1. Obama Campaign Press Secretary Dodges Questions On Ad After CNN Fact Check

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  9. On FNS, David Axelrod Dodges Why It's Ok To Increase Taxes Now With Less Economic Growth

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  11. Rahm Refers Solyndra Questions To WH Lawyer

  12. Dem Mayor on Obama: At Least It's Not A Depression

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  20. Brian Sullivan: This the Worst Recovery of a Developed Nation

  21. If Obama Wasn't So Weak, He Wouldn't Need Bill Clinton

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  30. Axelrod Says Their Attack Ads Aren't Why People Think They're Running Negative Campaign

  31. Barofsky: Obama Administration Time And Time Again Helped Banks Over Homeowners

  32. Barofsky Told By Obama's Treasury To Play Ball And Good Things Will Happen

  33. Barofsky: Geithner Said Housing Policies Were "Foaming The Runway For The Banks"

  34. NBC Investigates More Scandals At The Obama GSA

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  42. Obama: Yeah, I Failed To Change Washington

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  44. Obama says if he's re-elected, he'll put country on right track

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  49. CNN: According To Economists, Not Extending All Tax Cuts Will Hurt Economic Growth

  50. In Boston, DNC Chair Pressed On Why She Hasn't Released Her Tax Returns

  51. Obama's Campaign Press Secretary Agrees that Obama Can't Offer "Hope and Change" in 2012

  52. DNC Chair "Happy" With 8.2% Unemployment

  53. Bloomberg's Meghan Hughes: "The Private Though, Very Weak"

  54. CNBC's John Harwood: "Not Good News For The American Economy"

  55. Obama Spokesman Says They Disagree With Supreme Court Decision Upholding ObamaCare

  56. Valerie Jarrett: We'll Take ObamaCare As A Tax

  57. Villaraigosa Pressed On Democrat Convention No Shows

  58. Flashback: Clinton in 1995 Changed his Vacation Plans on the Advice of Pollsters

  59. New Report: Central Florida Hispanics Facing "Tougher Time" Finding Jobs

  60. Detroit Free Press: Obamacare Ruling Political Problem for President Obama

  61. Detroit News: Obamacare Ruling Energizes GOP for Romney

  62. Pelosi: Right, ObamaCare Is Constitutional Under Taxing Power

  63. WH COS Struggles When Repeatedly Reminded Court Called ObamaCare A Tax

  64. WH Chief Of Staff Spends 5 Minutes Struggling To Explain How ObamaCare Isn't A Tax

  65. Asked Why Executive Privilege Invoked, WH Chief of Staff Says Obama Admin "Most Transparent Ever "

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  74. White House In 2010 Argued Individual Mandate Isn't Tax Increase On Middle Class

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