1. Paul Ryan on This Week

  2. Paul: Voters Are Ready for Libertarian Republican in 2016

  3. Denis McDonough on Face the Nation

  4. Cory Booker on Face the Nation

  5. McCain: Hagel Will Be Confirmed When Senate Returns

  6. Graham on Benghazi: 'President Can Say Almost Anything He Wants... and Get Away With It'

  7. Woodward: Dem Senators Have Called WH Asking if Hagel Will Withdraw

  8. MSNBC: Why Support President's Education Proposals? 'Chicks Dig It'

  9. New Project

  10. Susan Rice: Benghazi Critics Are 'Dead Wrong', 'Doing a Disservice to Those We Lost'

  11. Krauthammer's Take: Hagel Nomination will be Delayed, Not Denied

  12. MSNBC: 'Shouldn't We Also Have Freedom From People Who Have Guns?'

  13. Reid Uses Bin Laden Shooter to Slam GOP

  14. Reid Announces GOP Filibuster

  15. Krauthammer: State of the Union 'Was a Throwback to Mid-Twentieth Century Liberalism'

  16. Maher: Gun Control 'Not Really Going to Change Much' Because 'Even the Liberal Party Loves Guns'

  17. Jack Lew Will "Leave for Others to Judge" the Morality of His $945,000 Bonus

  18. Jack Lew 'Didn't Know' Venture Capital Fund He'd Invested In Was In The Cayman Islands

  19. Pelosi: State of the Union 'Was Music to My Ears'

  20. Matthews: Rubio Response 'Primitive,' 'Tinker Toys'

  21. Van Jones: 'Marco Rubio is Dangerous For Democrats'

  22. Sharpton Compares American Voting Practices to Pre-Apartheid South Africa

  23. Gergen: 'An Audacious Speech'

  24. Boehner Bored Throughout SOTU

  25. Krauthammer Leading Up to SOTU

  26. Special Report "All Star" Panel on the Pope with Kathryn Lopez

  27. Special Report and the Pope

  28. McCain on Hagel: 'One of the Most Unimpressive Performances'

  29. George Weigel on Pope Benedict XVI's Abdication

  30. Dr. Ben Carson: 'Someone Has To Be Courageous Enough to Actually Stand Up To The Bullies'

  31. Krauthammer: 'State of the Union Will Be Extremely Aggressive and Partisan'

  32. CNN Anchor Wonders if Asteroid is Effect of Global Warming

  33. Chris Matthews: 'We Got Meat on Friday, We Would've Rather Gotten Birth Control'

  34. Chris Matthews Compares Conclave of Cardinals to School Elections

  35. MSNBC Politicizes Pope's Resignation: Will Church 'Come Back to the Middle'?

  36. McCain: Leaning 'No' on Hagel Vote

  37. McCain: Take Drone Program Out of CIA Hands

  38. Pelosi: Need Data Video Games Contribute to Violence

  39. Gates: 'Political Leaders Have No Problem Talking Out of Both Sides of Their Mouths'

  40. Paul: 'When I Heard Ashley Judd Was Thinking About Running...'

  41. Grassley: Obama Administration 'Dodging' Information Requests on Drone Programs

  42. Dem Congressman: 'It's Clear That We [Also] Need to Look at Handguns'

  43. Tonight Show Turns Obama-Clinton Interview into Cialas Ad

  44. Ed Schultz, Martha Plimpton, Terry O'Neill and Nancy Northrop Attack Pro-Life Advocates

  45. Brennan: Waterboarding 'Never Should've Been Employed'; In 2007, Said It 'Saved Lives'

  46. Feinstein: Get the Code Pinkers Out of Here!

  47. Senator Feinstein: Civilian Casualties from U.S. Drone Strikes "in the Single Digits" Each Year

  48. Panetta at Benghazi Hearings: 'We Did Not Have Any Conversations with Secretary Clinton'

  49. General Dempsey: I'm 'Surprised' Secretary of State Clinton Didn't Know About Steven's Cable

  50. Panetta and Dempsey: We Never Discussed Cable With Clinton

  51. Senator Chambliss: Your Responses General Dempsey Are Very Inadequate

  52. Senator McCain to General Dempsey: Your Testimony 'Is Simply False'

  53. Bob Costa: National Review Digital Is Free For College Students

  54. Daily Show Rips Obama Administration For Hypocrisy on Drone Transperancy

  55. Panetta Warns on Sequestration

  56. Priebus: 'Obama Brand... Is Going to Go Down In Flames' Because of Obamacare

  57. Krauthammer: 'I Really Don't Understand Hysteria' Over Drones

  58. Cecile Richards and Martin Bashir Attacking Religious Americans

  59. Martin Bashir Mischaracterizes the Catholic Church

  60. Senator Ayotte Introduces Bill to Delay Sequestration

  61. Carney Asked 'Why Are You Dancing Around the Question' on Drones?

  62. Rand Paul on 2016: 'We're Thinking About It'

  63. Dem. Congressman: U.S. Could Turn Into Les Misérables Without 'We' Mentality

  64. Krauthammer: 'Republicans Should Do Nothing' On The Sequester

  65. Cantor's 'Make Life Work' Speech: Washington Must Leave Parenting to the Parents

  66. Obama Proposes Taxes and Cuts to Avoid the Sequester

  67. Carney: Drone Strikes 'Legal, Ethical, Wise'

  68. Santelli: Is There A Political Issue Behind the Department of Justice's Lawsuit Against the S&P?

  69. Sotomayor: My Most Conservative Belief is 'I Believe In the Constitution'

  70. Conyers: 'I Hope Nobody Uses the Term Illegal Immigrant Here Today'

  71. Christie Gets Letterman Endorsement, Eats Another Donut

  72. Christie Chows Down on Donut on Late Show

  73. Piers Morgan At Texas Shooting Range

  74. Krauthammer: Obama's Contraception Compromise is a Gimmick

  75. Obama on CBS: 'No Doubt We Need Additional Revenue'

  76. Obama Lauds Minneapolis's Youth Initiatives For Bringing Down Gun Violence

  77. Mpls. Mayor Comes Down On on Harry Reid Before Obama's Visit

  78. Hagel: Iranian Regime 'Elected, Legitimate'

  79. Gen. Dempsey: I Will Not Say I'm Confident In Chuck Hagel

  80. Reid: I Agree With Mitt Romney

  81. Sandra Fluke: Opponents to Contraception Mandate Have 'Very Extreme Ideas About Religious Freedom'

  82. Hillary Stands By Her Comments on Benghazi

  83. MSNBC 02 01 2013 08 35 00

  84. Mass. Gov.: Barney Frank is One of the Best Congressmen the Country Has Ever Seen

  85. Senator Roy Blunt (R., MO) Promises to Vote Against Chuck Hagel

  86. Krauthammer: Hagel 'Showed Astonishing Lack of Competence'

  87. Senator Cruz Questions Hagel's Assertion That America is "World's Bully"

  88. Beyoncé: 'I'm Very Proud of My Performance' at Inauguration

  89. Mitchell to Gore On Al Jazeera Sale: 'Like Taking Money from Exxon-Mobile'

  90. Ted Cruz Questions Hagel on Past Interview

  91. Hagel: "I Think That's The Only Time I've Said [the Jewish Lobby] On the Record"

  92. McCain Pounces in Hagel Hearing

  93. Don't Mess with Rudy

  94. Did Michael Mann Win a Nobel Peace Prize?

  95. Soledad vs. Rudy

  96. Joey

  97. New York Times Union Walkout

  98. 'Piss Christ' Protest: Christian Protester

  99. 'Piss Christ' Protest: Crazy Protester