1. [Challenge:Future] Health Care Without Borders

  2. [Challenge:Future] Shocking the System

  3. [Challenge:Future] Replacement of petroleum fuel by algae-derived fuel

  4. [Challenge:Future] Youth Advisor Program-Where you stand on an issue depends on where you sit!

  5. [Challenge:Future] Youth Evolutionary Network Initiative - Y.E.N.I.

  6. [Challenge:Future] AHEAD: Breakthrough Idea

  7. [Challenge:Future] ESPreneurs-Transport: Breakthrough Idea

  8. [Challenge:Future] CP - Multifunctional flexible phone which

  9. [Challenge:Future] ConnEd Academy - "Connect through Educati

  10. [Challenge:Future] Hologram technology in traffic

  11. [Challenge:Future] The Freelancers: Walk o Vision product pr

  12. [Challenge:Future] Carbon Credit Transport System

  13. [Challenge:Future] Complete Sensory Sensation

  14. [Challenge:Future] Touched! - Breakthrough Idea

  15. [Challenge:Future] Future fuel panchjanya

  16. [Challenge:Future] Horfun Geeks: Breakthrough Idea

  17. [Challenge:Future] Divine Vision: breakthrough idea

  18. [Challenge:Future] PT & the AutoPod Ver. 3.0

  19. [Challenge:Future] Circulum Vitae

  20. [Challenge:Future] Moving sidewalks - making it look effortless

  21. [Challenge:Future] Microfinance for farmers' prosperity - MadTim

  22. [Challenge:Future] Salut! Healthy School Project: Prevention

  23. [Challenge:Future] SMOKE KILLER - the water steam ashtray - approved by smokers and non-smokers

  24. [Challenge:Future] Tsavorite: Green Solutions Provider

  25. [Challenge:Future] 2015: Breakthrough Idea

  26. [Challenge:Future] The SmartTV system