1. One Closer To Me

  2. First Class Racket

  3. "I Wanna Teach You" featuring Jeff Monkman

  4. Ryan Adams cover "Blue Hotel"

  5. Glossary cover "Some Eternal Spark"

  6. TREWLYKEWL cover "Gospel Radio"

  7. Smoke In The Breeze

  8. Joey Kneiser cover "Bruised Ribs"

  9. Hiss Golden Messenger cover "Balthazar's Song"

  10. Hiss Golden Messenger cover "Drum"

  11. What You Thought You Could Live With

  12. Coolanddark cover "Another Day Has Come And Gone"

  13. Bottle Rockets cover "Smoking 100s Alone"

  14. Sparklehorse cover "Most Beautiful Widow In Town" redux

  15. Oh The Weight

  16. In Love With Leaving

  17. Sinead O'Connor cover "Black Boys On Mopeds"

  18. Medicine To Me (harp version)

  19. Medicine To Me w Joe Toledo

  20. Davis / Voelker cover "Last Train"

  21. Shins cover "September"

  22. Shins September Tutorial How To

  23. Convince Me

  24. Eels cover "Flower"

  25. I Know Everything redux

  26. Bright Eyes cover "Lua" redux

  27. Bright Eyes cover "We Are Nowhere"

  28. I Need Someone

  29. Hiss Golden Messenger cover "Oh Little Light"

  30. Coldplay cover "Sparks" featuring Little Shilly Conway

  31. Let's

  32. I Wanna Teach You

  33. Over The Rhine cover "Oh Yeah By The Way"

  34. Amanda Stewart covers "Wildflowers" by Ryan Adams

  35. Freeman2545 cover "An Untitled Piece"

  36. If Your Hands Are Free redux

  37. What Crazy Lovers Do featuring Amanda Stewart

  38. Rhett Miller cover "Another Girlfriend"

  39. Ryan Adams cover "Invisible Riverside" redux solo

  40. Ryan Adams cover "Invisible Riverside" w Amanda Stewart

  41. Wilco cover "Cars Can't Escape" redux

  42. Resurrection

  43. What Her Daddy Did

  44. Gregory Alan Isakov cover "If I Go I'm Going" featuring Amanda Stewart

  45. Never Would Of Guessed

  46. Freeman2545 cover "I'm Crippled"

  47. Ryan Adams cover "Call Me On Your Way Back Home" featuring Amanda Stewart.

  48. More Songs To Play (up all night version)

  49. A Melt Down Is In Order

  50. Pretty As A Picture

  51. Drive By Truckers cover "Goddamn Lonely Love" redux

  52. Drive By Truckers/Jason Isbell cover "Goddamn Lonely Love"

  53. "Another Boyfriend" Rhett Miller cover (sort of) featuring Little Shilly Conway

  54. Black Keys cover "I'm Not The One" featuring Amanda Stewart

  55. All We Seabees cover "Black Girls" redux

  56. Radiohead cover "Fake Plastic Trees"

  57. Through My Door redux 2

  58. The Needle and the Damage Done redux

  59. Those Days (Duet with Amanda Stewart)

  60. My Own Decision

  61. I Think I Made That Clear

  62. Ryan Adams cover "Come Pick Me Up"

  63. Damien Rice cover "Cannonball"

  64. Long Way Down Drunken Porch Version

  65. Neil Young cover "Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere"

  66. Bon Iver cover "Skinny Love"

  67. Yesterdays Shoes

  68. Eels cover "Climbing To The Moon"

  69. Jeff Pianki cover "Old Habits"

  70. Neil Young cover "You & Me"

  71. Frank Black cover "Run After You" redux

  72. Matthew Good cover "Fated"

  73. Gram Parsons cover "She" (redux)

  74. If Your Hands Are Free

  75. Ryan Adams cover "Wildflowers" redux

  76. Centro Matic cover "Post It Notes From The State Hospital"

  77. Ryan Adams cover "If I Am A Stranger" (Redux)

  78. M Ward cover "O'brien"

  79. Deep Vibration cover "Tennessee Rose"

  80. Jen Is Bringing The Drugs

  81. Over The Rhine cover "The Laugh of Recognition"

  82. Ryan Adams cover "I See Monsters"

  83. Wilco cover "I'm Always In Love"

  84. Centro Matic cover "Atlanta"

  85. Death Cab For Cutie cover "Cath"

  86. Ryan Adams cover "When The Stars Go Blue"

  87. Townes Van Zandt cover "No Place To Fall"

  88. Townes Van Zandt/Steve Earle cover "To Live Is To Fly"

  89. Ryan Adams cover "Everybody Knows"

  90. eels cover "Dead of Winter"

  91. Gregory Alan Isakov cover "If I Go I'm Goin"

  92. Besides Daniel cover "Learn To Fight"

  93. Lyle Lovett cover "God Will"

  94. Wilco cover "Cars Cant Escape"

  95. Broken Bells cover " Insane Lullaby"

  96. Fountains of Wayne cover "I - 95"

  97. Ryan Adams cover " Wildflowers"

  98. Sparklehorse cover "Dont Take My Sunshine Away" redux

  99. Lemonheads cover "Hannah & Gabi"