1. Bob and Susie Comic Book The Wedding Large

  2. Brouhaha Along the Watchtower/the Kennedy Situation by Joel Warshawer

  3. Danny the Mean Clown 2

  4. Danny the Mean Clown

  5. Cat Digging For Water

  6. Desperate For A Job

  7. The Coffee Places Are Getting Crowded written by Joel Warshawer

  8. Dave the Shirtless Lawyer

  9. I Need Coffee Video and Song by Joel Warshawer Slideshow-Medium.m4v

  10. The Park Slope Hamburger War of 2012 by Joel Warshawer

  11. I Like Going to Costco Video by Joel Warshawer-Medium.m4v

  12. Hector from Breaking Bad spoof

  13. I Come To The Flea Market To Sell My Stuff-Large.m4v by Joel Warshawer

  14. Bus Driver Killed by Flying Toenail-Mobile.m4v By Joel Warshawer

  15. Starbucks Coffee is Worth Walking Through A Blizzard For

  16. Love Is A Losing Game Music by Amy Winehouse Video by Joel Warshawer

  17. Breaking Bad Heisenberg Spoof with Cat

  18. I Don't Like Bric a Brac.mov

  19. Love Has Me Spinning starring the Boodle Baby by Joel Warshawer

  20. Don't Monkey Around With Inferior Toilet Paper...For A Big Job In The Bathroom ...Marcal Small Steps

  21. Heading For Trouble Photos by Joel Warshawer The Caterpillar Crawl by The Strangers Large

  22. I Find Oil In Park Slope Brooklyn and....Well, the first thing you know ole Joel's a millionaire

  23. Rampaging Waters

  24. Seaweed Taste Test

  25. 2 Brooklyn Birds Angry About Their lack of Success.m4v

  26. annoying slob on subway

  27. Harvey and Joel Talking about Egg Creams in Brooklyn

  28. Dexter tries to avoid having a nervous breakdown

  29. captain america battles the recession-photos by Joel Warshawer...music and lyrics by Tom Petty

  30. Dexter visits Brooklyn during the huge 2010 blizzard

  31. Man broke into my car to sleep in his underwear in Park Slope Brooklyn

  32. gnome and me...Video by Joel Warshawer ...You Are Danger by Chip Taylor-Medium.m4v

  33. Superman-Video-With Music by Dan Bern-Video by Joel Warshawer

  34. Franklin looking forward to the Fred and Vinnie movie...

  35. The Same 4 Walls Video Written and Performed by Joel Warshawer 2010-Large.m4v

  36. Rusty-Medium.m4v

  37. Matzo Balls Cooking On Stove

  38. Me and my girl.mov

  39. Storage Room Showdown

  40. Must Be some kind of way out of here

  41. Talking Baseball With Larry & Joel

  42. The Park Slope Redemption

  43. Hard Luck Harry Starring in Smaller Porti

  44. Hard Luck Harry Part 1

  45. Marty the Comic Book guy upset about the new Daredevil movie

  46. The Record Guy Part 2

  47. The Record Guy Part 1

  48. Disgruntled Yankee Fan

  49. Dr. B.A. Tude Speaks about Health Care For All

  50. marty the comic book guy talks about the ironman movie

  51. marty the comic book guy

  52. It can't be true...there's no toilet paper in here, nothing at all...

  53. The Baseball Card Guy Mutiny

  54. the baseball card guy

  55. The Baseball Card Guy