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Dead Space 3 - Chapter 4 - All Collectibles Video Guide (Artifacts, Weapon Parts, Upgrade Circuits, Logs)

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Published on Feb 7, 2013

Dead Space 3 Collectibles Video Guide
(Artifacts, Weapon Parts, Upgrade Circuits, Logs, Blueprints)
Chapter 4 - Roanoke Command Saucer
Artifacts: 6
Logs: 8
Weapon parts: 12
Upgrade Circuits: 7
Blueprints: 1
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0:04-Text Log: Personal Log - Ellie Langford.
0:15-Weapon Part: Plasma Core
0:30-Upgrade Circuit: +1 Damage
0:46-Earth Gov Artifact 03
1:02-Audio Log: A Desperate Mission
1:14-Text Log: Turn It Off
1:27-Upgrade Circuit: +1 Clip
1:27-Blueprint: Shotgun
1:54-S.C.A.F. Artifact 06
2:19-Weapon Part: Diffraction Torus
3:40-S.C.A.F. Artifact 08
3:40-Weapon Part: Compact Standard Frame
5:00-Weapon Part: Compact Standard Frame
5:30-Audio Log: Interrogation
5:54-Weapon Part: Telemetry Spike
5:54-Upgrade Circuit: +1 Rate of Fire, +1 Damage
5:54-Upgrade Circuit: +1 Damage +1 Clip
6:41-Alien Artifact 01
6:57-Weapon Part: Electric Charge
6:57-Audio Log: Research Mystery Discovered
7:33-Weapon Part: Precision Tip
7:33-S.C.A.F. Artifact 09
7:33-Upgrade Circuit: +1 Reload
8:57-Text Log: Death at First Light
9:13-Weapon Part: Explosive Module
9:13-Text Log: Sleeping Puppets
9:33-Eart Gov Artifact 04
9:56-Text Log: Called to Study
9:56-Upgrade Circuit: +1 Reload +1 Rate of Fire
10:24-Weapon Part: Plasma Core
10:24-Weapon Part: Ammo Support
10:24-Weapon Part: Compact Conic Dispersal
11:07-Upgrade Circuit: +1 Damage
11:07-Weapon Part: Military Engine

There is one important thing to keep in mind with these collectibles, namely the weapon parts. Unlike other collectibles such as artifacts or logs, weapon parts are not static. The developers did not want the player to miss out on too many weapon parts, and if you missed some from a previous chapter, you will probably find it in a visable place in a later chapter. For instance, if you missed the 'Military Engine' weapon part in Chapter 4, you'll probably find it in Aft Station Command Tower in Chapter 6. However if you collect it in Chapter 6, it will be accounted for in Chapter 4 in 'Progress & Unlocks'.

Here are the Achievements unlocked (Trophies awarded):
Gun Collector (25G/Bronze) - Collect all weapon parts.
Aliens (15G/Bronze) - Collect all alien artifacts.
The Professor (25G/Bronze) - Collect all artifacts.
The Librarian (25G/Bronze) - Collect all logs.
The Armorer (25G/Bronze) - Collect all circuits.

Collect all Artifacts Sets to unlock the following:
MK-II Overclocked Tip Set, Flight Suit
Collect all EarthGov artifacts to unlock the following:
EarthGov Circuit Set
Collect all Unitology artifacts to unlock the following:
Unitology Circuit Set
Collect all S.C.A.F. artifacts to unlock the following:
S.C.A.F. Circuit Set
Unitology Circuit Set
Collect all Alien artifacts to unlock the following:
Alien Circuit Set
Collect all logs to unlock the following:
MK-II Overclocked Module Set
Collect all text logs to unlock the following:
Research Circuit Set
Collect all audio logs to unlock the following:
Comms Circuit Set
Collect all weapon parts to unlock the following:
Crafter's Circuit Set, Deep Dig Suit
Collect all blueprints to unlock the following:
Builder's Circuit Set
Collect all circuits to unlock the following:
MK-II Overclocked Attachment Set

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