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  1. AACAAN by Asi Wind (Live at the Magic Castle)

  2. AACAAN by Asi Wind

  3. Peregrine Pass (Uncut Performance)

  4. Peregrine Pass by Daniel Prado

  5. Slipshift by Chris Ramsay

  6. Merlins Lost Ace Trick

  7. Far Flung Collectors

  8. Double Exposure by Asi Wind

  9. WeFlex Chance by Lance Pierce

  10. The B-Bundle: A Collection of Card Flourishes from Nikolaj Pedersen

  11. T Change by Jeff Prace

  12. David's Cull

  13. Alouette by Ian Palima

  14. Flow Change by Valdemar Gestur

  15. Trixel by Valdemar Gestur

  16. King Brand by Bill Goodwin

  17. Anti-Faro by Christian Engblom

  18. The One-Card EP by Kevin Ho

  19. Scoop by Dan and Dave

  20. Dead Lock by Michael Stern

  21. Bullet in the Brain by Paul Wilson

  22. Spring St. Aces by Steve Forte

  23. Sybling by Lee Asher

  24. Trigger by Valdemar Gestur

  25. Gyroscope by Dan and Dave

  26. Orbit Control by Chris Brown

  27. Ambitious Explosion by Lee Asher

  28. Uzumaki by Dan and Dave

  29. Open Triumph by Dani DaOrtiz

  30. T3 by Jason Soll

  31. Joz by Alejandro Portela

  32. End-for-End by Michael Feldman

  33. Eric Goldfarb EP

  34. The Longitude by Dominik Mastrianni

  35. The Latitude 2 by Dominik Mastrianni

  36. Venus Trap by Chris Brown

  37. SPread Control by Spencer Peterson

  38. Special K by Will Houstoun

  39. Freak by Will Houstoun

  40. Groove Electric Switch by Doc Docherty

  41. Unexpected Upjog by Doc Docherty

  42. Zoso Change by Doc Docherty

  43. C3: Con Cam Coincidencia by Paul Wilson

  44. MKA by Dan and Dave

  45. Pixel by David Jade

  46. Cartier by David Jade

  47. Riffle Pass by Chad Nelson

  48. Panini by Lee Asher

  49. Orbinase Change by Chris Brown

  50. CamCon Transpo by Paul Wilson

  51. Double Lift Workshop by Paul Wilson

  52. Mechanical Fan Steal by Paul Wilson

  53. Triple False Shift by Paul Wilson

  54. PUT by Paul Wilsn

  55. Fair Deal Kid by Paul Wilson

  56. Consistent Control by Paul Wilson

  57. Easy Aces by Paul Wilson

  58. Agatha by Irving Quant

  59. Carousel by Irving Quant

  60. Mystery Deck by Irving Quant