1. Viro the Virus...Monster Mash

  2. Impersonations by Matt Shell Pt.3

  3. Impersonations by Matt Shell Pt.2

  4. Impersonations Pt.1 by Matt Shell

  5. Waiting for King Magnetic.......Don & Teef freestyle....well sort of LOL

  6. Reef the Lost Cauze - The Sound of Philadelphia (LIVE) w/ King Magnetic

  7. Viro the Virus - No Chaser (LIVE)

  8. Viro the Virus - New album out now on Cdbaby.com!!!!!!

  9. Viro and DSM freestyle

  10. Viro the Virus Throwback (2005) On&ON

  11. Passion of the V

  12. Sick F#ck...Bring Me the Head of Zilla Rocca mixtape

  13. A war is coming OFS

  14. Gza live in philly pt5

  15. Gza live in philly pt4

  16. Gza live in philly pt3

  17. Gza live in philly pt2

  18. Gza live in philly pt1

  19. Thats how u make it do what it does-Viro

  20. Rhymes,Cuts,Bass,Drums

  21. The Word Flu

  22. Passion of the V

  23. Viro the Virus (The Sharpest Blade AMV)

  24. The Sharpest Blade - Viro the Virus

  25. Repo Man - Viro the Virus

  26. Lupe Fiasco and Cassidy remix vid

  27. The Sharpest Blade...Viro the Virus Album release party pt1

  28. The Sharpest Blade...Viro the Virus Album release party pt2

  29. The best MC u never knew (video mixtape) pt.2

  30. Youtube meet Viro (the video mixtape) Pt.1

  31. A Milllie (Viro Remix) This is the best one out!!!!!!

  32. Jay-Z/Biggie promo 4 215hiphop.com (Beats & Rhymes Vol.1)

  33. Nico the Beast..."It's Your Choice"

  34. The lighter song!! Rap Picture Pages..Hip-Hop101 pt4

  35. Rap Picture Pages..Hip-Hop 101 pt3...Chemical

  36. Nod ya head Up&Down....Viro

  37. Viro the Virus...Giga Watts...Arsnova

  38. Viro the Virus...Primetime...Outbreak

  39. Viro Throwback: OutBreak (2005)

  40. Just give me a beat....

  41. Caliph-NOW @Beats and Rhymes Dec.07

  42. Keep Hip-Hop Alive...

  43. Viro the Virus Freestyle

  44. Viro the Virus @the5spot pt3

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  47. Viro the Virus @The Khyber

  48. Viro Rocks the 5spot (2006)

  49. One of the best Underground MC's.....

  50. Viro the Virus - Rowdy Piper ft. SlimDSM

  51. Viro the Virus - Heaven (off the album,Jerseys Finest)

  52. Viro the Virus (acapella part2) 8/25/07

  53. Viro the Virus (acapella) 8/25/07