave: Temperatures Suited for Spring

  70. 6915 Thumbnail

    Fiscal Cliff: What Republicans, Democrats Agree on So Far

  71. 6916 Thumbnail

    Fiscal Cliff GOP Plan Offered by John Boehner: White House Rejects Plan

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    Kate Middleton Pregnant: Hyperemesis Gravidarum, or Extreme Morning Sickness, Sparks Twin Rumors

  73. 6918 Thumbnail

    Kate Middleton Pregnant: Illness Sparks Twin Rumors, What's Hyperemesis Gravidarus?

  74. 6919 Thumbnail

    Gabrielle Douglas Wanted to Quit Gymnastics, Work at Chick-fil-A: 'GMA' Interview 2012

  75. 6920 Thumbnail

    Kate Middleton Pregnant: Princess Diana Remembered as Duchess of Cambridge Announces Pregnancy

  76. 6921 Thumbnail

    Kate Middleton Pregnant: How Will Kate Middleton Raise the Royal Heir?

  77. 6922 Thumbnail

    Iran Claims Capture of US Drone: Officials Say They Captured US Spy Drone Over Persian Gulf

  78. 6923 Thumbnail

    WEBCAST: The Fiscal Cliff Approaches

  79. 6924 Thumbnail

    Kate Middleton Pregnant - Royal Baby: William and Kate Are Expecting

  80. 6925 Thumbnail

    Sleepy Drivers Can Dose Unknowingly

  81. 6926 Thumbnail

    Chasing Ghosts: A Paranormal Stakeout

  82. 6927 Thumbnail

    Instant Index: Decoration Thief; Pope Benedict Joins Twitter

  83. 6928 Thumbnail

    President Obama to Assad: 'The World Is Watching'

  84. 6929 Thumbnail

    Micro-Sleep May Be to Blame for Accidents

  85. 6930 Thumbnail

    Jovan Belcher Kills Girlfriend Then Himself: The Kansas City Chiefs Player Shocks NFL

  86. 6931 Thumbnail

    Flu Season Starts Early

  87. 6932 Thumbnail

    Washington, D.C., Gridlocked as Fiscal Cliff Approaches

  88. 6933 Thumbnail

    Kate Middleton Pregnant: Royal Baby on the Way

  89. 6934 Thumbnail

    Kate Middleton Pregnant, Rushed to Hospital

  90. 6935 Thumbnail

    DMX 'Rudolph' Video Goes Viral - Rapper Belts Out 'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer'

  91. 6936 Thumbnail

    Kate Middleton Pregnant: Impact on Royal Family, Prince William and UK

  92. 6937 Thumbnail

    Kate Middleton Pregnant: Prince William, Duchess of Cambridge Announce Pregnancy in Royal Statement

  93. 6938 Thumbnail

    Heidi Klum 'Gangnam Style,' Halloween Party Discussed in 'GMA' Interview 2012

  94. 6939 Thumbnail

    LeAnn Rimes, Brandi Glanville Feud on Twitter: Singer, 'Real Housewives' Star in Parenting Feud

  95. 6940 Thumbnail

    Child Pulled From Cancer Ward by Parents in Phoenix, Arizona - Caught on Tape

  96. 6941 Thumbnail

    Magician's Head Set on Fire, Caught on Tape on Dominican TV Show: TV Prank Gone Wrong

  97. 6942 Thumbnail

    Jovan Belcher, Girlfriend Murder-Suicide: Kansas City Chiefs Player's Death Shocks NFL

  98. 6943 Thumbnail

    Dolphin Bites Girl at SeaWorld: Caught on Tape - Jillian Thomas Interview on 'GMA'

  99. 6944 Thumbnail

    WEBCAST: Texting Turns 20!