1. (AWESOME MOTOR) Dover Classic Elevator @ Corperate Square II North Charleston SC

  2. Westinghouse Elevator (Mod. by Schindler) @ Sheration Hotel Charleston. SC

  3. Vintage Monty. Elevator @ First Citizens Bank Trolly Rd. Summerville SC

  4. Animated Dover Impulse @ Charleston County Parking Garge

  5. Lovely Bumpy Pre-Lexan OTIS Elevators @ Roper St. Franics Office Building (Ft. Surprise Table)

  6. EPIC FAIL! Locked Dover Classic Elevator @ Unknown Parking Garge Charleston, SC

  7. EPIC FAIL ThyssenKrupp Elevator @ Marriot Charleston, SC

  8. Polaroid ProCam Look-at

  9. Otis Lexan Elevator @ Augusta Mall

  10. Beatlesfan73 Review: Polaroid "The Button"!

  11. Polaroid SX-70 Time-Zero

  12. My Camera and Device Museum

  13. The Beatles Rockband Good Morning, Good Morning Dreamscape

  14. The 3rd Night Of Christmas

  15. SLOW and CRAPPY Dover and PTL elvater in A parking grage

  16. Schindler MT @ The Weather Channel Office

  17. Winter Morning In The South

  18. Christmas Thunder Snow

  19. Thunder Showers In The Low Country..

  20. Unknown Elevator @ ??? Garage in Downtown Charelston, SC

  21. Otis Elevator @ the parking garage Summerville, SC

  22. the beatles rock band - i feel fine (wii)

  23. the beatles rock band : Hey Bulldog (wii)

  24. The Beatles - The End

  25. The beatles-This Bird Has Flown

  26. The Beatles - Martha My Dear