1. Dogs Playing Dog Training

  2. Board and Train Training

  3. Our Newest Trainer!!

  4. Semper Fido Inc

  5. Spirit A little work and a little play

  6. Behind the Gates of Clif Wyck Kennel

  7. Our Little Gunner

  8. Apollo Goes To School

  9. Macy Loves Staying at Clif Wyck Kennels

  10. Semper Fido takes on the Wia Kia Walk

  11. Dog Training in Marlton NJ

  12. Another Great Group Training Class

  13. Marlton Dog Training

  14. Dog Training in South Jersey

  15. Having Control Without Losing Drive

  16. 4 Month Old Sasha

  17. Crazy Brady!

  18. Having Fun with Dublin the Board and Train

  19. Off Leash at only 7 Months Old!!

  20. Our Youngest Treadmiller Yet!!!

  21. Mia Loves Running on the Mill!

  22. Board and Train LOLA JANE Finally Coming Out of her Shell!

  23. The New and Improved Lucky

  24. Buddy's Training Makeover

  25. Agility Week Puppy Pre-School

  26. Cherokee playing on Route 73

  27. Princess Fiona


  29. MIA

  30. Board & Trains Chase & Jeter

  31. AGILITY MAY 2010

  32. Tricks Class June 2009

  33. Agility at K9 Basics Dog Training

  34. Board + Train Rockie

  35. Brian working Cherokee

  36. Puppy Pre-School Agility Week

  37. Chloe Gross

  38. Teaching Basic Tricks

  39. Board + Train Bruno

  40. Group Class

  41. This is Board and Train Jackson

  42. K9 Basics Dog Training

  43. Morning Class 050610

  44. K9 Basics Recycles!

  45. MaryAnn and Erica with their dogs give Testimonials for K9 Basics Dog Training!

  46. Steve Lento with his Dog Cosmo giving a Testimnia for K9 Basics Dog Training!

  47. Sara Bramante with her dog Rambo give their Testimonial for k9 Basics Dog Training!

  48. Jared Haipern with Lucky Testimonial for K9Basics