1. Sage Fixed Assets—Planning (formerly FAS CIP Accounting)

  2. Fixed Assets: The Big Picture from Sage

  3. How to Access the Sage Customer Portal

  4. Sage Fixed Assets—Depreciation (formerly FAS Asset Accounting)

  5. How to Create a Support Case

  6. How to Register a Product

  7. How to Use the Knowledgebase

  8. How to Change General Asset Information

  9. How to Make a Backup

  10. How to Change Critical Asset Information

  11. How to Register Your Sage Fixed Assets 2012 Product

  12. Sage FAS Asset Accounting 2012 (Sage Fixed Assets- Depreciation)

  13. Integrating a Fixed Asset Management Solution with an ERP System

  14. Sage Fixed Assets: Copy Book

  15. Sage Fixed Assets: Copy Company

  16. Sage Fixed Assets: Component Assets

  17. Transitioning to IFRS

  18. Impairment

  19. Differences between U.S. GAAP & IFRS: Property, Plant, & Equipment

  20. Adoption of IFRS by Private Companies

  21. Overview of IFRS

  22. Sage Fixed Assets 2012 - Are You Ready?

  23. Sage Fixed Assets Coffee Stain Carl and Spreadsheets

  24. Sage Fixed Assets Coffee Stain Carl and Compliance

  25. Sage Fixed Assets Coffee Stain Carl Blooper Reel

  26. Sage Fixed Assets Coffee Stain Carl

  27. Managing Fixed Assets Under Construction: Sage Fixed Assets - Planning