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LSD - Bad Acid Trip

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Uploaded on Apr 15, 2008

If you enjoyed this story and my vids plz help out and donate.


Trying to come up with some extra cash to get a new digi cam to shoot vids. Thanks so much for all the love my way. Shoutouts and signed copies of artwork to anyone donating. I'll be back soon youtube. Link to donation below. Love you guys.


UPDATE - 8/10/2013
Hello people. I'm still around the tubes, just not as often.
That will change and I'll start posting more vids
for the people that watch and the ones who hate ;)


To those that watch my videos online, THIS is why I
was spelling my ABC's that night. Mind Blown!


Thank you so much to all who watch, comment and give me feedback on this video. You guys are the best. It's insane how much traffic this video gets. I was merely trying to share a piece of my life that happened more than 10 years ago. This almost has a million views maybe when it does I will do something special for my viewers. The songs used are at the very bottom for those who keep asking. Also as I've said before, I didn't make this video to condone drug use. I also didn't make it to scare people. Think for yourself and educate yourself before making decisions. That is my best advice. I can only offer you things from personal experience that is all that I have. Safe journeys friends.

-update- 2/20/10
I forgot to mention. I get questions from time to time about me still doing it and no I do not. I am pretty content in my state of mind and where I am right now. Now saying that, I also want to say I do not condone drug use of any kind but think that it is the responsibility of people with experience to take care of each other for the safety of else and the people around them. God that sounded too mature. lol No but seriously I hope the best for all of you.

-update- 4/28/09
Thanks for the great feed back on this video, I never expected it to blow up this big. I've recently just been trying to get back into the mode with making more videos..just been stuck in a rut for a while. Peace


My infamous bad acid trip story. A true story btw I can't make this stuff up. I can still remember this day and still think about it all the time. What's funny is that after this happened I ended up doing cid again the following weekend. I don't do it as much anymore because it makes me really closed in, quiet and not very friendly. I've got a lot of these stories, quests some of them..I can honestly call. I use to be a really crazy kid. Not living home at that age and rebelling without a care tend to bring that out on people I guess. People I know are surprised to see me sometimes..

songs used
dead can dance- paul oakenfold remix
voodoo you- lords of acid
cilonen by aphex twin

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