1. WFAN's Mike Francesa uses a pen cap as a toothpick

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  10. Mike Francesa's 2013 Week 1 NFL Picks

  11. WFAN's Francesa: "I use the 8 mix."

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  13. WFAN's Mike Francesa: "Rodgers Is Better than Peterson. Therefore Manning is the MVP"

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  20. WFAN's Mike Francesa: I Wasn't Asleep. I Promise You.

  21. WFAN's Sweeny Murti Puts Mike Francesa to Sleep

  22. WFAN's Mike Francesa: Chris Bosh is Heat's best 3-point shooter.

  23. Mike Francesa: Summer of '69

  24. WFAN's Mike Francesa: "Bob Dylan wrote the Turles hit song 'Happy Together.'"

  25. Caller asks WFAN's Mike Francesa, "Whose Foot Is in the Famous Mickey Mantle Photo?"

  26. Mr. Francesa's Neighborhood

  27. Mike Francesa's Christmas Raffle Smells Like Reindeer Droppings

  28. WFAN's Mike Francesa: "Jack, ya just turned da lights out."

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  37. WFAN's Mike Francesa hopes the Steve Jobs Biography Has a Pronunciation Key

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  45. WFAN's Mike Francesa: "Keep da kids away from da phones."

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  51. WFAN's Francesa: To the Average American, a 3500 sq. ft. House is Small!

  52. WFAN's Mike Francesa: "You're Either Open or You're Closed!!!"

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  58. WFAN Caller Mentions the Mike Francesa Mush

  59. WFAN's Mike Francesa Wishes His Fans a Happy Thanksgiving. In March.

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  62. RETRO: WFAN's Mad Dog Russo Discusses Crowns with a Caller.

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  80. WFAN's Francesa: "I was not yelling at him, I was yelling at his information."

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