1. Panel: Follow the M-Money: How Will Shopping and Payments On

  2. Cats in Space with Silent Explosions!

  3. Mercedes-Benz' Glaser Talks Sports and Cars At U.S. Open

  4. Dan Ambrose: Five Secrets of the Masters of Media Selling

  5. Youth Panel: A Look at How They Really Consume Media

  6. Opening Keynote: The Future for Brands? Chaotic!

  7. Panel: Budgeting for Experimentation: How Much Money Does It

  8. Panel: Re-Engineering the Brand Marketer - What It Takes to

  9. Panel: Apples-to-Apples or Apples-to-Oranges? Managing the M

  10. Panel: Going Against the Grain - Integrating Media and Creat

  11. Panel: The Role of Online Conversations in Shaping the Brand

  12. Panel: The CMO's Least Favorite Discussion - Proving Social

  13. Presentation: The Orabrush Story - How an Unknown Brand Won

  14. Sponsor Luncheon Presentation - Tremor Video

  15. Keynote: Why Ad Exchanges and Demand-Side Platforms Aren't J

  16. Research Presentation: Leveraging Digital Channels to Better

  17. Sponsor Breakfast Presentation by shoutlet

  18. Sponsored Breakfast Presentation - Adobe

  19. Keynote: How GE Healthcare Turned Into a Truly Digital Organ

  20. Sponsor Breakfast Presentation - Viewable Media

  21. Presentation: Is Connectedness All It's Cracked Up to Be?

  22. Sponsored Luncheon Presentation - Vizu

  23. Welcome & Opening Remarks

  24. Friday June 22nd - MediaPost Live from Cannes

  25. Thursday June 21st - MediaPost Live from Cannes

  26. Wednesday June 20th - MediaPost Live from Cannes

  27. 2012 Cannes Lions Tuesday June 19th

  28. 2012 Cannes Lions Monday June 18th

  29. Panel: What We've Learned from the Brief History of Facebook's Timeline for Brands

  30. Presentation: Exploring the Three C's of Social TV: Communication, Content and Comments

  31. Panel: Can Exchanges Help Marketers Buy Video Across Screens?

  32. Keynote Q&A: 'AOL On' -- Premium Video Portal

  33. Panel: Feeding the Beast: How Advertisers Can Become Prolific Producers of Video

  34. Online vs. Offline/Buyer vs. Seller: Is Video Advertising Cross Platform, or at Cross Purposes?

  35. Nothing But Gross: Are Online GRPs About to Eat the Video Targeting Opportunities of the Net?

  36. Panel: Video's NewFront: Can Web Video Really Steal Dollars From TV?

  37. Panel: What's The Attribution, Kenneth?

  38. Keynote Q&A: Machinima.com, Bigger Than Television

  39. Hands Free RTB: The Promise and the Peril of Mobilizing the Model

  40. From Programming To Programmatic Trading: How RTB Is Redefining Video (And Potentially TV Too)

  41. Grill The Vendors: Going Real Time with RTB

  42. Panel: Real World Buying

  43. Presentation: RTB 201: Where Do We Go From Here?

  44. You Call This 'Premium?': Publishers Face the RTB Question

  45. Research: A GPS for RTB-Land: Where The Market Stands Today

  46. Trading Places: How Trading Desks Are Reshaping The Way Agencies Plan/Buy Media

  47. Keynote: Real Time with Nick Pahade

  48. Panel: Leveraging Your Free Focus Group

  49. Panel: 2012: The Year Social Helps Brands Become Publishers

  50. Platform Spotlight: Twitter Advertising and Twitter's Enhanced Profile Pages

  51. Panel: From Passive to Active: Stimulating Your Fan Base into Social Action

  52. Presentation: The Long Trail: How L'Oreal Tracks the Consumer Path to Purchase

  53. Panel: Instant RFP: Which Social Media Provider Will Win Our Challenge?

  54. Presentation: Social Networking Trends Around the World, and What They Mean for Marketers

  55. Keynote: Turning Fans into More Than Just Followers

  56. Panel: Check-In your Own Damn Self: Brands Get Creative With the Time and Place Dimension

  57. Brand Panel: It's About Our Customers, Not The Medium

  58. Panel: Dear Santa: Mobilizing Retail for Holiday 2012

  59. RFP Bake-Off: Grilling The Vendors

  60. Panel: How Not To Waste Money On Mobile

  61. Keynote: The Mobile Playbook

  62. Keynote: Obstacles to Mobile Progress

  63. Panel: The Myths and Reality of Email in a Mobile Age

  64. Panel: Drowning in Data

  65. Panel: List and ROI Attribution - Giving Email Its Due

  66. Panel: On and Off the Summit Floor

  67. Panel: Testing Beyond the Basics

  68. Panel: So Email Didn't Die - Now What?

  69. Panel: Social Media: Effective Integrations with Email

  70. Panel: E-Append: Good, Bad, or Other?

  71. Panel: Leading the Integrated Marketing Adventure

  72. Keynote: Expanding Trust: From Email to Integrated Marketing

  73. Social Media ROI: Conversions vs. Branding and the Currency of Likes, Followers, +1s and Joins

  74. Panel: Social SEO: How Search Marketers Should Think About Optimizing Social

  75. Panel: A Social Search Engine Through the Eyes of Next-Geners

  76. Presentation: Lights, Camera, Innovate: Unlocking Creativity Through Improv

  77. Keynote: Building A Social-Search Engine From Scratch

  78. Panel: The Challenge of Attribution

  79. Panel: Big Data, SEO and the Future of Mobile Privacy

  80. Panel: Search + Data: Accelerating the intersection of Keywords and Audiences

  81. Panel: Integrating Marketing Channels: What's Holding Us Back?

  82. Presentation: SEM: The Tension Between Privacy and Innovation

  83. Keynote: Social and Mobile and Clouds, Oh My! When Did Search Become Surveillance?

  84. Panel: Search and the Multiscreen/Input Experience

  85. Presentation: Looking Consumers In The Eyes

  86. Panel: Search Insider Feud - How Search Changes Your Voice

  87. Keynote: How Search Automatically Identifies You

  88. Presentation: The Future of Voice Search in Engines and Apps

  89. As the TV Programming World Turns: Singers, Talkers and Courtroom Performers [Video Clip]

  90. Panel: Advertising Everywhere? Earning Ad Dollars beyond Tradtional TV

  91. Network Marketing Now: Traditional Methods Decline, Social Media Grows, Clutter A Constant

  92. Panel: Revolt In Upfront-Land: Old Kings and New Pretenders

  93. Research Presentation: Video Advertising Convergence -- What Advertisers Think

  94. Panel: The New Targeting

  95. Keynote Conversation: Auto Marketing Full Speed Ahead

  96. Keynote Conversation: Steve Koonin Unfiltered

  97. Panel: New Measurement for a Developing Sector?

  98. Panel: When Out-of-Home Thinks Out-of-the-Box

  99. Near Field Communications - Changing the Way We Connect With Brands and Each Other