1. Stump the Scientist: Computers vs. the Human Mind

  2. Stump the Scientist: Current Flow

  3. GE's Durathon Battery Helps Power Electric Bus

  4. Advanced Electronics Cooling Technology: GE's Dual Piezoelectric Cooling Jets (DCJ)

  5. Stump the Scientist: Static Electricity

  6. Stump the Scientist: Flying Car

  7. Breast Cancer Awarness Series: Understanding Breast Density

  8. Science as Art: Visualizing Airflow in a GE Jet Engine

  9. Stump the Scientist: Dark Energy

  10. A look at the GE Brazil Technology Center

  11. The Next Revolution in MEMS

  12. Air Traffic Cloud

  13. MEMS: Inside the Global Research Cleanroom

  14. Tessy.avi

  15. GE Global Research Engineer Chris Keimel introduces MEMS technology

  16. Stump the Scientist: Why do fans make us feel cooler?

  17. GE engineer discusses reducing emissions in new Tier 4 locomotive

  18. Stump the Scientist: Speed of Light

  19. Technical Education at GE Global Research

  20. Stump the Scientist: Atoms

  21. Congrats NASA from the Airspace Efficiency Team!

  22. Stump the Scientist: Centrifugal Force

  23. The Dirt on the Cleanroom

  24. Stump the Scientist - Permanent Magnets

  25. Stump the Scientist: Molecules

  26. 3D ToF-SIMS

  27. Time of Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry: How it works

  28. GE Global Research Edison Program: Meet Clinton

  29. Young Inventor Connor Shares his Award Winning Invention

  30. Invention Convention - Matt Nielsen

  31. Stump the Scientist: Wireless Power Transmission

  32. Stump the Scientist: Electricity in the Human Body

  33. Meet "Stump the Scientist" Scientist, Jim Bray

  34. Burt's thoughts on MAKE

  35. Stump the Scientist: Nuclear Fusion

  36. Stump the Scientist: Gravity

  37. Supercomputing for More Efficient Engines

  38. GE Stump the Scientst: How does matter hold itself together?

  39. GE Stump the Scientist: If space is expanding where did it start?

  40. Inside the GE Global Research Clean Room: Silicon Carbides

  41. Stump the Scientist: What Started Motion?

  42. GE's Butterfly-inspired Design to Enable Advanced, Low Cost Thermal Imaging Devices

  43. GE Stump the Scientist: Why is static electricity more noticeable in the cold?

  44. Biofuels research at GE's Brazil Technology Center

  45. GE Stump the Scientist: AC vs. DC Power Flow

  46. GE Celebrates the Holidays with 3D Printed Ornaments

  47. GE Stump the Scientist: What would the Higgs particle mean for physics?

  48. GE Geniuses at Work: Meet Johanna Wellington

  49. GE Geniuses at Work: Meet Mark Vermilyea

  50. GE Geniuses at Work: Making batteries more efficient

  51. Software Webinar Series: Affective Computing

  52. GE Stump the Scientist: How do magnets work?

  53. Sofware Webinar Series: Electric Vehicle Optimization

  54. GE Stump the Scientist: Why are objects weightless during a free fall?

  55. Why work at GE in software?

  56. Breakthrough: LED bulbs and Synthetic Jets

  57. Breakthrough: GE Global Research and Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

  58. Breakthrough: GE Global Research's Thin Film Solar Panels

  59. Movement Planner and Trip Optimizer webinar

  60. Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics at the Bangalore Techfest

  61. Join our Software webinar on Electric Vehicles: 11/17 at 3:00 p.m.

  62. Join our Software webinar on Healthcare Solutions: 10/27 at 3:00 p.m.

  63. Join our Software webinar on Affective Computing: 12/6 at 3:00 p.m.

  64. Join our Software webinar on Trip Optimizer & Movement Planner: 10/11 at 3:00 p.m.

  65. Join our software webinar on Smart Grid demand optimization: 9/13 at 3:00 p.m.

  66. GE Software Webinar: Supercomputing for Engineering & Scientific Discovery

  67. GE Software Webinar: The "Internet of Things"

  68. GE Software Webinar: Social Media & Collaboration

  69. Join us for a "Social Media & Collaboration" webinar August 10th!

  70. GE Global Research Overview

  71. Join us for a "Supercomputing for Engineering" webinar July 12th!

  72. A tour of the 2011 Maker Faire Part 2

  73. A tour of the 2011 Maker Faire Part 1

  74. Additive manufacturing demonstration at GE Global Research

  75. Superfast Machining for Superalloy Metals with Blue Arc

  76. GE Unveils Ultra Powerful High-Tech Laser Welding System

  77. A breakthrough in conducting heat for electronics

  78. Join the Software Sciences & Analytics team at Global Research

  79. Engaging kids in science with nanotechnology

  80. The future of nanotechnology

  81. Life at GE Global Research: Bangalore, India

  82. Life at GE Global Research: Shanghai, China

  83. Life at GE Global Research: Munich, Germany

  84. Life at GE Global Research: Niskayuna, NY, USA

  85. Women can RESTART their career at GE Global Research in India

  86. Behind the toy technology: Hybrid drivetrain

  87. Behind the toy technology: the GE Brain

  88. Behind the technology: Vscan ultrasound

  89. Behind the toy technology: LED lighting

  90. Behind the toy technology: carbon composites

  91. Behind the toy technology: Applications for icephobic coatings

  92. GE demonstrates "Electric Bus of the Future"

  93. RPI New Visions students visit GE Global Research

  94. The newest GE Global Research location in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  95. Computer vision and the supernatural

  96. Science Day introduces 4th graders to science, math, engineering, and technology

  97. TEDMED Founder explaining an MRI experience

  98. President of TEDMED on the meaning of "innovation"

  99. TEDMED President discuss the future of health care research