1. Cueca Chilena con mis amigos Juan y el profe Arredondo

  2. Day trip. Are we there yet? Take on me. Filmed with a Gopro

  3. Panthers Goal Filmed with a gopro

  4. Fight Test gone wrong

  5. Musket Demostration

  6. Canción para Mañana de Los Bunkers (cover by Lucas) en Stratford, Canada

  7. Lucas sings la Voz de los 80s in 1 take with gopro

  8. Lucas1st toboggan ride

  9. A Merry Christmas/ Feliz Navidad-Lucas

  10. Pook

  11. k&k

  12. How to train boot camp 2011 soccer practice training fitness drill

  13. How to practice soccer in the snow. Must be crazy!!!! Having lots of fun with best soccer drills

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  15. Best 16 seconds on youtube mama mandando un saludo para Chile Mom sending greetings from Canada

  16. Learning how to play guitar all by himself. Teach yourself how to play guitar

  17. World Cup Panini Album

  18. Camino a casa coming back home just a few block away showing the streets and houses

  19. My first animation at Beal S.S. London Ontario Canada ball head roalling

  20. second day of spring but snow all around london ontario canada worse storm of the year

  21. third fight for short film name Goowin winner of the Beal movie of the year award

  22. tests shoot trailer movie Goodwin winner of the movie of the year award at Beal S.S. London Canada

  23. ninjitsu

  24. jj

  25. magiccommercial

  26. Short Film Dropped the ball

  27. Orlando Valencia jr. Sandungita The best latino singer in north America and centro America

  28. Orlando Valencia Jr. Salsa Urbana best song latina must see ritmo latinoamericano top 10

  29. Whats with weed?

  30. Really funny Cookies comercial chocolate chip cookie cereal

  31. Best card trick in the world Amazing Magic

  32. Trailer WORLDS END fake movie must see, real dust devil tornado on it

  33. Dust Devil

  34. Irreplaceable - beyonce

  35. Orlando Valencia - Mira Morenita must see video clip of best latin salsa raggaeton singer