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  1. Waxing the Full Coverage Bite Splint

  2. Bite Raising Splint (Evaluation)

  3. Four-Bicuspid Extraction

  4. Bruxism

  5. Construction of an Occlusal Bite Splint

  6. Occlusal Adjustment of Mounted Cast

  7. Fabricating Pontic Splint, Soldering Lugs, Investing/Casting

  8. TMJ Occlusion Embouchure

  9. Occlusion: Acute Traumatic TMJ Arthritis III

  10. Occlusion: Scleroderma and Occlusal Dysfunction

  11. Occlusal Adjustment - Centric Relation

  12. Occlusal Adjustment - Lateral Excursion

  13. Occlusal Adjustment - Protrusive Movement

  14. Setting the Fully Adjustable Articulator

  15. Use of the Kinesiograph in the Study of Jaw Movements

  16. Delivering and Adjusting the Occlusal Bite Plane Splint

  17. Waxing of an Occlusal Bite Plane Splint

  18. Denar Pantronic

  19. Denar Reusable Clutch System

  20. Examination of Occlusion

  21. Occlusal Adjustment Part I (Centric)

  22. Occlusal Adjustment Part II (Lateral & Protrusive)

  23. Waxing Occlusion in Harmony with Mandibular Movements

  24. Electroformed Die Technique for Rubber Base Impressions

  25. Pressure Control During Complete Denture Impressions

  26. Physiologic Basis for Removable Appliances

  27. Multiple Impressions

  28. Fabrication of Die and Cast

  29. Traumatic Occlusion: Orthodontic & Restorative Consideration

  30. Mechanical Articulation and Posterior Tooth Design

  31. Terminal Hinge Movement

  32. Mounting Stone Casts on a Whip Mix Articulator - Part I

  33. Mounting Stone Casts on a Hanau Articulator

  34. Mounting the Maxillary Cast on the Articulator

  35. Zeroing the Articulator

  36. Mounting the Mandibular Casts on the Articulator

  37. Basic Articulator Movements

  38. Zeroing the Hanau Articulator

  39. Principles of Mounting Stone Casts in an Articulator

  40. Comparing Arcon and Condylar Articulators

  41. Mounting Stone Casts on a Whip Mix Articulator

  42. Terminal Hinge Axis Location

  43. Zeroing The Hanau H2-PR Articulator

  44. TMJ Articulator

  45. Mounting of Casts in a Semi-Adj. Artic. and Bite Splints

  46. Fabrication of Bite Plane Splint, Part III :Try-In & Adjustment

  47. Fabrication of Bite Plane Splint, Part II: Semi Direct Waxing

  48. Fabrication of Bite Plane Splint, Part I

  49. Waxing Occlusion in Harmony with Mandibular Movements

  50. Occlusal Problems Due to Incorrect Restorative Procedures

  51. Orienting Pantograph to Patient

  52. Intermaxillary Relations - Centric Relations

  53. Occlusion: Myomonitor Centric

  54. Waxing the Complete Denture

  55. Intermaxillary Relations - Occlusal Vertical Dimension

  56. Detection of Occlusal Dysfunction - Dental Hygienist's Role

  57. Occlusal-Partial Denture Failure

  58. Discrepancies in Vertical Relations on Healthy Patients

  59. Determinants of Occlusal Morphology

  60. Functional Waxing of Mandibular Bridge

  61. Preparation of Immediate Denture for Delivery

  62. Occlusion: Balancing Side Interferences

  63. Diagnosis and Treatment Planning for Problem Bridge Cases

  64. Split Cast Remount and Equilibration in Centric Occlusion

  65. Equilibration in Working and Balancing

  66. Posterior Teeth - Balanced Occlusion

  67. Introduction to Clinical Occlusal Examination

  68. Mounting the Master Casts on the Articulator

  69. Mechanical Articulator

  70. Functional Waxing Review

  71. Maxillo-mandibular Jaw Relations

  72. Wax Bites for Study Casts

  73. Electromyographic Biofeedback

  74. Waxing Exercise - Part 1

  75. Waxing Exercise - Part 2

  76. Waxing Occlusion in Harmony With Mandibular Movements

  77. Diagnostic Waxing

  78. The Clinical Occlusal Examination

  79. Occlusal Examination of Correctly Articulated Casts

  80. Tooth Reduction and Wax Manipulation

  81. Analysis from Centric Occlusion

  82. Performing a Pantographic Survey

  83. Correction of the Occlusion After Processing

  84. Registration Technique for Occlusal Analysis and Prosthodontic Treatment

  85. Occlusion: Balancing Interferences and Bruxism

  86. Mounting Stone Casts on a Whip Mix Articulator - Part III