1. A Message to the "Conscious Men"

  2. JTO on the Police State

  3. On Going to War with Women- Part 1

  4. [Private Video]

  5. How to Build a Male Bomb

  6. Conversation with a Mangina

  7. Conversation With a Mangina- Part Deux

  8. To Man Up or Stand Down

  9. In Memory of Memorial Day

  10. Titanic Day

  11. Improving Self Esteem

  12. The Myth of Women's Oppression

  13. A Message to Women

  14. Domestic Violence- Women are Half the Problem

  15. Masculinity Expert Chooses Castration!!!

  16. The Psychology of Hate

  17. Your Feelings and Why They Don't Matter

  18. The Family Terrorist

  19. The Plague of Modern Masculinity Pt. 1

  20. The Plague of Modern Masculinity Pt. 2

  21. The Plague of Modern Masculinity Pt. 3 Conclusion

  22. Men, Math and Marriage

  23. A Rant at Men

  24. Defeating Feminism- Part 1

  25. Defeating Feminism- Part 2

  26. Defeating Feminism- Part 3 Conclusion

  27. Domestic Violence PSA

  28. Why Men Think With Their Dicks

  29. An MRA Call to Action

  30. Wages of Spin

  31. Gay Marriage? How About NO Marriage?

  32. Ft Hood- How the Media Massacred the Truth

  33. The Family Terrorist

  34. Women in Combat - A Bad Idea Whose Time Has Come

  35. Ft Hood- How the Media Massacred the Truth

  36. Time for Men to Abort Fatherhood at Will

  37. A Prayer for Joe Bob

  38. Harry Reid Dances with the Feminist Media

  39. Meet Dr. Paul- Free Self Help for Women that Works

  40. A Feminist Perspective of Domestic Violence

  41. Dear Woman

  42. Dear Woman

  43. Princess Miserable and the Great American Bitch Machine

  44. Observations from the Zeta section

  45. AVfM Radio - Hypergamy - What every man should know - JTO Rant

  46. AVfM Radio - Entitlement Fail - JM Rant

  47. Where did all the good men go?

  48. AVfM Radio - Does feminism cause brain damage - Pt1

  49. AVfM Radio - Does feminism cause brain damage - Pt2

  50. AVfM Radio - Understanding Male Identity - Pt1

  51. AVfM Radio - Understanding Male Identity - Pt2

  52. AVfM Radio - So you say you want a Matriarchy - Pt1

  53. AVfM Radio - So you say you want a Matriarchy - Pt2

  54. If Women Ran the World

  55. Patriarchy: The Real Version

  56. Open Letter to Delaware State Police

  57. Andy Vanders Interviews Paul Elam

  58. The Dishonorable Lori B Jackson

  59. Interview with Lt. Colonel Joel Kirk

  60. This is What a Corrupt Judge Looks Like

  61. AVfM Reply to Stardusk

  62. Last response to Stardusk

  63. Oz Loads a Gun for Angry Women

  64. Feminists become violent at Farrell speaking event

  65. Feminists! It is Time to Wake Up!

  66. Circumcision, Divorce and Male Disposability - Paul Elam on Freedomain Radio

  67. Toronto Star Interview with Paul

  68. Crazy, stupid, irrational. FEMINISM

  69. An Open Response to Troubled Men

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  71. This is what feminism looks like at University of Toronto

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  78. On Ideologues, Isms and Evangelical Atheists

  79. Some thoughts on MGTOW

  80. Dr Helen Smith, Erin Pizzey and Dean Esmay

  81. MHRM Overview, 20/20 and crazy feminists

  82. Radio 3Fourteen - Paul Elam - A Voice for Men: Feminist Misandry

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  88. Nicholas Alahverdian Case Update

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  92. Roundup: 14 Yrs for a Pill, Woody Allen Accused and Jessica Valenti says BTFU!

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