1. Dawn Pluribus in Changing Soil Type

  2. Dawn Pluribus SC Ohio

  3. Demonstrating Dawn ZRX Zone Roller at Cover Crop Field Day

  4. CFX test clip 2

  5. CFX test clip

  6. Dawn Planter Automation Display at FPS

  7. Cover crop video clip

  8. Dawn MiFX Planter Attachment Control System

  9. Clip Showing Action of Dawn Zone Roller

  10. Mat of Rye Cover Demonstrated by Charles Martin

  11. FreeFARM Liquid Side Dress close up

  12. Curvetine M Series Closing Furrow Hi Def

  13. Planting Spring Strips in SD

  14. The Largest Strip Till Machine in the World

  15. Curvetine M Series Field Footage

  16. Demonstration of Dawn Pluribus in Central Ukraine

  17. GFX Setup on CNH 1250

  18. RFX Plus Modular Individual Row Down Force Control System Teaser

  19. M-Series Closing System Introduction

  20. Dawn FreeFARM Liquid Fertilizer Opener

  21. Unique Dawn 6000 Dry Fertilizer Injection

  22. Dual Placement of NH3 and Dry with Dawn 6000

  23. Dawn FreeFARM strip freshener with Lilleston

  24. Wil-Rich toolbar Folding Sequence

  25. GFX on 60ft Orthman Planter

  26. RFX Testing Example

  27. Dawn 6000 in Stripper Head Wheat Residue Flow Example

  28. Applying NH3 to Frozen Ground

  29. 60 ft Dawn NH3 applicator on Bauer Toolbar

  30. Fall NH3 Injection in Rye Cover Crop Kalona

  31. Dawn 6000 applying NH3 with Row Cleaner in Bean Stubble

  32. Dawn 6000 Applying NH3 in standing Corn stalks Fremont, NE

  33. Dawn 6000 Applying NH3 in Disked Bean Stubble Sycamore, IL

  34. 6000 Fertilizer Applicator W ND NH3 with Row Cleaning

  35. Fall NH3 Injection with TAPPS C ND Dawn 6000

  36. Dawn 6000 Universal Fertilizer Applicator applying NH3 in Illinois

  37. Manure Injection Chesapeake Bay Watershed Dawn 6000 part 2

  38. Manure Injection Chesapeake Bay Watershed Dawn 6000

  39. Description of the 2011 Dawn 6000 Universal Fertilizer Applicator

  40. Side dressing in Down Corn Stalks with Dawn 6000

  41. Side Dressing at high speed with Dawn 6000 on 60" centers in Iowa

  42. Closing Action Dynamics of the Dawn Model 6000 Unit

  43. Dawn GFX row cleaner on Deere 1770NT in Kansas

  44. Alabama Strip Till into Henbit

  45. Southern Curvetine Footage

  46. Dawn Pluribus Strip-Till System Nebraska 2011

  47. Arkansas Strip Till on Raised Beds

  48. Precision Applying Liquid Fertilizer on 20" Spacing with Dawn 6000

  49. MIXING NH3 AND 10-34-0 with Dawn 6000.wmv

  50. SD Spring Strip Till 60ft very wet.wmv

  51. Strip Till FIeld Demo at Farm Progress Show 2010

  52. No Till into Stripper Headed Wheat Straw

  53. Planting in Conventional Tillage with GFX Row Cleaner

  54. Planting Terraces with the Dawn GFX on Deere 1770NT

  55. Strip Till in Wet Conditions Example of Pluribus Mudguard

  56. Strip Tillage in Northern Iowa 4-10-2010

  57. Side Dressing NH3 in Western Nebraska with Dawn 6000

  58. Introduction to the Pluribus Strip Till Unit Part 2 with Joseph Bassett

  59. Introduction to the Pluribus Strip Till Unit Part 1 with Joseph Bassett

  60. Side Dressing Missouri River Valley Gumbo Wet Conditions

  61. Side Dressing Corn with Dawn 6000 Single disk Opener

  62. Dawn Curvetine Closing Wheel- Detail View of Tooth Action

  63. High Speed Strip Till Before the Rain in South Dakota

  64. Strip Tilling at Univ of Minnesota Test Plots

  65. How to Plant Strip Till Corn on Corn in Minnesota Spring 2010

  66. Worst Case Scenario No-Till Corn Stalks using GFX Row Cleaner

  67. Introducing the Dawn Curvetine Closing Wheel Pressplate

  68. The Art of High Residue Farming- Dawn Pluribus in Irrigated Corn Stalks

  69. Spring Strip Till Morris, IL with the Harvest Intl Toolbar

  70. Dawn GFX Row Cleaner for Really Big Deere Bauer Planters

  71. Spring Strip Till By Washington, Iowa DB60 Toolbar Montag Dry Hopper

  72. Planting Corn in Fall Strip till with Deere 1770NT 24 row 30 in

  73. 24 Row Strip Till in Corn Stalks By Ames Iowa

  74. Comparison of residue flow: Between Old Stalks and at Angle to Old Row

  75. Corn on Corn Strip Till in Platte Valley Nebraska on Windy Day

  76. 6000_manure_2009.wmv

  77. How the GFX works

  78. Spring ST N. ILL near Mendota

  79. Wet Spring Strip Till N. ILL

  80. Nebraska, North Central, Spring Strip Till 4/09

  81. GFX row cleaner on 1770NT 24/30 in E Iowa

  82. Spring Strip Till NW Iowa Corn and Soybean Residue

  83. GFX Agcam video. Eastern Iowa 4 09

  84. Dawn 3004 fertilizer opener on 1770NT No-Tilling into Wheat

  85. Getting to Know the Harvest International toolbar with Dawn Pluribus Strip Till units

  86. Fall Strip Till SE NE Running at Angle to Corn Rows

  87. Strip Till Demo W. IL near Springfield. Corn and Bean

  88. Strip Till Demo Shell Rock, Iowa PART 2

  89. Strip Till Demo Shell Rock, Iowa PART 1

  90. NH3 Application Spring Strip Till N ILL Near Mendota

  91. Strip Till Near Iowa City with Planting this Spring

  92. Dawn GroundFX Row Cleaner Display of Synchronous Operation

  93. Strip Tillage SE ND 4/08 60ft bar dry fert

  94. Spring Strip Till E SD Wheat stubble with Veris Cart 60 ft

  95. planting soybeans into cornstalks with JD 1790

  96. Dawn 5010 GroundFX (GFX) planting in corn stalks

  97. No Till planting in corn stalks with Dawn 1572 and Curvetine

  98. Spring Strip Till Central IL near Minonk. 60ft unit

  99. Dawn GroundFX (GFX) row cleaner unit on DB60 36r20