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  1. Kathy Bates Has a Hot Ride

  2. Kathy Bates on Her Private Battle with Ovarian Cancer

  3. Kathy Bates on Playing Harry: 'Like a Pie Eating Contest'

  4. Kathy Bates' Favorite iPad App Is...

  5. Ashley Judd: 'The Vanna White of Condoms'

  6. Kathy Bates on Her Private Battle with Ovarian Cancer

  7. Kathy Bates Says People Still Associate Her with 'Misery'

  8. Kathy Bates Talks Grey Hair, Buzz Cuts & Keeping Herself 'Happy'

  9. Kathy Clears Up Rumors of Retirement

  10. Kathy Bates on 'Three's Company'?

  11. Soap Bubbles: Kathy Bates on 'All My Children'

  12. Kathy Bates Reveals Her Favorite Role

  13. Kathy Bates on Her Love of Southern Methodist University

  14. A Surprise for Ashley Judd: The Kentucky School Song

  15. Ashley Judd's Role in 'Star Trek: The Next Generation'

  16. Does Ashley Judd Worry About Her Husband's Racing Career?

  17. Ashley Judd's Father Took Her to Her First Day at Harvard

  18. Anderson Surprises Ashley Judd with Frozen Custard

  19. Anderson and Ashley Judd Face-Off in Basketball Shootout

  20. Julianne Moore on Living in NYC

  21. What Julianne Moore Thinks of Sarah Palin's Criticism

  22. Julianne Moore on Jessica Simpson 'More' Magazine Controversy

  23. Julianne Moore Admits to Spying on Her Son's Facebook Page

  24. Julianne Moore on Raising Teenagers

  25. Does Julianne Moore's New Movie Humanize Sarah Palin?

  26. Would Julianne Moore Ever Go into Politics?

  27. Julianne Moore on Politics: 'It's By the Seat of Their Pants'

  28. Anderson Surprises Julianne Moore with a Beaver

  29. Julianne Moore Answers: 'What If Sarah Palin Had Been Male?'

  30. Drew Barrymore Plays Poker

  31. Drew Barrymore on Plastic Surgery

  32. Drew Barrymore on Her Maternal Instincts

  33. Drew Barrymore is Engaged!

  34. Conversations between Drew Barrymore and E.T.

  35. Drew Barrymore's New Hobby: Cooking

  36. Will Drew Barrymore Be a Bridezilla?

  37. Why Drew Barrymore 'Loves' Anderson

  38. Web Exclusive: Matt Damon's Message to Anderson

  39. Extended Clip: Matt Damon's Most Challenging Role

  40. Extended Clip: Matt Damon's Most Challenging Role

  41. Anderson and Matt Damon Discuss Their Holiday Plans

  42. Cameron Crowe on the Importance of Music On-Set

  43. Web Exclusive: Matt Damon's Story About Meeting Nelson Mandela

  44. Talented Kids of 'We Bought a Zoo'

  45. Web Exclusive: Matt Damon's Thoughts on Doing Broadway

  46. Web Exclusive: Do Matt Damon and Ben Affleck Still Hang Out?

  47. Scarlett Johansson and Matt Damon Try Co-Hosting

  48. Scarlett Johansson on Fame and Life in NYC

  49. Matt Damon Says He's Going Grey Due to His Kids

  50. Matt Damon Talks Paparazzi

  51. Family Dinner in Jolie-Pitt Household (Monday Preview)

  52. Jane Fonda on Exercise: 'It Changes Your Head'

  53. Jane Talks Plastic Surgery: 'I Look More Like How I Feel Inside'

  54. Angelina Jolie: How She'll Explain Her Wild Days to Her Kids

  55. Jane Fonda at 74: 'Never Been Happier'

  56. Jane on Seeing Her Father Differently Today

  57. How Angelina Explains War and Humanitarian Work to Children

  58. In Times of War: Of What Would You Be Capable? (Monday Preview)

  59. Angelina's Nomadic Life: 'I Don't Want to Settle' (Monday Preview)

  60. Will Brad Pitt Quit Acting at 50? (Monday Preview)

  61. Angelina Tells Anderson About Her Mom

  62. Ellen Barkin Talks Twitter

  63. Ellen Barkin's Thanksgiving Plans

  64. Ellen Talks About Getting Along with Ex-Husband

  65. Ellen Barkin Gave Her Son a Cursing Hour

  66. Ellen Barkin on Her Role in 'Another Happy Day'

  67. A Song from Hugh Jackman -- In Chinese!

  68. What Kind of Parent is Hugh Jackman?

  69. Hugh Jackman's Twin Works at 'Anderson'

  70. 'The Hugh Jackman Show'

  71. Anderson Tries Hugh Jackman's Laughing Man Coffee

  72. Daniel Radcliffe: Paler Than Anderson

  73. Troll Foot in the 'Anderson' Studio

  74. Danny DeVito on 'Jersey Shore': 'I've Never Seen the Show'

  75. Will We Ever See Danny DeVito on 'Dancing with the Stars'?

  76. Danny DeVito on Getting Naked for 'Big Fish'

  77. Danny DeVito on Working with Andy Kaufman

  78. Immortalizing Danny DeVito's Troll Foot

  79. The Making of Danny DeVito's Troll Foot Mold

  80. Anderson: 'I Have Never Told a Guest to BLEEP Off'

  81. What Danny Had to Say after Troll Foot Mold

  82. Susan Sarandon on

  83. Susan Sarandon Visits a Brothel in Cambodia

  84. Susan Sarandon Meets Young Girl in Cambodia

  85. Susan Sarandon on Going to Cambodian Brothel

  86. Susan Sarandon Reveals Her Latest Tattoo on 'Anderson'

  87. Susan Sarandon on Playing Ping Pong

  88. Susan Sarandon Wanted Daughter to Join Her in Cambodia

  89. Susan Sarandon Talks About Her Experience in Cambodia

  90. Susan Sarandon on Raising Kids in New York

  91. Susan Sarandon on Daughter Modeling

  92. Susan Sarandon Talks About Modeling Industry