1. How to Choose a Refiner

  2. Ensuring Fair Value

  3. Refinery Fees

  4. How Prices Are Determined

  5. Gold Is Even More Precious Than You Think

  6. Be Careful of Metals Buyers Who Visit Your Office

  7. What is Shrinkage Stress?

  8. "Is there a role for social media in dentistry?"

  9. GBAS Whitening Challenge 2012

  10. Heraeus Denture Teeth Manufacturing

  11. How did you get into dentistry?

  12. "What is the idea behind facial rejuvenation?"

  13. Why does Heraeus hold an annual Symposium?

  14. In what important ways has dentistry changed in recent years?

  15. What do you see for the future of dentistry?

  16. How would you like to see dentistry's understanding of color improve?

  17. How do you view the role of manufacturers in dentistry?

  18. Venus Temp 2 Provisional Material

  19. NEW Flexitime Dynamix speed Automatic Mixing Machine

  20. Using Venus White Max to Whiten with Veneers

  21. In-Office Whitening with Venus White Max

  22. Renewing Veneers with Venus White Pro

  23. Using Venus White Ultra with Teens - Maddison - by Shannon Pace Brinker, CDS, CDD

  24. Using Venus White Ultra with Teens - Haley - by Shannon Pace Brinker, CDS, CDD

  25. Venus White Teeth Whitening Systems

  26. Flexitime Impression Technique

  27. Venus White ULTRA teeth whitening

  28. Venus White PRO teeth whitening

  29. Venus White MAX teeth whitening

  30. July, 2010 Heraeus Training Meeting

  31. Dr Robert Marus Introduces Venus White Systems

  32. A conversation with Shannon Pace-Brinker, CDA

  33. "America's Toothfairy" - Fighting Dental Disease in Children with the NCOHF

  34. Using Venus Diamond Flow in a Class II Restoration

  35. Venus Diamond Flow - Presented by Dr. Ross Nash

  36. Heraeus Dental Product Showcase

  37. Using Flexitime to take Invisalign Impressions

  38. Using Flexitime Monophase to take impressions of edentulous areas

  39. Using iBOND Self Etch

  40. Gabriela's Story

  41. Continuing Education Roundtable

  42. "Restore a Smile, Restore a Life"

  43. Provisional Techniques

  44. Flexitime Impression Material

  45. Creating Natural Posterior Restorations

  46. Venus Supra Finishing: Contouring and Polishing

  47. Using a Flexitime Matrix

  48. Temporization with Venus Diamond

  49. Mylar Pull Technique

  50. Tooth Bleaching with Venus White