1. Common Massage Technique for Hospice Training

  2. Will I lean what I need to know to work in nursing homes and hospice organizations?

  3. Why serve the eldercare and hospice population?

  4. Why should you become a Compassionate Touch Practitioners?

  5. Where are Compassionate Touch Trainings held and why?

  6. What is the difference between Compassionate Touch and other modalities?

  7. What is Person Centered Care?

  8. Massage Therapy Popularity in Long Term Care Facilities and Hospitals

  9. What are employment opportunities for Compassionate Touch Practitioners?

  10. Can other Healthcare Professionals attend Compassionate Touch Training?

  11. Massage Therapists want to know what kind of lotions I recommend.

  12. Meet Compassionate Touch Educator - Anne McElwee

  13. Rhonda Porter Compassionate-Touch Educator

  14. Keri Randall - Compassionate Touch Educator

  15. Janet Gladis - Compassionate Touch Educator

  16. Melody Meyer

  17. Cindy Francis

  18. $500 Massage Today raffle at FL State Massage Association

  19. Meet Sue Ann Stabley, BS, HCA, LMP

  20. Meet Lynn Corley Archer, LMT

  21. Meet Lesli Lopez, MNM, LMT, BA

  22. Meet Larry Self, LMT

  23. Meet Janet Zeigler, LMT

  24. Meet Fran Pearson, LMT

  25. Meet Eileen Sesko, BS, CMT

  26. Meet Donnna Schiller, MPH, LM

  27. Meet Cheryl Victor, LMT, MTI

  28. Meet Amy Lempicki, LMT

  29. Hand in Hand 2009 A Symposium Celebrating Massage Therapy in Eldercare and Hospice

  30. Enhancing Comfort of Hospice Patients with Compassionate Touch®

  31. Sensitive Massage-Reclaiming the Human Touch in Caregiving