1. Why You Should Not Elect Sal Pace (D) to Congress.m4v

  2. Tipton Tiptoeing - Won't Debate at Alma Mater.m4v

  3. Casida Supported by Small Business Owner in Pueblo.m4v

  4. Tisha Casida, Opening Remarks - Action 22 Debate.mov

  5. Acting Like a King - The Pueblo Chieftain Excludes Tisha from the Debate.m4v

  6. Casida Excluded from Pueblo Chieftain Debate

  7. Why Elect Tisha Casida to Congress Accountable to the People

  8. Club 20 Debate, Tisha Casida - What can the federal government do to help economy.mov

  9. Club 20 Debate Tisha Casida, Closing Remarks

  10. Club 20 Debate Tisha Casida, Protecting Forests & Land

  11. Club 20 Debate Tisha Casida, Water Issues

  12. Club 20 Debate Tisha Casida, Taxes & Debt

  13. Club 20 Debate_Tisha Casida, Medicare Issues.mov

  14. Club 20 Debate_Tisha Casida, Opening Remarks.mov

  15. Join the Colorado Mountain Hours Revolution.m4v

  16. It's the People's Seat.m4v

  17. I Would Vote NO on CISPA.m4v

  18. Oue Focus & Greatest Threat is the Economy.m4v

  19. PROTECT YOUR 2nd AMENDMENT RIGHTS! - 68,000 Guns in Mexico from the USA.m4v

  20. The President is Not in Control of Our Destiny.m4v

  21. Wasteful Agency - General Services Administration (GSA).m4v

  22. Economic Warfare with Tisha Casida.m4v

  23. Indefinite Detention without Due Process is LEGAL in the USA.mp4

  24. Dena Stevens - Why I Support Tisha Casida for Congress.mp4

  25. The Bill of Rights' Importance.m4v

  26. Tisha Casida vs Scott Tipton on Budget.mp4

  27. Endoresment by Robert Scott Bell.mp4

  28. Step Up, We Need New Representatives_Tisha Casida for Congress.mp4

  29. Tisha Casida 2012 3rd CD of Colorado

  30. E Pluribus Unum American Sovereignty Part 3 of 7.mp4

  31. What are examples of the government interfering with small businesses?

  32. What do you know about the political economy?

  33. What Would You DO for Small Businesses?

  34. Michael Badnarik - Former Libertarian Presidential Candidate - Endorses Casida for Congress

  35. I want my country back - Prof Roberts testifies before House Oversight Committee.mp4

  36. The Fed Under Fire.mp4

  37. Orion Talk Radio with Popeye from FederalJack.com and Tisha Casida, 5 of 6.mp4

  38. Orion Talk Radio with Popeye from FederalJack.com and Tisha Casida4 of 6.mp4

  39. Orion Talk Radio Interviews Tisha Casida & Michael Badnarik - Part 3 of 6.

  40. Orion Talk Radio Interviews Tisha Casida & Michael Badnarik - Part 2 of 6.mp4

  41. Orion Talk Radio Interviews Tisha Casida & Michael BadnarikPart 1 of 6.mp4

  42. WHAT HAPPENED??? The American Dream....mp4

  43. TWINKIE versus CARROT.mp4

  44. Prescrption Medications CAN BE DANGEROUS

  45. Know What We Are Made Of? CORN! Watch King Corn

  46. County Sheriffs Stand Up for Farmers and Community


  48. KIDS ARE KIDS - Stop Drugging Them.mp4

  49. State Banking with Marilyn Barnewall (3 of 4).mp4

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  51. Fix Our Money! How We Got Here - The Secret of Oz

  52. Cancer Being Cured But FOUGHT by FDA!

  53. Casida Small Business

  54. Casida 2012 - Announcement Event on May 13th, 2011